men's services

Men’s style has changed dramatically over the past few years. It used to be very rare for a man to have any concern at all for his personal style but today more attention is paid to it and along with that more choice is in the shops to meet that demand.

However, a large number of men find shopping tiring and confusing, largely due to the huge amount of choice and new style expectations. As a result, many guys fall into the gap of choosing the same ‘safe’ items falling into a rut, lacking inspiration.

Finding out what the right cuts, colour and styles are that suit you individually, will make a huge difference to the way you look and feel resulting in a more confident, successful you in both personal and professional environments.

A consultation consists of an 1 hour appointment where we discuss your wardrobe, your colours and your body shape. I will also show you some style idea's and men's trends and we can discuss the direction you want to take your style.

After this you can then choose between an online shop or a personal shopping experience.

Consultation plus online shop - £150.00

Consultation plus personal shopping trip - £250.00 (2.5 hours shopping)