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What to wear right now

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September is a tricky month to dress for, with its ‘hot one minute, cool the next’ weather; you leave the house in the morning wearing multiple layers, only to come back home with most of them stuffed in your handbag. The trick is to wear pieces that straddle the seasons, hitting that sweet spot between keeping you warm while being breathable and cooling too – and all the while looking super stylish. In other words, the holy grail of autumn fashion.
An oversized cardigan can be thrown over a long-sleeved floral dress , while a timeless double-breasted blazer in camel corduroy makes for a versatile lightweight jacket and faux leather becomes your new best friend. As it’s still warm enough to forgo socks, now is the time to wear your slip-on shoes – pair with a satin skirt and a white tee. Finally, there’s the boilersuit – a wardrobe essential that gives your wardrobe a style boost this September.

Re-spin your style with these key pieces which will go on to becoming the cornerstone of your Autumn style -

  1. Boilersuit / Cargo jumpsuit

    A jumpsuit is a wardrobe staple and can be worn all year round, layering a polo neck underneath or a fur jacket over the top. At this time of year the weather is just perfect to give it it’s own pedestal and chuck on a pair of trainers.

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2.Leather culottes & trousers

Whether vintage, vegan, faux or the real thing, leather bottoms are an instant hit this Autumn. I have a pair of leather leggings that I have had for a number of years and also a pair of faux leather culottes that I am currently living in. This time of year they are great to wear with no tights, layering top layers such as blazers, or chunky cardigans or even a sparkly jacket.

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3.Over-sized blazers

I love blazers and a new addition to my wardrobe is top of my AW list at the moment. There are alot of checks around , mensy styling and also double breasted. Wearing one over your dress, jumpsuit or with a pleated skirt will update your styling and keep that cold chill at bay in the mornings.


Skirts have been a big staple of mine all Summer so no doubt I will continue to wear them through the Autumn but I need to update my style as I am getting bored of t-shirts and skirts. This is fine when I sling a blazer over the top, but now I want to add printed blouses, shirts, sweatshirts and soon knitwear tucked into my skirts. Just in time for the hiking boots too.

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5.The chunky bright cardigan

Alot of my clients will tell you that I do NOT like a cardigan. I much prefer a jacket as a more sophisticated, versatile piece in your wardrobe. If you own a cardigan it’s normally a frumpy, lazy way of keeping warm, I like to educate clients on other ways to layer up in the Winter. But this season I am lusting after chunky, statement, coloured cardigans - with emphasis on the statement. The cardigan needs to bring something new to wardrobe and wearing it with dresses and skirts is how you bring freshness to wardrobe.


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My Spring shopping list


Every new season I write a wish list and I encourage clients to write a shopping list of the wants and need of your wardrobe. Firstly though you need to asses, edit and detox your wardrobe. This is a hugely important starting point as it gives you clarity , reminds you what you have, what you loved last year and what you need to replace. Once you have detoxed your wardrobe and have invested in the basics that can be worn day in and day out, you now need to think about the seasonal items that give your style personality.

Each season my advice is to invest in just five fashion‑forward statement pieces to update your look. The idea is that limiting your choice will make you think more about what you buy, so there will be fewer regrettable impulse purchases. Plus, you can invest more in high-quality pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

So now is the time to make your five piece list for Spring Summer. Think about your budget and stick to it and by writing the items down you can always refer back it to throughout the season - it will ensure you don't impulse buy without consulting your list first.

If you need some inspiration, here is my Spring Summer five piece list (some of which I have already brought).


  1. NEW WHITE TRAINERS - The trend is to ditch the trainers this season and when the weather hots up I will be getting my toes out in sandals but for now and again into Autumn a pair of box fresh white trainers is a must-have to make my outfits look fresh. Adidas Stan Smith’s are a fail safe option for me and for my clients, but this season I am going to invest in a pair of VEJA trainers. Now just to choose which pair.

2. PINK BOILERSUIT - the jumpsuit and now the boilersuit is my go-to item in my wardrobe. I love the denim jumpsuit that I brought from Topshop in December, as this is black I would like a lighter one for Spring Summer.

3. MINI CROSS BODY BAG - the trend for bags is going mini and micro, some are totally impractical but I do like the idea of not carrying alot in my everyday cross body bag, especially for the evening. So I have my eye on a couple of coloured bags that will be an investment item for me.

4. UPDATED BLAZER - I have worn and worn my check blazer from Mango that I brought last year so I feel that I need a new one because it’s abit worn and I like wearing blazers to consultations with clients and also over dresses in the summer. I want another check as I like having the pattern, but not sure what kind yet so I am keeping my shopping eye out for the one I want and that I know will last my through Autumn too.

5. THE PERFECT MIDI DRESS - The midi dress has been on trend for a number of seasons now and the retailers offerings are going from strength to strength. I found my perfect evening one last season, the animal print from Whistles dress, so now I am on the hunt for a summer day version of this.


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Edits guide to shopping the sales


I dislike sales. Every year the worst goes into the sales and even if they markdown the things you like you never feel like you are getting a real bargin. If you are getting a bargin then more often than not it won't last or you will go off it quickly. It's not always about investment pieces but making better choices when shopping the sales. This year I have brought a couple of items in the sales and I am sure with other retailers yet to go on sale there will be a few more. But I always make a list of things I want or need and try hard to stick with it, that way I have a purpose when browsing page after page of sale items (dull or what?!).

Last week a friend of mine said she went into Zara on the first day of sales, couldn't face the queues, stood in the store and ordered it all online there and then - genius! Some sales tips do work and I have blogged about them in the past. Things like; Don't buy anything you think you will slim into, don't buy it just because it is cheap and don't buy things because it looked good on someone else, chances are it might not look good on you! The only tip that never fails me is the list...I think about the things I wear regularly and make investment updates and also make last minute summer purchases that will see me through the next couple of months. The list focuses you and ensures you don't go off piste!

To inspire you to buy better in the sales, I have put a list of 5 things together that could be things that I would buy or have already brought in the sales-

1. The investment piece

My favourite sales purchase - the investment handbag. There is no better time to buy an expensive handbag with a cut price tag that you have been crushing on all season. This for me ticks all the boxes and I wear my Marc Jacobs black cross over bag all the time.

2. The Summer wardrobe update

Mid-range high street stores such as Whistles, Reiss, Hobbs, Karen Millen sometimes have as much as 50% off their higher than Zara price points. So now it the best time to get your last minute summer buys in better quality fabrics and cuts for half the price! You can't go wrong with a jumpsuit, it can be worn daytime or evening and looks fab on holiday.

3. The classic update

I have been searching for a breton stripe update all Summer in preparation for Autumn, but the perfect one is hard to come buy! I believe you shouldn't buy items lie breton stripes full price because they are no brainers and easy to pick up in the sale. The good thing about this classic in the sale is that you can go for an upgraded fabric that will last you longer than one from GAP or Zara.

4. Forward thinking item

It might seem bonkers buying a coat in Summer, but when you get to Autumn you will feel so smug you have a new coat and you got it for half the price than what will be out there instore! I have managed to buy coats in the sales a couple of times now and it pays off in the long run to forward think.

5. The 'it's so cheap, you can't say no' piece

Sometimes the best part about the sales is the fun pieces you can buy that are so cheap you just can't say no to them! Beware not to buy more than one thing, but don't hold back...if you love it then buy it! Here's mine...






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