colour anaylsis

Have you ever put on a piece of clothing and thought that it made your complexion look dull, tired or drained? Most of us choose ‘safe’ colours that we think suit us, but in reality, they rarely complement us.

Most people’s wardrobes are filled with colours they like or feel safe with, rather than what colours actually suit them; plenty of black being the most common choice!

The truth is that the wrong colours can actually have a very negative and ageing impact on you by casting shadows onto the face, exaggerating uneven skin tone and making the complexion look dull, tired, drained, washed out, flat, grubby or sallow. The right colours can instantly make you look younger, more radiant and healthier by diminishing lines, blemishes and dark circles, bringing definition to your features and defining your bone structure.

After the Colour analysis you will have learnt all you need to know to about making the right colour decisions the next time you go shopping. Once you have seen which colours are right for you, you will then be able to build a capsule collection of clothes that mix and co-ordinate, making the decision of "what goes with what" a thing of the past. You are your colour season for life so it really is a timeless style investment, it will make shopping easier and help you build a flattering co-ordinated wardrobe.

A Colour analysis consultation lasts one hour and you will receive a swatch wallet of ‘your’ colours, which you will be able use when shopping and putting outfits together.

Colour Analysis: £110.00 for 1 hour appointment


colour consultation duo

Fancy getting together with your best friend, Mum, sister or even your husband to have your colour consultation at the same time? 

I offer a unique package for clients who want to share the experience of finding out their colours with a loved one. It's a relaxed chatty consultation where each person in turn will discover the right colours that harmonise with your natural colouring. By doing it as duo you benefit from going through the experience with someone, learning something new together and by sharing your colours you get to know them that bit better. The consultation lasts one hour is home-based and you will both receive a shopping wallet with your colours. After the consultation you will know what colours make you look more radiant, healthy and youthful and how to utilise the colours in building your wardrobe.

Book your consultation now: £90 per person


colour party


Why not throw a colour party for you and your friends and have a fab night in together?

The party includes a 20 minute mini colour consultation per person where we discover what colours suit you the best. Bring along a piece of clothing in a colour you like and one you don't like and discover which colours are best suited to you.

A great way to have fun with your friends and find out your colours in an affordable way. 

There is an option to purchase your swatch wallet at the party.

Full payment must be made on confirmation of the colour party. No refunds if cancellations are made.

Colour Party (min 4 people): £30.00 per person

Parties are only available within a 5 mile radius of Harpenden & St.Albans