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Working Girl - how to build a great work wardrobe


Every client that I work with is different, some work full time, some work part-time, some work from home, some own their own businesses, some don’t work at all. What’s become more apparent over the past couple of seasons is that dressing for work is becoming more and more difficult. With many offices changing their strict approach to dress codes, work uniforms no longer feature the mandatory pencil skirt and shirt combo.

Here's what I know from working with women who work in many different sectors across the business world. From banking to accounting, to marketing, to PR, to lawyers and retail heads, women on the board and women who work part-time in office environments; the workwear uniform is becoming more fluid. It's less about boring black suits and more about how to bring yourself to work. Individual style can come through at work as the evolution of workwear styling has begun. It is important to dress in way that makes you feel professional, comfortable and self-assured but this should not be to the detriment of your personality.

So what do you wear to the office in 2019?

The current trend for office attire being more relaxed means that normal go-to outfits now no longer feel right to wear, or feel upto date. However, that doesn't mean people don't want to have a uniform of sorts in their wardrobes. Ultimately, you want your work clothes to be versatile, comfortable and smart enough for the job you're doing. This sometimes means dressing for the job you want. A recent client wanted to ‘upgrade’ her work wardrobe to prepare herself for a promotion that she wanted at work. This meant reviewing her style, looking at new places shop and giving her a wardrobe with ready made super stylish outfits so she could show she meant business.

People have always been confused by ‘dress down Friday’, but what if this becomes your everyday, how do you define your work wardrobe should be?

One of my clients mainly works from home, goes into the office once a week, but takes daily skype calls with the US, she said "I want something casual yet dressed enough that I feel productive and professional and can get on a Skype call without having to get changed."

There is a strong need for work clothes to work harder and to be as versatile as possible. Some clients want their weekend wardrobe to transcend into work wear and vice versa now that they have the flexibility to wear more casual outfits. But this can sometimes be confusing when getting dressed in the morning, so I try and approach your working wardrobe has having some definition that differs from your weekend one.

There is still an overall tendency for some to look smart when required, this can depend if they have a major pitch, or meeting or are visiting a client. Clearly now, a smart-casual approach to shopping for work clothes is key.

I found what clients currently struggle with at the moment is shoes for the office, one client said "I find shoes the most difficult thing to buy. I need a block heel for walking and still look good in the office. Anything else is impractical for travelling and needs to stay put on my foot easily when walking. Finding ones I like with the right kind of heel is a bit of a nightmare."

After the last few seasons of helping clients shop and buy items and outfits for their workplaces, I thought I would give you some inspiration if you are struggling with what to wear on a daily basis. I have pulled together a weekly edit of the things I think you need in your wardrobe and how you can create a versatile capsule working wardrobe with these pieces everyday of the week.



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finding your style again post-pregnancy


Finding your style again post-pregnancy can often be a challenge and can be plagued with anxiety. Whether it be about leaving your baby for the first time, juggling the commuting to the realisation that you have been living in leggings and the same t-shirt for the best part of a year. No doubt you have been through four different jeans sizes in 18 months and perhaps don’t even recognise your body anymore due to the amount of changes it has gone through.


Before pregnancy you probably had a low-key look, classic maybe with your own twist but carefree and effortless, at least that was the idea. What you now realise it that once you have had a baby, there is no such thing as effortless. You haven’t been dressing for yourself for what feels like a lifetime so the thought of pulling a half decent, stylish outfit together feels alien to you. You can’t just throw on anything anymore, it needs to be more considered if you are going to get to work on time and in a half decent dressed state.

Here is where I come in and help you through the process of finding your style again. I don’t want you to be a half decent dressed state, I want to you to be able to put your best style forward everyday you walk back into the work place.

Before you go back into the work place you need to spend some time reviewing your wardrobe and what you have that fits your body shape, fits your job and can be unearthed from pre-pregnancy days. You need to detox your wardrobe and get rid of the ‘in-between’ jeans, leggings, over-sized shirts and jersey tops that cover up everything but don’t flatter you. Trying on everything is a MUST, you need to see your body shape, what works and what doesn’t work so you can focus on the best items in your wardrobe. Through this you will then identify what is missing and what you NEED to ensure you can pull stylish, age appropriate outfits together everyday for work. What you want to create is a work capsule wardrobe that doesn’t take up too much space, that is easy to pull into outfits, items can be mixed and matched with each other, and is versatile.


Shopping with a little one can seem like a daunting task, but once you know which items are missing from your wardrobe this helps to narrow things down for you. I can help with inspiration for those pieces, with shopping for them and giving you suggestions of new places to buy items that you might not of thought of before. Or of course I can do the shopping for you!

The pre-pregnancy you is in there somewhere, it’s just lost it’s way since your little one came along. We can find your style again, increase your confidence and make you feel fabulous everyday whether you are going to work or enjoying your life with the ones you love.

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What is 'smart / casual' dressing anyway?


Do you hate the term 'smart / casual'? Do you know how to wear 'smart / casual'?

There are many dates in our diary, days of the week or events in our life where the term 'smart / casual' is applicable. Getting your outfit right for the occasion is something alot of you struggle with as it's normally top of the list for most of my clients. Whether it be for going to work everyday in an office environment, a Christening, a dinner date or meeting, or you just want to change up your style for everyday, 'smart / casual' dressing just got a whole lot easier.

For the past couple of seasons trends have been shifting so that more casual attire has become smarter. The new rules are now the old rules, because creativity rules! Street style watchers will know suiting is firmly back on the fashion agenda for spring, but that doesn’t mean the same old black blazer and fitted pants. Suits have become brighter, checked or pinstripe and matching. That's not to say that the humble blazer doesn't play a part, this piece is an important part of your wardrobe and no doubt I will be buying more than one this season to change up every outfit that I wear. A simple dress and opaque tights just won't cut it anymore, style a spotty midi dress with this season's must-have jacket the trench, belt at the waist and the soft fabric means it's no longer smart and structured but more relaxed and understated. It's no longer about black, white and navy, liven up your work-wear or smarten up your day look with some eye catching colour. Red and pink are current favourites to give your outfit some serious colour clash, but blues and greens can be easier and softer on the eye if you don't want to stand out from the crowd too much. Lastly take the plunge and grab a jumpsuit and take away the worry about what goes with what. I feel it is my job on this earth to persuade any remaining resisters as to the power of the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are a versatile all-rounder, whilst being the most youth-endowing item of clothing you can wear as you get older. Want to look both stylish and cool for day or evening then a jumpsuit should be your go-to wardrobe staple.

What better way to forget about the cold outside and welcome the in a new week with some new 'smart / casual' pieces for your wardrobe. French connection has an amazing bright pink suit you might be bold enough to try, alternatively if you are looking for a new suit but would rather a check then look at &other stories check suits. For a great choice in blazers then go to &other stories for lots of oversized, longer line grey, check or navy stripe blazers for a fresh new season take on the silhouette. My favourite trench coat I have come by so far is from Kin by John Lewis in navy or khaki, but if you are looking for a stone one then you can't go wrong with this one from Selected Femme. For a great choice of cropped trousers then head over to Zara, they have them in every fabric, cut, colour you can think of and you will be sure to find one that flatters you. Finally if you fancy some floral midi dresses, most high street retailer have an offering, but try Topshop for bright coloured printed dresses and vintage inspired florals that are easy to wear with any jacket styled over the top.

Here is some style and shopping inspiration for everyday of the week and follow my pinterest board - Smart / casual new rules

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