Below is a sample of the feedback I've received from my clients. To see more visit my facebook page.

Absolutely thrilled with my new wardrobe!
01/07/19 - Katie

I’ve been meaning to drop you a note all week.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my new wardrobe and am in fact just back from a day in London with my son wearing my jump suit. I felt great in it, paired with the canvas Vejas - stylish but really comfortable and practical which was absolutely the brief.

I ended up buying most of the wardrobe update options you gave me and the ones I didn’t were mostly because of sizing, however because you provided plenty of options I have lots of other things.

I’ve been finding getting dressed in the morning so easy and have barely had jeans on at all as the Hush chinos and the Boden trousers are both a lovely loose fit and feel light and cool so are exactly the sort of alternative I was looking for.

I’ve surprised myself by not touching the bags of clothes we took out of my wardrobe. I haven’t even been tempted which is testament to how much I’m enjoying my new wardrobe.

I also got my hair done last week and he put some cooler ash through it and I think it looks much better.

My absolute favourite piece was the whistles dress though. It’s so comfortable, flattering and stylish. I’d never have picked it out by myself but I really love it - I wish I could wear it every day. I feel great in it!

A huge thank you to you. I’m amazed at how in just a few hours you absolutely got to grips with both the brief, where I was struggling and identified my style and the look I was trying to achieve. I’ve found the whole experience to be a massive confidence boost and a relief to not be agonising over what to wear each morning and then regretting my selection by 11am.

Thanks again for everything. I think I’ll probably be in touch again as we move into autumn to perhaps get some help with another online shop for the new season.

I’ve also given your details to several people who’ve commented on my new clothes so you may be hearing from a few of my friends in the coming weeks!

Thanks again! xx

I was paralysed everytime I went into a clothes shop!
25/06/19 - Sue

Leaving work 4 years ago also meant leaving behind my "corporate uniform". With an ever diminishing wardrobe and being paralysed by indecision every time I ventured into a clothes shop, I was really in need of help.

Nina's style package and a fabulous personal shop later and I have not only the start of a sensible but stylish wardrobe but also a renewed interest in clothes. Focusing on a small number of colours from my colour palette to start with is allowing me to make confident choices and makes the whole shopping experience easier, quicker and much more rewarding.

I have had so many compliments!
17/06/19 - Gina

It has been such a massive eye opener! I have sent lots of my orders back but kept some really lovely things! I have had so many compliments that I am almost offended - I must have looked so bad in my old clothes! People think I’ve changed my hair or lost weight, they can’t quite put their finger on what’s changed but nearly everyone I meet says something nice. Who knew wearing different colours could do so much! I am so glad I had it done, I am enjoying shopping again and I am firmly out of my ‘rut’. The DPD driver thinks I’ve gone mad as I have had so many deliveries. I don’t even remember ordering some of it!

I’m so happy and thank you! My colour booklet is now permanently in my handbag (also new, and brown! ). Thanks so much it has been life changing!

Contacting Nina has been the best investment I have made!
10/06/19 - Jenni

I can honestly say that my consultation with Nina has totally transformed my attitude to clothes shopping, my feelings about what I wear and, most importantly, my style confidence. I had spent several painful days trying to detox my wardrobe over Christmas, agonising about what to keep and ending up with minimal change. In the space of 2 hours with Nina I had my eyes opened to what suits me and filled 8 bags for the charity shop--and I don't regret getting rid of any of it! My aims have been to buy less, shop my wardrobe and invest in timeless, environmentally sustainable pieces that can be styled in multiple ways. I'm so delighted with how my wardrobe looks now and I'm 100% more confident in the clothes I'm wearing. Contacting Nina has really been the best investment in my appearance and I plan to make ongoing use of her services in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

I am delighted with my new wardrobe!
26/04/19 - Natalie

I’d spent the last 20 months on a fashion detox. Only buying new clothes where it was completely necessary, in a stand against fast fashion and the environmental and social impact it causes. As a new summer approached, I realised that I needed a few new items, but didn’t want to revert back to my old ways of buying in volume, seduced by new fashions and only really wearing 50% of what i’d brought.

I’d met Nina a few years ago and she’d done my “colours” at a friends house. So I asked her if she could help me pick out a few new outfits for this summer. With a view to building a capsule wardrobe, incorporating existing clothes that would see me through the next few summers.

I’m delighted with the outcome. Nina has married a new timeless approach with “my style”. I am relived that I now won’t be tempted to waste hours online trawling through websites and just enjoy my new super stylish, sustainable wardrobe.

Nina, you are a genius!
07/03/19 - Carrie

Working with Nina has been the best investment I have made in myself for years. The Style Package meant I learned what colours suited me best and then we edited my wardrobe together. Nina is great to work with. Her creativity and a sense of the style I wanted to create, mean I now have a wardrobe of great (affordable!) pieces. I love picking my outfit each day and the complements it attracts! Thanks Nina!

I feel much more confident since seeing Nina
02/03/19 - Abby

Meeting with Nina was so relaxed and easy. She got to know me really well and made me feel very at ease when discussing how I wanted my wardrobe to look!

I enjoyed the consultation and felt confident that I only got rid of clothes that didn’t do me any favours! Since Nina did my online shop I have had lots of comments about the new clothes and feel much more confident in how I look. 

I will be coming back for the Winter wardrobe!

My wardrobe has been transformed
27/0/19 - Jane

I used to open my wardrobe door and stare at the huge number of disorganised clothes inside. My clothes were tired and uninspiring, and I was bored with same look every day (mostly jeans and a plain top!). Not knowing what to wear, I was thrilled to receive a Nina Edits Style package voucher for my birthday. Nina was lovely. She did my colours and advised me on the style of clothes that suited my figure. She helped me go through my clothes and decide what to keep based on my skin tone and shape. I was very happy with the choices we made and super excited to receive my online shop.  My wardrobe has been transformed and, thanks to Nina, I now have the confidence to try new styles, colours and combinations to create stylish outfits even on the school run. Thanks Nina!

I have had so many compliments
25/02/19 - Lyn

I received a voucher for an hour’s styling consultation with Nina. 

Without spending a penny on any extra clothes, Nina enabled me to upscale my wardrobe without losing any of my personal style. She gave me advice on what to get rid of and what to keep, what styles suit my colouring and body shape and helped me organise my wardrobe. Gone are the days agonising what to wear as I have outfits now instead of a bunch of random clothes. I wear them with more confidence. 

I have had so many compliments about my outfits and I haven’t bought any new clothes.

If you’re feeling in a bit of a rut about your appearance but can’t afford or find the motivation to shop for new clothes, I recommend Nina’s services. 

Make the appointment and edit away. 

I wish I’d done this years ago!
16/02/19 - Mrs G

Having observed a fresh style look in a friend following a style makeover with Nina from Edits-Styling, I added it to my birthday list.  As the appointment neared, it was with trepidation that I opened to door to Nina to take apart my ageing wardrobe… 

The reality was far from fearful – it was a delightful, fun and productive experience! From the moment we engaged to firstly identify my key colour palette – which presented nice surprises on colours I thought for years didn’t suit but naturally did – an eye opener - …to then take the stairs to open up and “cleanse” the wardrobe. 

The 3 hours flew by, leaving possibly 70% of my wardrobe ready for charity bags (local charity shop donations were high that weekend ..).  transforming my very confused multi style wardrobe into a simpler, sharper view of some of the great outfits I have – easier to select from  - developing a separate work wardrobe versus weekend great idea.. –clearly showed the gaps and focus for spring shopping. 

