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What colours to wear this season

Welcome to the season of colour confidence. Get ready to taste the rainbow and dive straight into zingy yellow, eye popping red and bubblegum pinks. Here's my guide on how to buy it, wear it and style it.

Yellow fever

Inject your wardrobe with a happy shade of yellow for an instant pick me up. For years, women have seen yellow as a shade that does nothing for their skin tones, eyes or hair but there is a shade of yellow out there for everyone. It's about knowing which one is yours and ensuring you are sticking to your right tone and shade for maximum confidence and style. From fizzy sherbert to mustard to pastel Fifties lemon, yellow ran the gamut on the runway proving that there is, after all, an option out there for everyone, no matter your skin tone. 


Flame red

The colour red is iconic but isn't simply the colour of choice for cocktail dresses and couture gowns. Red is a bold lipstick, the sole of a shoe, the leather of a biker jacket. There's wine, cherry, rose, blood, scarlet, and ruby...the list goes on. When teamed with burnt orange, magenta pink or camel, red takes on a life of its own. The possibilities are endless. It's fierce, it's defiant, and it's not for wallflowers. Red is the colour of a woman in charge.


Pretty in pink

The undeniable colour trend for the season is pink, with every hue from bubblegum to fuchsia being embraced in head-to-toe looks. It was huge at the spring/summer 2017 shows in variations from Magenta to bubblegum and nude tones. So maybe it's time to think about adding a pinch into your own wardrobe.


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