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How to build your style confidence


Anyone can be "in fashion", but style is personal. There are no trends to follow. There are no rules. Style comes from within. But you have to be confident with who you are on the inside before you can be comfortable presenting yourself to the outside world. And how you present yourself to the world is important. Every time you dress you assert some aspect of yourself and your identity. With style, you tell the world who you are and it allows you the chance to showcase a facet of yourself in a unique way.

You might say they are just clothes, shoes and bags, but I believe that they play a large part of a woman's character. And more importantly clothes affect how we feel about ourselves throughout the day, week or year. Alot of Women I meet are stuck in typical life cycles of shopping, whether that be fast shopping based on getting good deals in the sales, impulse buying and buying clothes based on other people's opinion of them, buying the same items on repeat, sometimes without even realising it or just can't bear to buy anything new and are wearing friends and families hand-me downs. None of these shopping scenarios are conclusive to feeling great in what we wear. 

When it comes to personal style, it's all about you. Making simple changes in your wardrobe can create huge shifts in how you feel about yourself and how you come across to the world. The right style brings out the best in every woman, at every age, in every situation. When it comes to having great style, knowing what colours, silhouettes and pieces you love and how they all fit together, is only part of the equation. The other part is having the confidence to actually wear those things. These days, I find myself thinking more and more about topics related to confidence, fashion ideals and body image, because judging from countless consultations it's a hugely important part of your style journey. You need confidence to be creative, express your personal style and have fun with fashion.


As an image consultant and personal stylist, I believe there is a way to boost your self-confidence through your style. I am passionate about women and passionate about what I do, but I also know how difficult it is to feel confident and to love ourselves in a society that constantly tells us we are not enough. I help you find confidence in your individuality, help you discover your personal style through inspiration whilst staying true to yourself. I truly believe that your personal style is more than just a way to get dressed, it’s about celebrating your creativity, self-expression as well as figuring out what makes you feel confident and inspired every day in life and work, as clothing becomes part of your life currency.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Be an editor

Your wardrobe should only contain amazing choices - pick out the key items and get rid of the rest of them. Be inspired by five remarkable pieces rather than twenty unremarkable pieces. Be ruthless when you edit - if it doesn't look good on you, it shouldn't be in your wardrobe.

2. Buy the right size

If you are a size 12, do not buy a size 10 because you have told yourself you are going to loose weight. It is better to buy the realistic size and enjoy the way the clothes make you feel at that moment.

3. Don't be sucked in by the price tag

Paying £50 for a pair of jeans that cost £200 is a great deal. But if you are never going to wear those jeans, you don't need them, or really even like them, then that's a very expensive deal!

4. Do not buy according to the trends

Wear what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Not what everyone else is wearing, not what the magazines and newspapers say you should wear, learn about your body shape and listen to your inner voice of reason.

5. Buy with drama

Buy what is truly fantastic! That leopard print coat, the knock-them-dead dress, the metallic pleated skirt or the statement earrings. Yes people will comment on what you are wearing, but you know you look good in it and everyone else knows that too.

If you need help with any aspect of your style, wardrobe and confidence then contact me for an consultation.  I am passionate about helping women grow their confidence in their appearance by helping them understand the colours and styles of clothing that flatter them and make them look "wow"! Getting this right can really change not only how you look but also how you feel! I look forward to you getting in touch soon.

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Life Magazine Hertfordshire edition - November 2017

With the party season nearly upon us, read what you should be wearing and how to style out Christmas in November's issue of Hertfordshire Life Magazine, covering Harpenden, St.Albans, Radlett, Hadley Wood and further.

Read the magazine and article here -

harp life nov.JPG


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how to get out of a rut & feel inspired again


how to get out of a rut & feel inspired again

Getting stuck in a rut happens to everyone. Especially at the start of a new season, you start to get bored with what you are wearing and don't know how to change your shopping habits.

If you have ever felt nothing but intense boredom at the sight of your wardrobe and wished you could just throw it all out and start from scratch, you know what it feels like to be stuck in a style rut. A most miserable place where clothes you once loved and felt inspired by, now just seem dull and underwhelming.

The key to getting out of a style rut is to break through old thinking patterns and the comfortable, monotonous routine you have built up for yourself, put on your creative hat and immerse yourself in new inspiration.

The best way to get out of a rut is to get some outside help. Most people only wear about 10% of the clothes in their wardrobe, so it is easier for somebody else to see the gems in your wardrobe than you can. I'll go to a client's house who has said "I have nothing to wear" and after I spend a couple of hours editing her wardrobe and putting new looks together she realises that she has a lot of great outfits waiting to be worn. 

Read Jane's experience -

" I have to admit I had reservations about the wardrobe detox and styling session my husband had brought for me for my birthday present. I thought my wardrobe didn't need editing because I don't own alot of clothes but it turns out I was wrong! Having Nina give a fresh eye is pretty revealing; for starters I had no idea I owned so many pairs of jeans (18!), but rarely wear more than 3 pairs of them. I also discovered I am seriously lacking in items that make up outfits together and Nina was really helpful with her styling tips on how to utilise what I have in my wardrobe and what I need to fill the gaps. It was such a thrilling and enjoyable process, and much less exhausting and over whelming when you are not the one pulling everything out. I loved Nina's easy technique, as I sat on my bed answering questions such as, "Do you wear it?" and "Do you love it?" at no point did I feel under pressure to ditch anything or embarrassed by some shopping mistakes. Afterwards I felt exhilarated, buzzing and confident about my clothes and what choices I wanted to make when shopping in the future based on Nina's appraisal of my wardrobe. The follow up email with Nina's edit of item updates and wardrobe gaps is a great starting point for my shopping trip and will ensure that I make better-informed purchases rather than panic buys. I have recommended Nina's service to all my friends and can't wait for them look and feel better about themselves too."

