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how to add some colour into your wardrobe

For the first time, Pantone announced their colour of 2016 to be two colours instead of the one, ROSE QUARTZ and SERENITY. Interestingly Rose Quartz is a pink tone and Serenity is a blue tone.

As is wider society, fashion is also experiencing a gender blur which in turn has impacted colour trends, the way designers are showing their products and ranges that retailers are putting them out. Levi's has just announced a 'gender neutral' jeans range and if you go on Zara's website you will also see their genderless clothing collection 'Ungendered'. The 16 items range from T-shirts and sweatshirts to denim and Bermuda shorts — unisex basics in neutral colours, constructed from comfortable cottons and cotton blends. On the website, pieces from the inaugural collection are photographed on both a male and female model.

So back to colour, does this mean that as a society we are moving towards a more unilateral approach to colour which is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality? Are we getting more comfortable with using color as a form of expression? We often use colour to express the way we are feeling, consciously or sub-consciously, and these two colours of the year "reflect a soothing sense of order & peace" say Pantone.

Colour can change your life. Fact.

Did you know that just by wearing the wrong colours in your clothes you're making yourself look:

- older
- more tired
- accentuating fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes
- ill or 'under the weather'
- dulled skin, eyes and yellowing teeth

Wearing the right colours will instantly give you a healthier glow, a younger, fresher and more vibrant appearance and will help to 'take years off'.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to feel confident with your colour choices, want to break out of the 'wearing too much black' habit or just want to be able to express yourself with your clothes then...

Book your appointment with me now, it is the perfect timing for Spring. By the end of our time together you will have learnt all you need to know to about making the right colour decisions the next time you go shopping. And, did I forget to mention that once you've learnt which colours are 'you' you'll then be able to build a capsule collection of clothes that all mix and co-ordinate making the decision of "what goes with what" a thing of the past.

Or why not host your own colour party? In the evening with friends over a glass of wine or in the daytime over coffee and cake?


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