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My first fashion obsession of 2019 - Boilersuits


There are fewer things you can be comfortable in over wearing a boilersuit. Loose-fitting but flattering, casual but chic with heels and easy to layer throughout the year, this pedigree breed of an all-in-one is a true wonder. I have an age-old Topshop cotton / linen boilersuits lurking in my Summer wardrobe as it’s the kind of throw-on piece that is easy to wear and comes back around in fashion every couple of years.

At the end of 2018 I noticed a resurgence of the boilersuit on the high street, in social media and I started feeling the urge to wear one with a roll neck underneath. I tried Topshops stitch denim one but I seemed to be inbetween sizes to make it work. Selling out twice now, this is the third delivery of the denim one and they now have it in different fabrics and colours which makes me think this trend is only going to get bigger and better into Spring Summer.

Since this big hitter I am confident that like the jumpsuit the boilersuit is versatile, stylish, easy to wear and well translate well into next season.

So I have done all the hard work for you and found the best boilersuits on the high street right now so you can get yours before everyone else - you can thank me later!

Best Boilersuits to buy now

1. Black belted boilersuit, River Island, £65


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Is it stylish to wear white jeans?

edits styling notes

I have a style dilemma that is playing on my mind... it cool to wear white jeans?

But this isn't the only question I am asking myself. Questions such as; Am I too old to wear them? Will they just get dirty all the time? Has Liz Hurley ever been a fashion icon for wearing white denim jeans? Are they better for evening wear?

There is no doubting that the white jean is back! It's the denim shade that often gets a bad rap for being hard to pull off. But I'm starting to think it's universally wearable, as long as you ditch the visions of that mutton look and style them to look effortlessly cool.

Here are some styling ideas for white jeans as an outfit

1. Wear white on white

2. Wear with a classic breton stripe

3. Keep it monochrome

4. Tone them down with a tomboy shirt

5. Wear with a simple sweater

6. Take inspiration from fashion icon Alexa Chung who seems to be able to style hers with everything

For more styling inspiration follow my pinterest board - White jeans 2016

Are you slowly coming round to the idea of white jeans in your wardrobe now? It seems like they can work with a variety of tops, colours and looks (perhaps just not kids mucky fingers!). I am currently looking to buy a skinny ankle skimming pair that has rips on the legs to wear in the daytime.

Here are my top 5 edit of white jeans to buy now

1. French Connection white denim jeans £80

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A denim shopping masterclass for 2016

" A great pair of jeans should accentuate your best assets".

They’ve been the big thing for the past few years – but according to this month’s Vogue, skinny jeans are out!

I tend to massively disagree with this statement as they are now a denim classic. But every year the fashion trend reports have to give us something new to try and rival it - the truth is nothing ever will. It doesn't mean that the skinny leg jeans flatters every body shape, but we have just gotten used to seeing a slimmer, straighter, skinny jean in the past 20 years and moved away from the wider leg bootcut jean.

So what have they hailed will be their replacement I hear you cry? Here are the top 3 denim trends for 2016 -

1. The Wedgie

YES Levi's are back on the fashion radar! Last December Levi's introduced a new fit for women, "the Wedgie". According to the brand, the new jeans are modelled on the brand's famous vintage styles, while eliminating "that all-too familiar awkward front bulge that can occur when ladies wear vintage jeans."

With the popularity of vintage jeans on the rise, the brand is looking to capitalise with its new high-rise style that is – as the name suggests – intended to create a wedgie. But that's not all. According to the brand, "the back pockets of the Wedgie Jean are slightly tilted inwards adding the allure of the ultimate 'mum butt'."

It might sound alarming, but the brand is rolling out a shorts version for Spring 2016, so for now it looks like the wedgie fit is here to stay. Oh! and be sure to thank your Mum for the inspiration!!

2. Print it

Printed denim was everywhere on the Spring/Summer 2016 catwalks, from the outrageously floral motifs splashed around at Versus Versace and Alexander McQueen to the organic-looking, subtly mottled effect seen at Chanel. Prints are a great way to add depth or texture to your outfit so embrace your wild side. This is a much more pretty feminine look than past printed denim days, so this trend done tastefully could be a nice addition to your summer wardrobe.

3. Wide leg 90s style

90s style wide, loose and baggy is one of the chicest ways to rock your denims this year. Whether you opt for a relaxed fit with a drawstring waist or for more of a gentle flare as seen at Stella McCartney, worn low-slung, will gain you serious style points. I see the high street versions of the catwalk as culotte's rather than the big and baggy skater type cropped trousers. This isn't a look for everyone, depending on their body shape, but the right pair in the right wash could be a fab new summer staple in your wardrobe.

"I don't know about you, but I think I'll stick with my skinny jeans for a while longer thanks!..."

Black washed Skinny jeans from Levi's £95.00

Black washed Skinny jeans from Levi's £95.00


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Edits guide to your top 5 Spring buys

It might surprise you to know I really haven’t bought many clothes in the last 18 months. I didn’t bother much whilst I was expecting and since having my 3rd baby it's taken a few months and a season change to get back into the swing of 'making an effort'.

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a wardrobe detox on my own wardrobe. I took into consideration all of the advice I give my clients and tried most things on to decipher if they were worth keeping.

After I had removed all the pieces that I realised I would never wear again, didn't fit my lifestyle anymore and had no sentimental value, I wrote myself a 'wish list' of new spring pieces to add into my newly streamlined wardrobe.

Whilst compiling my 'wish list' I also considered the realisation that what I purchase needs to be more practical than before, and that more than ever, I am looking for a flattering fit and good quality. “Quite nice” just won’t cut it anymore. Plus I just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend a small fortune on alterations. So what I purchase has to be right for me, here and now and will last with 3 boys around. But perhaps with a few sparkly things thrown in too...

These are the things on my 'wish list', why don't you share yours with me too?

Top 5 Spring Buys

1. Culottes, Vero Moda, Atterley Road, £28.00

2.  White Shirt, Zara, £39.99

3. Denim dress, asos, £40.00

4. Statement 70s jacket, River Island, £60.00

5. denim dungerees, Paige Denim, Selfridges, £315.00


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