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men, don't be afraid!

I received a lovely testimonial the other day from a fella that I recently helped sort out his wardrobe and upgrade his style. No he wasn't drunk, but yes his wife had coerced him into it by buying the overhaul for him for his birthday present. We all know men are hard enough to buy for so why not get them something you want for him instead, it's a win win situation! I could tell he was slightly unconvinced at first but once the new pieces started arriving from his online shop, he swiftly changed tack and realised that having someone else do the hardwork for you was easy.

Men’s style has changed dramatically over the past few years. It used to be very rare for a man to have any concern at all for his personal style but today more attention is paid to it and along with that more choice is in the shops to meet that demand. However, a large number of men find shopping tiring and confusing, largely due to the huge amount of choice and new style expectations. As a result, many guys fall into the gap of choosing the same ‘safe’ items falling into a rut, lacking inspiration.

Finding out what the right cuts, colour and styles are that suit you individually, will make a huge difference to the way you look and feel resulting in a more confident, successful you in both personal and professional environments.

When dealing with men there are some slightly different rules that apply to them over women. One being they like anything for an easier life. So if you are not sure that getting an image consultant to help your other half, brother, dad or son then read on and see if these thoughts apply to them... 

Read Steve's testimonial below and next time you wonder what to get your husband, I will be happy to help!

I would thoroughly recommend getting Nina to advise on Men's clothing!
It's not a typical bloke thing to do, but not having a clue about which clothes to wear and having a wardrobe default option of Fat Face and Superdry, it was time for action.
My Wife arranged for Nina to come over (that's the way to do it as you can then tell your friends in the pub that it was arranged for you as a surprise) for a wardrobe detox!!
Nina was brilliant and quickly got me at ease with looking at different clothing options! She ran through some different styles, educated me in the world of clothing and went through various pictures to see what I liked. She then looked through the clothes I had accumulated since university and advised which were keepers!
Her helpful approach on the day, was quickly followed up with a Online shop Lookbook (I now know the terms!), which is basically a book full of clothes which work, different brands and price ranges and a link to buy them - that's the type of shopping I like, someone picks the clothes and all I have to do is click a link and pay - easy!
I would highly recommend that all Men go for it - give Nina's wardrobe detox a try!

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