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Edits guide to your top 5 Spring buys

It might surprise you to know I really haven’t bought many clothes in the last 18 months. I didn’t bother much whilst I was expecting and since having my 3rd baby it's taken a few months and a season change to get back into the swing of 'making an effort'.

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a wardrobe detox on my own wardrobe. I took into consideration all of the advice I give my clients and tried most things on to decipher if they were worth keeping.

After I had removed all the pieces that I realised I would never wear again, didn't fit my lifestyle anymore and had no sentimental value, I wrote myself a 'wish list' of new spring pieces to add into my newly streamlined wardrobe.

Whilst compiling my 'wish list' I also considered the realisation that what I purchase needs to be more practical than before, and that more than ever, I am looking for a flattering fit and good quality. “Quite nice” just won’t cut it anymore. Plus I just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend a small fortune on alterations. So what I purchase has to be right for me, here and now and will last with 3 boys around. But perhaps with a few sparkly things thrown in too...

These are the things on my 'wish list', why don't you share yours with me too?

Top 5 Spring Buys

1. Culottes, Vero Moda, Atterley Road, £28.00

2.  White Shirt, Zara, £39.99

3. Denim dress, asos, £40.00

4. Statement 70s jacket, River Island, £60.00

5. denim dungerees, Paige Denim, Selfridges, £315.00


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