Wish I’d done this years ago.  Nina’s friendly, diplomatic but firm style was just what I needed to give me confidence in colour and style. Highly recommend anyone to give it a go!

Nina has worked her magic in my wardrobe!
15/02/19 - Helen

Thank you Nina for working some magic over my wardrobe. I don't think I realised quite how much I had that I didn't wear or that didn't suit me.

Our session really helped me organise my wardrobe into work and play and better defined what to wear for each.

I've made some fab purchases from the online shop, some things I never would have looked at but now love and get heaps of compliments on.

If anyone is looking for direction with how to structure their wardrobe or for some new inspiration then I can highly recommend Nina! 

Nina has helped me feel stylish again!
22/01/19 - Eleanor

As a new mum I was struggling to put together outfits that made me feel good again. My wardrobe was full of black stretchy or baggy clothes bought during and after pregnancy. 

Nina came to the rescue and helped me to sort through it all and start to re-discover my style. 

Her advice was gentle and practical but also matter of fact about what suits my colouring and shape which made it easier to let go of lots of things I’d been hanging on to. 

After two sessions my wardrobe is now easier to navigate and I have a collection of go-to outfits that help me to feel stylish again! Thanks Nina!

I would highly recommend Nina!
06/12/18 - Catherine

I first met Nina at a mini retreat where she hosted a fashion session. Her passion, ability and friendliness were clear from the outset and I promptly made a booking for colour analysis for me and my Mum as a special treat. Having had two babies in short succession and living in baggy jumpers and jeans for several years I was in dire need of a wardrobe refresh. Colour analysis was definitely a good place to start. We had a great time during the consultation and although we hadn’t been too far off with the colours we already wore, the analysis opened up a whole range of new colours neither of us would have thought we could wear. It’s made shopping and accessorising so much simpler and I love having the swatch book to check the colour is right before I buy. Would highly recommend Nina’s services.

Nina has given me my confidence back!
03/10/18 - Jen

After working in fashion for years I thought I knew a thing or two about what to wear and what suited me.  With three small kids, a change of career and 40 fast approaching I began to get tired of my wardrobe and shopping. I always bought the same safe colours (grey and black) and never tried anything new. My wardrobe was boring and uninspiring.  

I called Nina who came to do my colours and gave me huge insight into what suits me and why. I never thought I could wear some of the bright colours she showed me but they actually really suited me! Nina is super knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She has years of experience which is clear to see.  Shes very professional and even worked around my crying one year old in my appointment! 

I now find shopping so much easier. I can narrow down colour choices easily and have bought some bright new items already! People are commenting on them and how much they suit me which is a great feeling! It’s given me my confidence back and the ability to buy the right thing which is what I have been lacking in recent years.  Many thanks Nina, highly recommend you to anyone in my position! Or others for that matter!!

Having an expert eye has really transformed by wardrobe!
26/09/18 - Lysa

Working with Nina to review my wardrobe was like a breath of fresh air - giving me the confidence to remove things I haven’t worn or wasn’t happy with to make way for a streamlined selection of clothes which I know work well together and I feel comfortable and confident wearing.  I now don’t have to think about what to wear!  Nina also did an online shop for me where she recommended items to fill the gaps in my wardrobe and elevate it - I loved every single thing I ordered and have already worn them far more than clothes I’ve chosen myself.  Having an expert eye has really transformed by wardrobe!

Making the most out of your wardrobe for life!
24/09/18 - Jennie

I have always loved clothes and fashion so I cannot believe it has taken me this long to have my colours done! It was super easy as Nina came to my house and we had a fun hour in front of the mirror trying lots of different colours against my skin tone. She picked out my neutral base colours and then some brighter colours that I can use for accessories plus you get your own swatch book to cross reference when making new purchases.I did ask Nina to create an autumn lookbook  for me so I would also know what shape and style of clothes would suit me. She gave me lots of great ideas and I was able to do an online shop hassle free.

I am definitely enjoying wearing more blues and other brighter colours instead of the usual black and greys. I highly recommend Nina and her services so you can make the most out of your wardrobe for life! 

A great confidence boost!
18/09/18 - Emma

I highly recommend booking in with Nina at Edit's. I scheduled to have my colours done and a wardrobe cleanse. I've never been confident in my wardrobe choices and steered away from bright colours and patterns never sure what suited me. After having children and maturing, I was always looking at other women and admiring their dress choices, but although I knew I was making the wrong choices, I wasn't sure where to make adjustments. Nina made the session fun and relaxed. We worked through my existing wardrobe and found which colours and cuts in tops, dresses, trousers and jeans suited me. After the session she sent a detailed email suggesting a few additions to bring more variety and colour into my selections. I have a swatch palette to take shopping to be sure to stay with the complementary colours for my skin and hair tone. It was both an enjoyable session and a confidence boost. Thank you so much Nina.x

The compliments haven't stopped!
05/08/18 - Camilla

I've been contemplating tackling my wardrobe since I met Nina when I had my colours done a couple of years ago. After going through my colours, this really piqued my interest in sorting out my wardrobe following quite a lack of investment or attention paid to what I was wearing and not quite knowing if what I was buying really suited me. I needed guidance from someone who got me and who I could trust. I wasn't looking to be made over in a different style than I was used to but create a better version of myself. After speaking with my partner, who was also keen, I booked Nina in to come and get us sorted. I really looked forward to Nina's visit, which was mixed with some trepidation about baring all - clothes I had worn time and time again which were nothing exciting but my go to's. Nina was full of energy and passionate, quick to capture what we're like and what we aim to get out of the experience. I was immediately at ease and open to Nina's advice. I found the process effortless, liberating and exciting. Following the wardrobe consultation I took the option to try an online shop from Nina to see what might be suggested for me. I went shopping for these suggestions. The changes I have made so far have made me feel good about myself and the compliments haven't stopped! It's lovely to put on fresh clothes that I am confident in which really suit me and my body shape. I'm excited to go shopping for the next season with Nina and enhance my wardrobe further. I'd completely lost sight of how what you wear makes you feel and it's been such a boost to everyday life. I'm looking forward to how my wardrobe will develop and all the benefits attached to how what I wear will make me feel. Thanks Nina!

I would highly recommend Nina's services
12/07/18 - Rob

My Business Partner and I had a photo shoot for our business. We wanted to present ourselves in the best light possible to get across our personalities. Shopping normally fills me with dread (as with most men), however Nina somehow made this a really enjoyable experience for us both. Nina completely understood the look we were going for. I would highly recommend her services.

Here are some photos from the end result -

3 - uFmURej.jpg
2 - tOE4QuI.jpg
4 - AeN40BD.jpg
5 - 5ZC9Fd2.jpg

I'm not shopping again without taking Nina with me!
12/07/18 - Rob

I actually enjoyed a shopping trip, which isn't something I ever thought would happen! Nina pushed me to try new things just enough without making me feel uncomfortable, and the result was a wardrobe that feels like "me" but sharper and more varied. The session was to prepare for a photoshoot, and the photographer remarked on how well the colours and textures worked on camera. I'm not going shopping again without taking Nina with me!

