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How to be the best dressed guest invited


Whether you are a guest at a wedding this Summer, have a ball to go to, a big birthday bash or going to Ascot was your highlight of the season, you can’t ignore the fact that your outfit needs some planning.

Our quest for the best outfit for said occasions can start months in advance or just days beforehand. Choosing an outfit for such important, excitedly anticipated events can be stressful, time consuming and feel uninspiring.

The days of summer special occasions are not over yet, there is still time to find the winning dress of the season. So if the term occasionwear fills you with a fear of sequins, puff sleeves, sashes and crippling shoes, then be inspired by the items I have pulled together for a stylish belle of the ball, no frump invited.

A possible party dress for my big birthday bash in July. Dress from  Olivia Rubin  at  The Dressing Room , St. Albans.

A possible party dress for my big birthday bash in July. Dress from Olivia Rubin at The Dressing Room, St. Albans.

For me getting dressed up is all about embracing individuality, having fun, making an impact and flaunting your own brand of uniqueness. So many trends are happily coexisting at the moment that it’s near impossible to make a fashion misstep. But you don’t need to follow the trends to look fabulous, but you do need to know how to pull an outfit together that works. So embrace your inner sparkle, have fun with fashion and dare to take a few risks!


Here are my styling tips to think about where you'll be sure to make a dazzling statement no matter where you go -

Bold accessories

From sequins to feathers, statement earrings to oversized headbands, make waves with a big and bold accessory to set off your outfit.

Go all out

There's no time like a fabulous gala or event to wear your most extreme dress. Whether it's feathered, sequined, or bejeweled, don't hesitate to pull that baby out for your next party. Fashion girls would rather be overdressed than underdressed any day.

Wear colour

Traditions at weddings are to never upstage the bride on her big day, but that doesn’ t mean you should shy away from colour or print as a guest. It is no longer bad taste to go bright, statement colours or clashing prints. If you are going to a ball, then black can be too boring, stand out from the crowd and be bold.

Don’t wear trainers

Whether it be stilettos, kittens or block heels, a little extra lift is necessary when it comes to a more formal event. If notable enough, a pair of flats might work, but sneakers are a no-go.

Jumpsuits or trouser suits

Trends come & go but jumpsuits are now part of retailers yearly offer, they are even accepted at Ascot as of this year (2019). Jumpsuits and trouser suits are a chic, sophisticated alternative to wearing a dress, if you don’t want to show your legs, or want to wear something against the grain, you can be sure that a jumpsuit will serve you well for your event.


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what is it with shoes?

I can find any excuse to buy a new pair of shoes and the change of weather is just the one I need right now! What is it with shoes and the power they have over you, just willing you to buy them? Fundamentally we all need to shoes to walk in daily so they are a great investment (excuse number 2 natch!), but we don't ALWAYS need them! But by putting your best foot forward sometimes what you have dressed your feet in can end up making your outfit and cementing your daily style.

For the past few seasons the most popular catwalk Spring shoe trends have centred around a few major styles; block heeled mules, backless sliders and fashion sneakers. These styles are so strong that they have now made it to the high street and you can have your pick of the most fashionable shoes out there if you know where to look. There is also one shoe trend to ignore, whilst the fashion world is championing the return of the crocs, please do not think that your feet will look anything but awful in these plastic shoes!

So whether you are looking for a new pair of flats now that the socks are off, or transitional styles that will see you through the Summer. Make sure you check out my top styles to wear now to be sure your feet are the best dressed around. Just don't forget the plasters in your bag!

Best shoe styles for Spring / Summer 2017

1. The Mule

Mules should be your footwear of choice this spring. No longer seen as a boring shoe, the new mule is versatile – it's a statement as your go-to heel, yet as comfy as your trusty trainer. Any height, open- or closed-toe, but always backless, the mule will rule your wardrobe this season. I will be wearing my Topshop pair that I brought last year with a bow on the front, make sure yours make a statement.


2. The sling back block Heel

Sling backs were hot on the catwalks and when Dior added a bow to the back of their's it became an over night sensation. I love the femininity of the addition of the bow and these can easily be worn in the daytime through to evening.

3. The Backless Flat

When Gucci did the backless loafers last spring becoming the most Instagramed pair of shoes of the year, slip on's suddenly felt like a good idea. Popular again this year, I like them for the fact that they cover your toes and you just have to pop your feet in and go! Easy dressing! 

4. The Trainer update

The humble sneaker still adorns my feet most days and I can't get enough of the comfy feel of them but making a style statement too. This season they have had an upgrade with the addition of embroidery and beading work giving them a more feminine edge. Jump into Spring with the new styles.

5. V-cut toes shoe

Forget round, square and almond – the V-toe is the new shoe shape to know about. Cut low on your foot, they give a flattering, elongated effect which works especially well with all those wide leg trousers around at the moment. Just be wary of dodgy tan lines. 

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