wishlist service

Create your ultimate wishlist to receive the gifts you really want.

Celebrate your most important events in style with a personalised wishlist of the gifts you really want to receive. A unique way of letting your family and friends know what you have been wishing for on your special day. A bespoke service dedicated in creating a curated gift list based on your style, your colours, your body shape and your personality combined with my knowledge of your wardrobe.

I am often asked for inspiration for gifts for clients that I work with from their husbands, wives, partners, sisters, parents and so on. This sometimes results in online shops, or personal shopping experiences or even gift vouchers for my services. What I want to offer is a personal wishlist service that gets sent to whomever is buying your gifts and to me and if that person needs a stress-free, convenient shopping service then I can be asked to find those items for them.

Whether you are looking for jewellery, shoes, accessories to the latest seasonal clothes, as an expert I am able to track down and bring your gift list to life. All you need to do is fill out your gift list form with upto 5 items that you are currently lusting-after and I will then be able to find the perfect items for you.

Sign up for this convenient, personal wishlist for birthday's, Christmas and other special occasions. It's free to sign up and send your email, the service costs £45 when I am instructed to find your 5 items on your wish list.

Wishlist service - £45


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