I loved the whole process!
14/06/18 - Stef

I used to be totally stuck in a rut when it came to clothes and fashion. I would always chose clothes from the same three or four stores and the same – allegedly safe – colours, shapes and items. When a colleague of mine recommended Nina’s services I was terrified at first and it took me several weeks to muster the courage to start the process. But like Nina said when I first got in touch with her: "you have to be in the right mind set in order to through with it". Over time I got quite excited about the idea of finally sorting out my wardrobe. I booked Nina’s colour consultation, wardrobe detox and online shopping package. Nina arrived promptly and completely put me at ease straight away. She brought plenty of props and a beautiful mirror and took me through the various colours step by step to get me to understand which colours did and did not suit me. And this made total sense, seeing which colours just worked and which made my face look totally drained.

After that we went upstairs to sort through my wardrobe. Nina was just the right mix of nice and brutally honest about every item so at the end of the process my wardrobe had considerably diminished – but was quite a liberating process!

The online shop that followed was truly a revelation! The majority of items that Nina recommended for me were the perfect fit, colour and style. I am now left with a wardrobe that includes casual, evening and work outfits which I will be able to wear, style differently and enjoy for years to come.

I loved the whole process and will be back for another consultation for my winter wardrobe this year. I can’t thank you enough Nina for your service – it has made me feel so much happier and more confident about myself!

Thank you Nina xxx

Brilliant from the start!
22/05/18 - Mark

Nina was brilliant from start to finish! I’m not great at clothes shopping as I don’t really know what looks good or bad on me plus not knowing what is fashionable these days! Basically all the hard work is done for you by Nina. We had a consultation which was great to get some insight into which brands, colours, styles, etc would suit me plus a review of my current wardrobe which involved a lot of clearing out – much needed! Just a few days later you receive an “online shop” which has all of Nina’s recommendations. It was so easy to manage as everything is hyper linked and you can get all the buying done in a couple of hours. Nina also checked in with me following the receipt of the clothes to make sure I was happy with the selections. I would definitely recommend Nina and will no doubt use her services again in the future.

23/04/18 - Rhys

I am not bothered about clothes! But for my job, I need to be. I booked Nina for a men’s style consultation and she was absolutely excellent. We discussed the demands of my City job and the sorts of outfits I might need for different occasions. We also went through the clothes I already own (owned!) and pulled out the items that would continue to work for me. Nina identified items that would complete my wardrobe and sent a personalised “shopping list” of clothes that would be great additions to it. We also ditched a LOT of old items that had built up over the years. It was very cathartic! Her advice was spot-on and I was pleasantly surprised when the personalised list arrived, as she had completely understood what it was that I needed and the sorts of clothes I would actually want to wear. Nina is very friendly and put me - someone who honestly has no idea about clothes! - at ease straight away. Highly recommend.

The best investment I've ever made!
26/02/18 - Nicky

I WISH I'd met Nina years ago. Not only would I have saved myself a ridiculous amount of money and time but also I could have saved my confidence and reduced my stress massively.

It sounds silly but I must have wasted days, weeks, months even of my life standing feeling miserable in front of my ridiculously overstuffed wardrobe not being able to decide what to wear because nothing actually suited/flattered/fitted/complimented me properly. 

So the usual outcome would be me reaching for something oversized and black to cover myself up, I'd then spend all day feeling dowdy, looking bland, feeling rubbish and low in confidence.

So then I'd go shopping online to make myself feel better and of course also because clearly I had nothing to wear and I didn't want a repeat performance of the wardrobe freeze...

But I'd buy the wrong things, things I liked not things that suited me, and then I'd be back in front of the wardrobe panicked and annoyed by the fact that I had nothing to wear!!!

And the money I used to spend trying to get it right!! I was out of control buying anything and everytime thinking I was solving my problem but all I was doing was adding to it.

Thank goodness for Nina. When a friend told me of Nina's services I had actually already put myself on a shopping ban (having bought the same pair of shoes TWICE without even realising) as I was ready for a change but didn't know what to do and how to go about it!

I booked the day off work and Nina came over for a colour consultation and wardrobe detox session, 3 hours in total. It was without a doubt the best shopping investment I have ever made and worth every single penny. 

During the colour consultation, Nina really listened and got to know me. She took time to understand why I'd made contact with her in the first place, what my aims were, my wardrobe challenges, my body confidence issues, spending habits etc. She spent time explaining why certain colours are better for some skin tones than others but better still she showed me. It was eye opening. 

With my correct colours established, we moved on to the wardrobe detox which, having a new found understanding of my colours, was totally liberating! Over 10 bin liners full of clothes later, my wardrobe is now minimal to say the least. I do have some investment to put back in in time and money to plug the gaps but its so much easier now I am focused.  And Nina's services have helped with that too by providing a really comprehensive list of the key pieces I need to complete my wardrobe and where to get them to suit my body shape and budget. My swatch booklet comes everywhere with me now too. I don't know how I ever shopped without it. It's really helped me whittle out what I should and shouldn't buy.

Since seeing Nina, I have not once had a wardrobe freeze. It's a miracle. I'm less stressed choosing what to wear and I have saved so much time and money and can better plan ahead with my outfits. I feel more confident and happier in my choices too which reflects in my mood. I can't believe how down it had made me feel. And not only that, the amount of people who have said to me "wow you look well" "have you been away" etc since I've ditched the wrong colours, its amazing!! 


The end result is fantastic!
21/02/18 - Helen

I recently left my job of 13 years to take some time out to focus on time with my family and to get some head space to plan my next career move. This felt like a great opportunity to evaluate all aspects of my life including the way I look and feel about myself so I enlisted the help of Nina for a wardrobe detox. 

It feels great to understand what really suits me and have space in my wardrobe again. I know that everything I put on in the morning now is going to be the right shade and style for my colouring and body shape plus everything matches so it's much easier to put an outfit together. Nina takes the time to understand your lifestyle and what you want to achieve so  while the pieces are on trend they still reflect you as a person. The end result is a shopping list of clothes you are actually going to buy and feel good about wearing.

If only I'd met you years ago!
08/02/18 - Kim

Nina, Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I Just came back from a shopping trip and it was so much more enjoyable. Normally when I shop I end up wanting everything and then feel so torn as I can’t have it all and never know what to choose. Today I had a few things in mind and was able to bypass loads of things as they were either wrong colour or style etc. It made me realise I didn’t want it all and that I just wanted what I needed. I usually come away with a guilty feeling as I’ve bought far to much and don’t need half of it. Not today! I felt really good about what I bought and know I’ll get lots of use out of them and will be able to mix and match with other things in my wardrobe. If only I met you 20 years ago, I would be richer and more stylish. xxxx

The most positive thing I've done for myself in an age!
11/01/18 - Emma

I initially booked a colour analysis with Nina which lead to a much needed wardrobe detox & inspiring style look book.
I found the colour analysis so enlightening & helpful. I now know what colours flatter me the most & the ones that weren't doing me any favours, not only with clothes but make-up too.
I started off embarrassed for Nina to go through my wardrobe & face my expensive & cheap mistakes but she soon put me at ease. I ended up with 2 big bags for the charity shop & a smaller wardrobe but with clothes I liked & could work with.
Shopping is so much quicker & less daunting now as I can just search for the colours that suit me & look for pieces that are missing from my wardrobe.
I really think about what I buy now rather than panic buying something I’m not totally in love with or that won’t go with anything else I already own. This has stopped me from wasting money on clothes & saved me time trawling the internet.
Nina has revived my old enthusiasm & confidence in my style & for shopping.
The whole experience has been so enjoyable, it has really lifted me & got me out of the rut I was in.
I can’t recommend Nina’s services enough.
Thank you so much! X

Colour analysis for two!
10/01/18 - Suzanne

Nina recently did a colour analysis for my friend and I. She came to my house and we had great fun working out our colours. We both had preconceptions about what colours suited us, which in the main were correct. However Nina showed us a much bigger variety of colours that worked for our individual type and also made suggestions for suitable jewellery which was really handy. As an added bonus my friend and I were different types and we managed to make a few swaps from our existing wardrobe. The colour chart that we got was also great as it's portable so you can bring in your bag when you go shopping (already used a couple of times!). Thanks Nina for some good advice!