Here are some tips you may want to try, as the smallest changes can also create big results-

1. Assess one part of your wardrobe - such as your jeans - spend some time trying them on, looking in the mirror and asking yourself some questions, such as; "When did I last wear these?", "Are they flattering for my figure?" or "Do I feel good in them?". You might find a pair that you had forgotten you had and you can incorporate back into your wardrobe again.

2. Take a style risk - do you need a new pair of trainers or bag or scarf and feel bored of the same things you normally buy? Then take more of a risk with your accessories purchase, perhaps buy the brightly coloured trainers over the blue ones, or a bright yellow bag instead of a black one, or even a over-sized leopard print scarf instead of a grey one. Just by adding one thing different it can rejuvenate your look and make you feel more confident.

3. Try shopping in a new store - Go in and walk around, or go online and take a browse. Perhaps is somewhere you've not shopped in years or somewhere some recommended, you might be surprised what you like and how the style could influence your outfits and looks.

4. Give yourself a pep talk - You need to be prepared to feel differently when you’re coming out of a rut. When you try on something that’s out of your comfort zone, you may feel nervous, or excited!  This is the time to pause and have a conversation with yourself. What’s stopping you from wearing this new style, colour or accessory? Maybe this new look is the real you; the part of you that’s wanted to be expressed for a while. Give yourself a chance. Don’t put the brakes on. Experiment and have fun. 

5. Find someone to help -  I’d love to help support you in finding ways to get out of your rut.


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How to dress in your 30s & 40s

New Year new you right?! Where fashion is concerned it is the run up to the new Spring season's styles and launches in the stores. So over Winter clothes? But yet it's still here. So over your wardrobe? But yet it's still there. So what can you do this January without spending a fortune on clothes that you don't have but you really want to, need to, update your style? I work with a number of clients who feel this way not just every January but when you hit your thirties and struggle trying to find what is their style.

Hitting your thirties and moving into your forties are certainly milestones in your life that can shift your style perspective. Within these decades we might get married, have children, change jobs, change roles within your life, go through bereavements or enjoy the fruits of our labours. Never the less, our requirements have changed, emotionally maturing, juggling busy lifestyles, finding your sartorial comfort zone - these are all things that can shape, change and challenge our wardrobe and style. 

By now you have probably experimented with fashion trends and perhaps no longer care, understand or can keep up with what is 'on trend' let alone think about it factoring into your life. So now is a good time to strip it all back and look at what items suit your body shape, your lifestyle and what makes you feel like a million dollars when wearing it!

When I start working with new clients I find that the key to creating your 'Style Uniform' is to have core pieces that work well together. Ready-made go-to looks that make getting out of the house in a morning stress-free but yet stylish. By sticking to your colour palette once you have had your colours done, this will automatically eliminate the need for countless pieces that don't go together and look random in your wardrobe. Once you understand what you want your style to be, then your 'Style Uniform' will organically build over time, ensuring that what you have in your wardrobe has longevity as well as keeping you looking stylishly young!

Here are some 'Style Uniform' ideas and key pieces to invest in,  but check your wardrobe first as you might already have them hidden in there, you just need to learn how to re-style them into your life!

1. Jackets

Jackets are an essential part of your wardrobe. It can change a look instantly, dress it up, dress it down or be your look! Anything from formal blazers, denim jackets, leather jackets, sequin jackets to leopard print fur jackets. They all go with your daily uniform of denim jeans, or can be worn on a night out with heel's and even to the office with smart culotte's or over dresses. They will last you your wardrobe lifetime as they never go out of style and it's always about the way you wear it rather than what you are wearing. Invest in jackets and you can never go wrong.

2. Shoes

"You know you are a certified shoe addict if you think there is always room for one more pair!"

Shoes speak louder than words! Shoes are the only thing I ever buy in the sale, if I have had my eye on a pair then I will happily search for them, wait for them and love them as soon as they arrive. In your wardrobe you can everything from converse trainers, to over the knee boots, ankle boots, metallic court shoes and lace up brogues. Shoes can change an outfit in an instant. So never feel bad about buying a new pair of shoes again, as long as you love them they will always love you!

3. Denim

So many people struggle with denim, me included, but we wear it most days of our lives besides corporate dressing. 2017 is the year to break away from the skinny jeans and start exploring new trends that you could look fabulous on you. Frayed hems, boyfriends, carrot shapes and even skirts are great investment pieces for the wear per £'s that you spend on them. If you are looking for longevity then you can't go wrong with Levi's, All Saints and GAP for great mid level priced jeans.


4. Shirts

I have banged on about shirts for a number of seasons now. In fashion they are still top of the list with pyjama shirts still being best sellers and khaki military shirts set make a come back and not forgetting the newest trend of shirt dresses over trousers. But forget about fashion they are so versatile in your wardrobe because of the way they are constructed, you just have to style them up. Button them up, tuck them in, belt them, leave them open, wear underneath a jumper - the list is endless and it will always be your go to piece in your wardrobe.



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