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how to wear the dress over trouser trend

Shirt dresses are cool again!

As many of you know I am a massive fan of the shirt being a wardrobe hero and have written a number of blog posts on how to wear the shirt and how to move it on from season to season. As shirting continues to reign in fashion, inevitably it evolves into new areas to update this look. So it's no wonder that the iconic shirt dress is having a moment. Long or midi, or shorter in length, it's a simple work wear solution that looks sophisticated, stylish and oozes femininity.

Rock the dress over your trousers

But lately the style set has put a fresh spin on the frock, employing it as a jacket worn partially buttoned over jeans and t-shirts or layered over slip dresses. It's this summer's answer to layering. The layered look has been a popular trend in recent years, and this season, trendsetters are taking it a bold step further with the dress over trousers. If you are thinking of wearing a dress over trousers and wondering whether it even makes sense. Yes it does, and you’ll love it. This ‘90s inspired trend is a cool new way to update items you already own by pairing them in a unique way that might not initially come to mind.


How to wear this trend

If you’re in doubt how to pull off this tricky, yet cool trend, here are a few easy tips to follow, whether you want to go for a safe look or bolder style

1. Going long - you can go long or short when wearing dresses over trousers; but when going long make sure there is a revealing slit or buttons are slightly undone to reveal a pop of leg underneath to break it up.

2. Going short - When wearing shorter dresses, cropped trousers work better whether it be a pair of smart black trousers or denim jeans.

3. Wear with denim - team your favourite jeans with a pretty dress and it will instantly look more relaxed and effortless.

4. Play with proportions - for an edgy style play with the volume on your legs and wear a more fitted dress to balance them out. 

5. Opt for heels - Unless you are very tall, the reinterpretation of the dress over pants trend looks best when worn with a mid to high heel as it will help you feel less frumpy.

6. Go bold & bright - go for bright colours or do a bit of splash of colours on your outfit. Pick one bright coloured staple among the neutrals to make it pop even more.

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Here are my top 5 highstreet picks of dresses

1. Long floral dress, Zara, £39.99


Other style influences

Naturally this styling trend is already evolving and can be seen pushing the style boundaries in other ways. Visit my blog again for style updates on this trend.


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How to dress in your 30s & 40s

New Year new you right?! Where fashion is concerned it is the run up to the new Spring season's styles and launches in the stores. So over Winter clothes? But yet it's still here. So over your wardrobe? But yet it's still there. So what can you do this January without spending a fortune on clothes that you don't have but you really want to, need to, update your style? I work with a number of clients who feel this way not just every January but when you hit your thirties and struggle trying to find what is their style.

Hitting your thirties and moving into your forties are certainly milestones in your life that can shift your style perspective. Within these decades we might get married, have children, change jobs, change roles within your life, go through bereavements or enjoy the fruits of our labours. Never the less, our requirements have changed, emotionally maturing, juggling busy lifestyles, finding your sartorial comfort zone - these are all things that can shape, change and challenge our wardrobe and style. 

By now you have probably experimented with fashion trends and perhaps no longer care, understand or can keep up with what is 'on trend' let alone think about it factoring into your life. So now is a good time to strip it all back and look at what items suit your body shape, your lifestyle and what makes you feel like a million dollars when wearing it!

When I start working with new clients I find that the key to creating your 'Style Uniform' is to have core pieces that work well together. Ready-made go-to looks that make getting out of the house in a morning stress-free but yet stylish. By sticking to your colour palette once you have had your colours done, this will automatically eliminate the need for countless pieces that don't go together and look random in your wardrobe. Once you understand what you want your style to be, then your 'Style Uniform' will organically build over time, ensuring that what you have in your wardrobe has longevity as well as keeping you looking stylishly young!

Here are some 'Style Uniform' ideas and key pieces to invest in,  but check your wardrobe first as you might already have them hidden in there, you just need to learn how to re-style them into your life!

1. Jackets

Jackets are an essential part of your wardrobe. It can change a look instantly, dress it up, dress it down or be your look! Anything from formal blazers, denim jackets, leather jackets, sequin jackets to leopard print fur jackets. They all go with your daily uniform of denim jeans, or can be worn on a night out with heel's and even to the office with smart culotte's or over dresses. They will last you your wardrobe lifetime as they never go out of style and it's always about the way you wear it rather than what you are wearing. Invest in jackets and you can never go wrong.

2. Shoes

"You know you are a certified shoe addict if you think there is always room for one more pair!"

Shoes speak louder than words! Shoes are the only thing I ever buy in the sale, if I have had my eye on a pair then I will happily search for them, wait for them and love them as soon as they arrive. In your wardrobe you can everything from converse trainers, to over the knee boots, ankle boots, metallic court shoes and lace up brogues. Shoes can change an outfit in an instant. So never feel bad about buying a new pair of shoes again, as long as you love them they will always love you!

3. Denim

So many people struggle with denim, me included, but we wear it most days of our lives besides corporate dressing. 2017 is the year to break away from the skinny jeans and start exploring new trends that you could look fabulous on you. Frayed hems, boyfriends, carrot shapes and even skirts are great investment pieces for the wear per £'s that you spend on them. If you are looking for longevity then you can't go wrong with Levi's, All Saints and GAP for great mid level priced jeans.


4. Shirts

I have banged on about shirts for a number of seasons now. In fashion they are still top of the list with pyjama shirts still being best sellers and khaki military shirts set make a come back and not forgetting the newest trend of shirt dresses over trousers. But forget about fashion they are so versatile in your wardrobe because of the way they are constructed, you just have to style them up. Button them up, tuck them in, belt them, leave them open, wear underneath a jumper - the list is endless and it will always be your go to piece in your wardrobe.



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how to wear gingham - Spring's most wearable print trend

Checks are always in style, they never go away each and every season. But gingham it seems has it's own print trend it follows and whilst it's been around for a couple of seasons, it just got bolder for 2016.

Audrey Hepburn made gingham a fashion staple with her gingham capri pants, a-line dresses and feminine blouses. Since then everyone from Marilyn Monroe, Bridgett Bardot, Alexa Chung and Amal Clooney have followed in her fashion footsteps.

This trend started on the SS16 catwalks, where we saw gingham fading into abstract floral print dresses appear at Marc Jacobs. DVF brought in some gorgeous works that gave gingham a softer, more amiable appeal, while Victoria Beckham's vision for the trend included more contrast, a bit more subtlety in changing colors and plunging necklines on dresses reaching around the ankles.

Photo of catwalks.JPG


The high street has now followed. Gingham is an easy two colour print trend that can be worn very casually with jeans, smarter under blazer jackets or as a statement on it's own in a dress. Which piece will you invest in this season? Here are my top 5 high street picks...

1. Mango gingham check pattern blouse £29.99

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