Nina gave me great confidence
04/01/18 - Jenny

I asked Nina to help me prepare for a head shot photoshoot I was doing as I needed new photos for my coaching business website (www.perpetiel.co.uk) and for my social media profiles.  I wanted to look professional, capable, trustworthy and smart but not unapproachable or too business like (I left the board room years ago!)

Nina came to my home and went through my wardrobe to show me how I could put together different items to create the look I was after – she mixed up items I wouldn’t have considered putting together and they looked great!  Additionally she recommend a few things I could purchase which would work well with my wardrobe and give me more outfits to fit the look I was after.

After our session Nina sent me my ‘look book’ with links to the online shops.  This made it so easy for me to order & try the recommended things straight away.  I kept most of the things I ordered and have worn them lots and lots as they are so versatile and exactly what I needed.  I’m so pleased with them and ultimately they gave me confidence during the photoshoot and I got some fabulous headshots! Thanks Nina!

The best gift I could of asked for!
13/12/17 - Cathy

I heard about Nina through a good friend who had just recently booked in with her for her colours and a wardrobe consultation.  After seeing her excitement and hearing such rave reviews, I decided to take the plunge and treat myself and I am very glad that I did.  My only regret is that I didn't do this many years ago!! I would not only have bought more wisely, but also saved a small fortune in buying the right styles and colours for my skin tone and body shape.

I found the colour consultation incredibly interesting and could visibly see how certain colours either enhanced or drained my features.  The wardrobe consultation resulted in a very therapeutic and much needed de-clutter of ill-fitting and unflattering items.  Finally, the items that Nina recommended I buy going forward were all fantastic and I even managed to get several of them on sale!

I truly believe that this is the best gift I could have asked for and highly recommend to all ladies. 

A fantastic experience!
10/11/17 - Helen

I hosted one of Nina’s colour parties with my friends a couple of months ago and was amazed with the impact that various colours had on me. I soon realised that some of my ‘go to’ colours were draining the colour from me and that I needed a proper look at my wardrobe. Soon afterwards I booked a ‘wardrobe detox’ with Nina. I was excited and nervous at the prospect but really wanted to give it a go. Nina advised me to gather all my clothes (even those lurking in boxes in the loft!) in order that we could do it properly. We spend 2.5 hours detoxing my wardrobe, Nina was brilliant providing lots of tips on colour, cut, fit, and material. She also helped me put together some new outfits from my wardrobe that I wouldn’t have thought of before. It was a very therapeutic exercise – I soon got into it and was quite ruthless – I ended up with 3 bin bags of clothes for the charity shop and a lot of empty hangers!

So you may have guessed it – all my empty hanger meant I needed to buy new clothes so I signed up to an online ‘look book’ with Nina. I received a great online edit of stylish pieces and looks  for casual, work and going out. This edit was great as Nina had chosen clothes that were the right colour, shape and style for me. It was quite exciting as there were some that I would never have considered before. Nina was very helpful during this process and helped make sure I was happy by providing other alternatives for pieces that didn’t fit when I ordered them.

Overall I was very happy with the whole experience, Nina is a really nice lady and has been fantastic throughout the whole experience. I have recommended her to all my friends and I only wish I had done this years ago – it would have saved lots of costly fashion mistakes!

Fantastic mid-life wardrobe re-vamp!
19/10/17 - Clare

Having ‘got rid’ of the kids and feeling like I have entered a new stage of life, I wanted a complete wardrobe update but didn’t know where to start. I have always been a terrible hoarder and my wardrobe and cupboards were bulging.

I had never met Nina before but she was recommended by a friend and I signed up for her full Style Package. I was not disappointed!

We started with a colour analysis to show which colours work for me and are flattering for my skin tone. This then made it much easier to weed out items that had been draining me. Nina also took out clothes that had ‘had their day’ or which looked unflattering and baggy. She works very quickly and decisively, which was great for me, but she is also very easy to talk to and won’t throw an item away if it’s of sentimental value, or if you really love it.

We had soon filled at least 6 bin liners, the detox also included jumpers, coats, belts, shoes and countless numbers of scarves! My wardrobe had been so full that I wore the same old outfits every day as I couldn't see or be bothered to sift through my crammed rails and shelves.

When we had finished I felt great! Nina organised everything that I was keeping into neat sections and showed me how to put my outfits together. She also made notes of things that were missing or needed updating. I was elated the next morning as my wardrobe was so tidy and several nice pieces had been unearthed that I had completely forgotten about.

However, as so many clothes had gone I had several holes which needed filling, so I booked Nina for a Personal Shop in London.

She emailed me her list of suggested items and shops in advance so that we could make the most of our time. We seemed to whirl from shop to shop and I stood in changing rooms while Nina brought me items to try on. I felt quite spoilt and it was so nice having someone running round after me.

This is now 3 weeks later and I am thrilled with all aspects of Nina’s service. I feel confident about which colours to buy, I love my organised wardrobe, and I am extremely happy with all the purchases we made. I have asked Nina’s advice with a couple of other items since our shop, and she has emailed me suggestions, photos and links to follow. It has definitely been money well spent, Thank you Nina!

What a treat to have Nina
09/10/17 - Kate

I decided to try Nina’s services due to a change of job and realisation that I was getting stuck in my Mum uniform of jeans and t-shirts....even at work. The prospect of opening my wardrobe in front of someone I didn’t know, filled me with horror, but Nina made it feel easy. The process of clearing my wardrobe was long overdue and the results felt liberating. Having my colours done was a revelation and has made me much bolder in my choices. And receiving the look book with easy links to buy online, felt like such a treat... a capsule wardrobe just for me. I’m getting compliments on my new wardrobe on an almost daily basis. Thank you Nina!

My wardrobe was a disgrace...
19/07/17 - Sally

My wardrobe was a disgrace… every time I went to have a clear out I would struggle throwing anything out, thinking “maybe I’ll fit into that again someday”, “that would be a useful for work”, “that’s a classic pair of trousers” or “that will be back in fashion one day”… the list of excuses not to part with anything was endless which meant my wardrobe was full to capacity. It was so full, in fact, that I never felt I had anything to wear and would deliberate for ages over what to wear for different events. This went on for years until I finally enrolled the services of Nina’s Edits-Styling and what a difference Nina has made. She made me ruthlessly clear out my wardrobe of items I was previously unable to say goodbye to. She would rightly point out the dust on some items and question me ever wearing them out again. She would look at the colours/shapes of clothes I had and immediately advise me to get rid of them as they were not my colours nor suited my body shape. It was a hugely therapeutic exercise and one I would definitely do again. 8 black bin liners later, my wardrobe became a better organised place with specific areas for work wear, casual wear and evening wear.

I then asked Nina to come up with a range of clothes that would complement what I had so I felt I had a complete wardrobe. She provided me with a list which, although I did not buy everything from due to budget restrictions, had a number of ideas for work, day wear and evening – everything I bought, I loved – the colours, the fit, the shape, everything!

Nina really knows her stuff – gone are the days of spending hours on the internet, trying clothes on and the returning them feeling disillusioned with what I had chosen– from now on I will be asking Nina to help me find a few key pieces each year to help compliment my wardrobe and never again will I let my wardrobe get so full that it is impossible to see the wood though the trees – Thank you Nina!

Getting Nina's help was money well spent
03/07/17 - Anonymous

I have three young children, work 4 days a week in the city and struggle with clothes.  I try to keep up with trends but find it hard without feeling like I am dressing "inappropriately" for my age.  I met up with a good friend for dinner after work one day, having just had a particularly dreadful photo taken for my work website.  I thought I was wearing one of my nicer work outfits (mostly Reiss) and looked ok that day but the photographic evidence begged to differ - I looked tired, washed out and pregnant (I'm not and I'm a size 8/10).  My friend then told me I needed a visit from Nina, who had helped her clear out her wardrobe and given her an online shopping list with some really great ideas for outfits that suited her and her lifestyle.  Having had my colours "done" before, I was a bit wary but had to admit that I could do with a bit of help so got in touch with her.

Nina was fantastic.  She is warm and friendly but also fairly firm and has a great eye for detail.  When going through my wardrobe she was very nice but I soon learnt that "I think we could do better..." meant the item probably had to go.  She didn't insist I threw anything out but, actually, I agreed with her opinions on everything.  It was quite upsetting getting rid of a few more expensive things but I never wore them anyway and looking at them in my wardrobe just made me feel guilty.  I actually got rid of about half of my clothes.

It was really exciting to receive the online shop.  It was a mixture of items from a £13 dress (one of my favourites) to more expensive evening wear, as I had requested.  I was a little unsure about some of it but ordered things anyway.  She wasn't phased by my questions on styling my new clothes and I ended up keeping nearly all the items I ordered that I was unsure about - I'm really pleased Nina pushed me a little out of my comfort zone to try new things because they did look good!   Accessorising is not my strong point and I loved her inclusion of some fab (but reasonably priced!) shoes to make a pretty safe outfit much more interesting and up to date.  Getting Nina's help was money well spent and I'll definitely ask her to do another shop for me for autumn/winter.

returning to work help
22/06/17 - Emma

I was returning to work after maternity leave and had literally not a single thing that fit me and no clue what would suit my new shape. Nina did my colours, had a look at the types of things I used to wear to work and then did an online shop for me. It has made such a difference to my confidence going back into the office - people keep telling me they love my outfits and keep complimenting me on getting my figure back so quickly (I haven't!). It's also made a huge difference to how easy my mornings are - I know that everything goes together and whatever I pull out of my wardrobe will work. Brilliant!

3 elements of Nina's services you should try
08/05/17 - Anonymous

I have worked with Nina on a couple of occasions now and am sure I'll keep returning! As a mum to 2 young children and working part time in London, shopping for me is one of those things I never quite get round to. I really see Nina's service as having 3 elements to it and think if you can, go for all 3 to really benefit from her services. Firstly having a good clear out of the wardrobe with Nina and getting rid of all those things you hang onto for sentimental reasons or because you 'might' need it one day, is very therapeutic. Nina then did an online shop for me, some pieces for now, for an upcoming holiday and for work. After lots of online shopping from my sofa I had some great new items in my wardrobe that I love wearing. I then had Nina come back round and she helped me put a number of outfits together, obvious you'd think but this I found to be the most helpful as I often struggle styling my outfits! Oh and before I forget she also does 'colours' which has really helped focus me on the best colours for me. I go off script occasionally but so far she's forgiven me!!

I look forward to getting dressed everyday now
02/04/17 - Louise

I knew I needed some styling help as I had a wardrobe packed full of clothes but never the right thing to wear. I had defaulted to throwing on jeans and any old top for school run and felt I had about one decent going out outfit. Nina helped me clear out everything that wasn't working, showed me which colours and shapes were right and pulled together an online shopping list. 

It was great to get rid of so many clothes that I wasn't wearing but I initially felt a bit panicked! Once I had my new wardrobe though I couldn't have been happier. I now have lots of options to choose from each day and look forward to picking an outfit rather than finding any old thing to wear. I didn't have to spend a fortune to totally transform how I feel about my clothes and really boost my confidence. Thanks Nina!

I thoroughly recommend Nina
24/03/17 - Lucy

Nina has great enthusiasm and an eye for style that makes colour styling fun, and confidence boosting! Before I met Nina I really played it safe and wore colours that didn’t compliment my skin tone or style of clothes that suited my body shape for a late 30 something and mother of 2 for a working and casual wardrobe. Now I feel more confident in my choices and what I am pulling together as outfits everyday for work and for weekends. I thoroughly recommend Nina.

Thank you for making me a better shopper!
08/03/17 - Melinda

I hope you're well. I went shopping Monday to find tights and a handbag to wear with the coral coloured dress I showed you at my house. I already have the gold shoes per your suggestion (thank you!). I was also doing some general shopping in John Lewis, and I wanted to tell you how differently I shopped. It was incredibly efficient and actually fun! The joy of skipping past racks of black and white! Thank you so much for helping me be a better shopper.

Best thing I ever did!
06/03/17 - Jane

I have to admit I had reservations about the wardrobe detox and styling session my husband had brought for me for my birthday present. I thought my wardrobe didn't need editing because I don't own alot of clothes but it turns out I was wrong! Having Nina give a fresh eye is pretty revealing; for starters I had no idea I owned so many pairs of jeans (18!), but rarely wear more than 3 pairs of them. I also discovered I am seriously lacking in items that make up outfits together and Nina was really helpful with her styling tips on how to utilise what I have in my wardrobe and what I need to fill the gaps. It was such a thrilling and enjoyable process, and much less exhausting and over whelming when you are not the one pulling everything out. I loved Nina's easy technique, as I sat on my bed answering questions such as, "Do you wear it?" and "Do you love it?" at no point did I feel under pressure to ditch anything or embarrassed by some shopping mistakes. Afterwards I felt exhilarated, buzzing and confident about my clothes and what choices I wanted to make when shopping in the future based on Nina's appraisal of my wardrobe. The follow up email with Nina's edit of item updates and wardrobe gaps is a great starting point for my shopping trip and will ensure that I make better-informed purchases rather than panic buys. I have recommended Nina's service to all my friends and can't wait for them look and feel better about themselves too.

Nina is ace!
09/12/16 - Emma

Nina is ace - she was totally unfazed (outwardly, at least!) at the state of my wardrobe and is so relaxed and down to earth. My 1-hour consultation and colour session have made a real difference to how I choose what to wear and how I shop. Can't recommend Nina highly enough xx

Investing in nina's services was the best decision ive ever made!
4/11/16 - Kirsty

To say that I hate shopping would be an understatement. After leaving my corporate job to start my own yoga business 3 years ago, I literally gave up. I spent days working from home in my pyjamas, work days in yoga gear and the rest of the time, embarrassingly walking around town in my dog walking clothes. I hated to shop, I didn’t know what suited me and I couldn’t put outfits together so I just didn’t bother. Nights out with friends were occasions of mass panic and stress as I struggled to find anything half decent to wear. So, when my friend told me about Nina’s services, I was very much up for giving them a try.

To get started. my friends and I spent an evening with Nina understanding what colours suited us best. I quickly learnt that my preference for grey was not helping me out at all, as Nina showed me how autumn tones brought out a much warmer tone in my skin. We then signed up to a wardrobe detox. Looking at my clothes through Nina’s eyes was an eye opening experience. She showed me how the clothes I had been wearing were doing nothing to flatter my shape, nor were they in colours that worked best for me, she showed me issues with the quality and challenges of wearing the different items together. We were able to identify a few outfits from the clothes that I had, but much of it ended up in the charity pile (no regrets there I hasten to add). By simply pairing different pieces together and adding a belt and a scarf here and there my existing clothes were transformed. I already felt more confident wearing them.

The next step was for Nina to do an online shop for me. I have to say I was a little nervous. Would Nina understand my budget, would the clothes she choose suit me? I am not definitely not a follower of fashion and am still slightly scarred by a personal shopping experience in Selfridges that I had to abort mid session as the personal shoppers brought me all manner of unsuitable (and very expensive) clothes. I needn’t have worried. My online shop was perfect. While it wasn’t all items I would have chosen myself, I could see how it they all worked together and gave me outfits to wear. Better still, when it all arrived, it actually fit and suited me. Previous online shopping attempts had generally always resulted in most the clothes being returned or staying in my wardrobe with the labels on as I knew they weren’t right but never seemed to find the time to send them back. Most of the clothes were from shops such as Zara, Mango and Topshop; shops I had given up on a long time ago, as I simply didn’t have the patience to sort through everything they had available, but were now easy on my budget. When things weren’t right or I wasn’t sure, Nina was on hand to find me an alternative or give me advice on whether the item worked and how to wear it.

Last Sunday I had my first outing in one of my new outfits. I even did my makeup and wore lipstick. I was transformed! My dog walking clothes were gone! And as I wandered around town I was complimented on my new boots.

Investing in Nina’s services is the best decision I have ever made. I highly recommend her. I don’t ever intend to do my own shopping again!

It was an amazing experience!
03/11/16 - Natalie

I asked Nina to do my colours and a wardrobe edit after having my first child and returning to work as a City lawyer. I felt I had a wardrobe full of clothes and yet nothing I wanted to wear. Nina had a brilliant approach – she was honest and direct without being offensive, and after her wardrobe edit I felt revived and liberated, it was amazing! We ended up with a capsule work wardrobe that I love and I am now much more focused when it comes to clothes shopping. Thanks Nina!

Great if you are stuck in a rut!
05/10/16 - Jenny

If you don’t know what suits you or are stuck in a rut I’d recommend you visit Nina. She has recently done a colours party for me and I’ve attended one of her style sessions and feel I’ve learnt a lot! Her friendly manner made it easy to openly ask questions, confirm my best colours and discover what I should be wearing for my body shape. And her shopping tips were fabulous – I’m loving my new jeans! It’s so wonderful to be feeling good about what I’m wearing again :0) Thank you Nina!

A fun filled style party
30/09/16 - Pam

Nina ran a really fun and tip-filled styling session for us. The small group meant we had plenty of chances to ask questions about our specific issues and Nina was so warm and friendly that no-one felt embarrassed to confess their fashion disasters!! I got loads of useful tips and advice, which I will try to put into action, but can also see how some one to one sessions with her would be even more useful... Huge thanks Nina for a fab few hours - worth every penny!

Great styling session
29/09/16 - Beth

A big thank you Nina for some invaluable tips and advice at your style workshop this week. It was great to finally discover our body shapes and find out what we should be wearing to suit our different curves. I now have the fundamentals to confidently base my clothing purchases on and it was a really joy to spend the morning discussing styles and current trends. I now have a good excuse to go shopping!

men! don't be afraid!

18/07/16 Steve

Would thoroughly recommend getting Nina to advise on Men's clothing!

It's not a typical bloke thing to do, but not having a clue about which clothes to wear and having a wardrobe default option of Fat Face and Superdry, it was time for action.

My Wife arranged for Nina to come over (that's the way to do it as you can then tell your friends in the pub that it was arranged for you as a surprise) for a wardrobe detox!!

Nina was brilliant and quickly got me at ease with looking at different clothing options! She ran through some different styles, educated me in the world of clothing and went through various pictures to see what I liked. She then looked through the clothes I had accumulated since university and advised which were keepers!

Her helpful approach on the day, was quickly followed up with a Lookbook (I now know the terms!), which is basically a book full of clothes which work, different brands and price ranges and a link to buy them - that's the type of shopping I like, someone picks the clothes and all I have to do is click a link and pay - easy!

I would highly recommend that all Men go for it - give Nina's wardrobe detox a try!

i finally have a wardrobe of clothes that suit me!

14/07/16 - Kate

I cannot recommend Nina highly enough! We met last week to do my colours and then to de-tox my wardrobe and I feel so much better now about how I look. I finally have a wardrobe of clothes that suit me and colours that complement me, rather than a hotchpotch of items gathered over many years that I will never wear again. Nina was kind enough to be available for me on email when I went off to Westfield to get my "must-buys" from the list she gave me, giving me advice on items to avoid and her views on the colours I'd chosen. I was stuck in a major rut until last week - my confidence had been rock-bottom and I just felt dowdy. Now I feel energised and have the confidence to go bolder and to carve out a style for myself. Thank you Nina! xx

Amazing results!
09/07/16 - Janine

Nina, thank you so much for the colour party yesterday, it was so much fun and we were all totally amazed by the results of the colour assessments! It is so interesting how the wrong or right colours can change how you look. I was very impressed with what you do and how you do it and it was lovely to meet you. I have already sorted my wardrobe out today and extracted any offending articles!! Now I can see what I've got to wear much more clearly Thank you x

Money well spent!
20/06/16 - Laura

I held a colours party for myself and 6 friends - we all found it really useful and enjoyable. Nina then came back and helped me with a wardrobe detox. She soon made me realise that I hadn’t been thinking strategically at all when I shopped - so I had many ‘repeat items’ that were performing the same function in my wardrobe, whereas there were a number of key items missing which prevented me from pulling outfits together successfully. I now have a much smaller but more effective wardrobe. Nina helped me with an online shop which identified the items that were missing from my wardrobe and tried to bring in a bit of much needed colour. I love all the new additions and feel far more confident about shopping in the future - hopefully I won’t waste so much money buying the wrong things again. Nina is absolutely lovely & I believe that treating yourself to one of her services really is money well spent!

Wardrobe winner
12/05/16 - Nicole

I was lucky enough to have won a wardrobe consultation! It was really relaxed and I got some really helpful pointers about what shapes and styles suit my shape the best.
Also good to know a little about the colours that suit my skin tone. Had great fun and have a few new outfits from piecing different things together from my wardrobe! Big thumbs up! Thanks, nina

Nina's expertise has saved me money!
02/05/16 - Racheal

I first met Nina at a friend’s Colour Party where each of us spent some time with her discovering which colours and tones suit us best. It is fascinating to see how the ‘right’ colour can transform your skin tone and appearance. This gave me the confidence to re-evaluate my wardrobe and enjoy experimenting with colours that wouldn’t normally be on my radar (pink!). However, I still found that I was being drawn to the same old shops and was stuck in rut, not knowing which styles suited my shape and age. Infact, I had become pretty scared of fashion.

Nina and I did a half day shopping session, along with a friend, at Brent Cross to update my wardrobe for the winter. It was the most fun I’d had for ages! She soon got the measure of what did and didn’t suit us, individually, and flew round the shopping centre knowing just what to pick out. It was brilliant, and I came home with several new items that I felt happy to wear straight away – and plenty more to put on my wishlist. I think that Nina’s expertise has actually saved me money. I used to spend on clothes that sort of fitted me and looked OK. Then I would get bored of them, feel drab and start the whole process again. I now have fewer items in my wardrobe, but I feel good in all of them.

Finally, I decided to take advantage of Nina’s online Lookbook service for a summer wardrobe re-vamp. This is perfect because she is able to take into consideration your colour palette, shape and any particular requests (i.e a flattering pair of shorts, please?). You then receive 2-3 pages of new outfit ideas to order and try on at your leisure. Great if you don’t have the time or inclination to go shopping.

Nina’s advice has been so helpful and I will be able to draw upon it for years to come. If I ever get stuck for new ideas or need help with what to wear for a special occasion, I won’t hesitate to get in touch with her again. A huge thank you!

Loving the compliments!
16/03/16 - Miranda

As a mum of two, my entire wardrobe was baggy jumpers and jeans and some questionable dresses and tops that I hadn't had the guts to admit were not right for me.

Nina breezed into my room and helped weed out the unflattering items and gave me pointers on what I should be concentrating on which has been very helpful. I actually felt a lot calmer with fewer items in my wardrobe! Nina took me shopping and trying on clothes has never been such fun. I came away with some new clothes that I feel confident will work for me. Nina followed up with an email summary so I knew exactly what to look for and where and a look book with some other suggested items which I have been delighted with. Thank you so much Nina for all your advice and suggesting things I would never have dared go near before. I have had more compliments in the past few weeks than I have had in a long time.

Wardrobe detox
10/02/16 - Juliet

I would thoroughly recommend Nina Whitehead's wardrobe detox. I enjoyed 2 hours with Nina going through my wardrobe deciding which colours worked and didn't work with my particular skin colouring. It was both illuminating and thoroughly cleansing! Nina has a real eye for fashion and in addition to giving colour tips, she also provided expert advice on the types of clothes which suited my body shape and the missing "must haves" in my wardrobe.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nina's services, I feel inspired, refreshed and rejuvenated by her makeover and am finding clothes' shopping so much more enjoyable and much easier now that I am aware of my colour palette and body style.

Great online shopping service
01/02/16 - Jenny

My lovely parcels are starting to arrive! So far all fab and most are items or colours I wouldn't have chosen. Great service, great choice and all so easy as done from my sofa :) will be back when I'm ready for a summer wardrobe refresh! You've really made my life easy, stopped me from wasting money on panic buys and made me feel great!

Lovely colour party
20/01/16 - Katy

I loved having my colours done by Nina, and was I surprised with the outcome. Lots of colours that I thought wouldn't suit me did, and they made my skin have a healthy glow! I would definitely recommend having a colour party. What a lovely relaxed way of finding out which colours really suit you.

Great fun working with Nina
16/01/16 - Elizabeth

Nina helped me do a 'wardrobe detox' and we cleared out a whole hoard of unsuitable, old and ill fitting clothes. It was surprisingly therapeutic and good to have some much needed advice on what suited my shape and what didn't. The most useful part was seeing Nina pull together different outfits from my wardrobe and matching up items I wouldn't have thought to put together. This left me with a 'capsule' wardrobe of outfits I looked forward to wearing and then a great opportunity for me to ask Nina to come up with some suggestions for some new clothes to fill the gaps and add to my new collection. It was great fun working with Nina and her advice has been invaluable in shaping my new wardrobe. I would recommend Nina to anyone looking for a wardrobe revamp and some honest and trustworthy advice.

I loved having my colours done
26/11/15 - Rosie

Thank you Nina, I loved having my colours done I find it fascinating how a colour can change the whole way you look and make you look younger! I would definitely recommend it everyone should have this done, it has now given me the confidence to go and buy all sorts of colours I wouldn't necessarily buy.

Recommend Nina's colour parties
23/11/15 - Susie

I highly recommend Nina's colour parties - so much so that I hosted 4 of them! They are a really fun addition to mums or class get together's or catch ups with friends over lunch or vino! Nina adapts expertly to any situation and coped well with lots of input from onlookers! Each time, it was amazing to see how instantly a colour can either drain someone or completely lift them. Nina offers colour wallets to buy at the parties which are a very handy handbag size and mine now lives constantly in mine. You never know when you might spot something you like and want to check it's the right shade. It's certainly made my shopping much more productive as I now know instantly what suits me. Colour parties are fantastic value for money - book yours now!

Thanks Nina!
03/11/15 - Sarah

I organised some friends to get together and have Nina round for a colour party at my house as I was really curious whether I was wearing the correct colours etc. I quite often felt a bit 'drab' and wondered if it was due to me wearing the wrong clothes!! Nina was great, looked amazing, which immediately gave us all the confidence that she knew her stuff, and was really friendly!

After the party I decided to get Nina back for a full wardrobe re-haul as it hadn't really been touched for years and I felt I was wearing the same things over and over again, slightly stuck in a rut. It was a luxury but I made it my birthday and xmas present and it was definitely worth it! I was left with a hugely lighter wardrobe which felt a bit strange to begin with but once I got used to it I found it very refreshing. Nina also put together a look book for me which pointed me in the right direction for clothes I was maybe missing in my wardrobe which was tailored to my shopping habits and locations.

I contacted Nina because I wanted to feel more confident in my clothes, smarter (without looking like I was heading into an office) and not 'mumsy'. Nina has given me huge confidence and people have commented on new things that I've been wearing in very positive ways. I now know how to put things together in a slightly different ways but that look hugely different. The whole process was very enjoyable and Nina is lovely.

Thanks Nina!

You need Nina Whitehead in your life!
13/10/2015 - Edel

I was returning to work following a year's maternity and really had no suitable clothes in my wardrobe. The thought of clothes shopping filled me with dread. I figured the best plan of action was to farm my problem out to an expert. Shopping with Nina is like being in the midst of the most wonderful whirlwind - she can scan a shop floor in minutes, she gets shop managers bending over backwards to find clothes that are out of stock, and most importantly within 15 minutes of starting our shopping trip I had purchased 2 dresses, 1 skirt (which I'll wear to death), a top, a shirt...and that was just the start of it. Four hours shopping and one coffee later, I had a near complete work wardrobe. Nina followed up with a host of suggestions for any missing items. And I haven't mentioned that she's lovely, really lovely. There are very few people who can make you forget that you're standing in your underwear as you try on clothes, Nina is certainly one of them. Plus, I now know what colours and styles best suit me. Nina took me out of my comfort zone and opened up a whole new clothes world. Thank you!!

I love my new wardrobe
29/09/15 - Laura

I first came to Nina for some wardrobe help after having my two children. I was living in t shirts and throw on clothes. I felt scruffy and I'd lost my sense of style. We started with reading my colours and going through my existing wardrobe picking out styles and colours that suited me and getting rid of what didn't - very cathartic !
Nina produced a stylish capsule wardrobe for me, in my colours, within my budget, with cuts that suited my figure and that would still be practical for my lifestyle.
Nina definitely has an eye for what flatters her clients and her easy going manner made the whole process really fun. So much so that I asked for her help again for a recent wedding and also for a winter wardrobe. I now feel much more confident choosing clothes that work for me and I love my new wardrobe.

Fab service would recommend
21/09/15 - Louisa

Nina came and did a colour party for my friends and I. We all had a great time and learned loads. She then came and helped me sort out my wardrobe.She is friendly, approachable and knowledgable. I would totally recommend her.

Really useful, good experience
21/08/15 - Katy

Nina did my colour analysis earlier this year and it was great. As a new mum, it was good to know which colour would make me look my best even when I wasn't feeling it!! Nina was friendly and professional making me feel very much at ease. Next stop clothing detox and new wardrobe!!

More confidence & lots of compliments
08/06/15 - Renarta

Nina's colour consultation was informal, professional and informative. She gave me the confidence to try new clothes that I would never have chosen before. I get more compliments than ever before if I wear what was recommended by Nina. I can't wait to book Nina again for a wardrobe detox and shopping trip.

Fabulous colour party!
28/05/15 - Emma

Thank you so much for the colour party at Georgie's the other week. We had a fabulous time at the colour party. Nina was lovely and made us all feel very relaxed. She really opened my eyes to the colours that suit me and how the right colours can make you look younger and improve your complexion. I won't be going anywhere without my colour book! Thank you Nina.

My experiences with nina
12/05/15 - Natalie

My experiences with Nina have been nothing but amazing! I have recently had my colour analysis completed: this has given me more knowledge and confidence to choose the colours in clothes that will enhance my skin tone and hair colour to make the best of the way I look as well as what I wear. I am currently making good use of this and I find when I do choose my colours I definitely feel better in my appearance and I notice I get more compliments too which is a boost for anyone.

After the colour analysis I decided to see Nina again for a wardrobe detox. I have recently had my third baby and although have a good amount of clothes I can now fit back into, I do still struggle to put pieces together and tend to stick to the same 'safe' items . Nina came out and really helped to establish some order in my wardrobe. We put clothes to one side that I knew I needed to deposit. She helped me streamline what I have in order to put pieces together as well as what extra items I need. At all times she talked me through things and showed me what she was describing. I found the wardrobe detox experience quite cathartic and confidence building. Nina really supported me in seeing where I needed to go with my clothes choices as well as understood what was going on behind the scenes with my purchasing habits. I can thoroughly recommend Nina and the edits experiences. She is a breath of fresh air who makes you see the best in yourself and builds confidence in you and your choices. I am of the belief if you look good you feel good and Nina is definitely helping me with this. Thank you Nina, you are a knight in shining armour and others should experience your talent.

Enthusiastic & honest approach
01/05/15 - Zoe

Really enjoyed having my colours done the other week at Susie's Colours party! Need to have a good look through my wardrobe now and remove any offending items. I loved Nina's enthusiastic and honest approach and it's given me more confidence when I choose and buy new clothes. The biggest surprise for me was after a lifetime of wearing silver, I should in fact be wearing gold! Thanks Nina.

Really enjoyed the colour party!
24/04/15 - Elizabeth

Thank you for a brilliant evening doing our colours. It was great fun getting everyone together and guessing which 'season' we would be and it was extremely useful to get some tips on which colours I should go for. A few surprises and a great excuse to go shopping! Now hinting to other half that I need your personal shopping consultation

20/03/15 - Caney

It was amazing to see the way you do colours, looking forward to gutting my closet of all the shades that don't suit me! Thanks again!!

16/02/2015 - Nicola

Had a great colour review with Nina last week. As a new mum it's been hard to find the right clothes and ones that still fit in the wardrobe! I had my swatch wallet through and can't wait to get to the shops and buy some new clothes. The perfect excuse! Thanks Nina

Great for new mum
12/02/2015 - Stephanie

Nina came to see me and a group of friends for a colour party, all of whom are new mums and in desperate need of clothes in new sizes! We wanted to know which colours to buy and which to avoid- those questions were definitely answered. Nina was friendly, informative and fun, and we all left feeling much more knowledgeable about our colour palettes. We feel much more confident when choosing new clothes and are already planning shopping sprees! Nina comes highly recommended by us all :)

Great Experience
07/10/2014 - Alex

Nina was very helpful and definitely gave me the push I needed to de-clutter my wardrobe!! I have now much more idea on what suits and doesn't, colours and what I need less of and ideas of what to buy. I highly recommend !!

Look Book
07/02/2014 - Louise

I contacted Nina as I needed a confidence boost. Working from home I spend most of my time in joggers and needed some confidence to buy something suitable for my niece's christening. Nina told me what colours suit me best and sent me a look book with several different outfit suggestions and how I can mix and match outfits so buying them all doesn't break the bank. I love the suggestions and Nina's help has given me the confidence to stop hiding behind joggers and black!

Brilliant service!
28/01/2014 - Karen

Nina is brilliant! As a busy working mum my wardrobe was in dire need of help and I simply couldn't find time/energy to work out what I should/shouldn't be wearing. A quick session with Nina resulted in an great shopping list to buy from on-line (complete with easy links) without me having to worry if I could afford it/whether it would suit me. Absolutely can't fault her - brilliant service. Not only that but came with loads of extra tips about what colours/accessories etc would suit me best - do give her a call!

Great confidence boost!
27/01/2014 - Gemma

I got in touch with Nina for a colour consultation after recommendations from several ladies in Harpenden. Nina spent 2 hours with me at my home looking through lots of different colour swatches in front of a mirror and choosing which best complimented me. We then went through my wardrobe and picked out which items worked for me and which didn't. Nina also gave me lots of useful tips on dressing for my shape. It was an incredibly useful morning and I now feel so much more confident that the clothes I am wearing work for me. Shopping has become much easier as I can instantly focus on 'my' colours. On Nina's advice I have also since changed the colour of my blonde highlights to better suit my skin tone and have been so pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Nina to anyone looking for some style advice, she is incredibly professional, knows her stuff and is a very friendly lady.

Wardrobe detox! I'm definitely feeling refreshed!!
13/11/2013 - Natalie

I booked a "Wardrobe Detox" with Nina from Edits-Styling. It was amazing, I feel totally refreshed. We not only went through what was in my wardrobe, but a few bags of clothes I was storing in my loft. We cleared out a load of stuff, much of which I have managed to ebay and make a bit of money from (so the whole exercise has almost paid for itself!). Nina, has really helped to focus me on a few key looks for this winter. I am about to have a baby, so she was really helpful in putting together maternity looks as well as considering my needs for the months following babies arrival and beyond! Thanks Nina!!


11/11/2013 - Kirsty

Colour analysis has COMPLETELY transformed my wardrobe. I have a new found confidence that the colours I am wearing are enhancing my skin tone and features in the best possible way. Nina is a stylish and professional consultant who has a wealth of fashion experience. Everyone should have this done, well worth the money, highly recommend. Thanks Nina and Edits, I shall be back for more!

Amazing and life changing

09/11/2013 - Nicola

Nina is an amazing down to earth mum who can tell you exactly how to reorganise your wardrobe and rediscover your own style and confidence. She has helped me get my 15 year old clothes out of my wardrobe and now be more confident in my new style. After having 2 children I got a bit lost but thanks to Nina I now have direction and my style back thank you so much!! xx