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Keep your style up-to-date with these easy styling tips

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut with your style and out of touch with current fashion? How often do you want to look good but struggle to find the time to put your energy into your image? Perhaps you are always buying and wearing the same things and it leaves you feeling frumpy and dull...FEAR NOT! You are not alone in these feelings.

It is hard to maintain an up-to-date style and juggle our busy lives. It’s no secret that your image affects the way you feel about yourself – when you look good, you feel good. Perhaps your wardrobe is an over-full nightmare, leaving you frantically searching for an outfit every morning that ends up not letting you feel your best. You don't know where to start when pulling outfits together because nothing ever fits and you don't have the time to think about accessorising. 

If the any of the above is resonating with you, then I am here to help! I recognise the hurdles that come with personal style in our everyday lives and have put together some easy to follow style tips for all the busy women out there.

1. How to use accessories in the right way

If you’re in a rush to get ready in the mornings, or don’t have all day to plan your outfits, then accessories are your saving grace! A monochromatic outfit or understated dress sense can be changed drastically by simply changing accessories.

Adding a piece of statement jewellery to a well-fitted pair of trousers and shirt can entirely transform the look. Changing up the jewellery and wearing the same outfit with different jewellery can give you multiple different looks.

Jewellery isn’t the only avenue to explore when it comes to accessorising. Scarves are a classic and feminine way to add flair to a simple outfit, and gives you the opportunity to add a pop of colour to neutral outfits.

2. Less is more

Minimalism is a trend that will never go out of style and how simplicity can be key in pulling off any outfit.

When putting together an outfit that follows the notion of less being more, it’s important to keep in mind that neutral colours work best, staple items are key, quality is better than quantity and that fun is still welcomed!

This concept works from choosing the colours to wear, doing a wardrobe detox to de-clutter items you no longer wear, buying into staple items in good quality fabrics keeping accessories to a minimum. This will all help you to achieve a simplistic, less is more kind of style

3. Wardrobe detox

If you’re fighting an over-full wardrobe every morning, you’re definitely not making the most of the little time that you have for style. An over-full wardrobe is a symptom of impulsive buying habits, keeping items that aren’t right for your body and holding onto mistake purchases because you feel guilty about the money wasted.

A cluttered wardrobe is the easiest way to feel discouraged about your style. Now the weather is getting warmer it is the perfect time to perform a wardrobe detox. Set aside some time and go through each item, getting rid of what is no longer useful. Use a full-length mirror to check yourself in the items you try on, and get rid of anything that is unflattering or that no longer fits. This includes all mistake purchases, and things you are saving 'just in case'! 

4. Shoes are the key to your style

Shoes are essential whether we’re passionate about them or not. Some wardrobes have shelves and shelves of shoes. Other people may have a style or two that they favour and buy over and over again, keeping their selection to a minimum. 

A bright pair of heels, a printed pair of loafers or a vibrant pair of sneakers can change up an outfit instantly. It can show you have thought about your outfit from head to toe and the finishing touches are key. For me the investment in shoes seasonally is key to your style and keeping it up-to-date.


If you’re finding it tough to keep up with the above as well as a busy home life, you’ll be happy to hear that there is an answer to your problems. Working with me will help you change the way you see yourself, and make getting ready every morning an enjoyable experience that doesn’t take up too much time. Get in touch now! Nina x


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Key pieces worth spending money on

How often have you spent money on a piece of seasonal clothing only to discover that after a few washes it doesn’t look half as good as it did when you first bought it? The trouble with buying cheaper items from the high street is that they often don’t have longevity so while you might feel like you’re getting a bargain at the time, usually you will end up having to repurchase a similar item time and time again. This season it might be time to consider some investment purchasing. Taking time to save up and purchase one item rather than spending the same amount of money on a number of cheaper alternatives will prove more sustainable and worthwhile in the long run.

These items will underpin your wardrobe and become the basis of 'your style'. Paring down your wardrobe in favor of fewer pieces that you truly love, rather than an abundance of clothes you may never wear. This is something that I do when I work with clients; to re-educate them on re-establishing a 'working wardrobe' that fits into their lifestyle and budget. I for one have become a huge advocate for this way of living as it’s made getting ready in the morning a hundred times quicker.

Below are the pieces that I believe are worth spending money on, the ones that will stand the test of time and you will still be wearing in years to come. The key thing to look out for when purchasing investment items is making sure that you don’t purchase a trend piece, instead go for a classic style so that it won’t date. This season make room in your wardrobe for the most trusted pieces that never go out of style.

These timeless pieces are wardrobe investments; season after season, year after year these are the pieces that you will be pulling out of your wardrobe with confidence.

1. Leather Jacket

While a real leather jacket won’t come cheap, nothing beats the feel and look of real leather. A jacket that will almost see you through all seasons so this piece is certainly worth the investment once you consider cost-per-wear. Leather jackets from Whistles and All Saints are top of the shopping list.

2. Jeans

The importance of a good pair of jeans is unrivaled, these are often the most reliable and well-worn item in your wardrobe. Brands will come and go but nothing beats Levi's for me at the moment, they have re-established themselves as a key player against expensive more fashionable brands. Go check them out.

3. Leather handbag

Perhaps the ultimate investment piece a leather bag is the everyday piece that you’ll carry for years to come. Designer handbags are also great investments as some even increase in value over time, such as classic Chanel bags. You don’t need to splash out on high end designer for a long-lasting handbag, but do aim for genuine leather as it will maintain its shape and appearance longer than any other material. I love British designers such as Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch and Sophie Hulme.

4. Coat

Once you know your body shape and what is the best coat for your shape then buying the perfect coat is key. Once you go for a great flattering style with not too many modern or ‘on-trend’ details this piece won’t date and will serve you well for years to come. Look at brands such as Max Mara, Joesph and Reiss.

5. Ankle boots

Not only practical but stylish too, the easiest way to sharpen up a casual outfit is with a pair of leather ankle boots. A pointed toe will give an added element of sophistication while a classic round toe or slightly square will also look stylish for seasons to come. Black is a classic but you can also go for brown, grey or deep burgundy, shades that will be hard workers in your wardrobe. Shop at Kurt Geiger or Whistles for some more affordable yet still sturdy, long-lasting options.

6. Shirts

I think shirts are a style staple and the most versatile item in your wardrobe as there is more than one way to wear a shirt. Easy pieces such a denim, checks, stripes and a plain white shirt will never go out of style, but you might change the way you wear them season to season. Look at &other stories, Zara and Boden for some good quality shirts.

7. Belts

Belts can be worn for waist definition or just an added outfit perk. By wearing belts with your jeans you could be rocking a statement in itself, or wrapping them around a chunky knitted jumper you could be using the belt to accentuate your waist. Whatever the purpose of the belt make sure it isn't boring. A leopard print belt or studded biker belt will change up your outfit taking it from drab to fab!


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do you love it or loathe it?

You'll find few colours as divisive as pink. It's loathed as much as it is loved. It's been a colour that has been on trend for a number of seasons now and doesn't show any sign of going away for AW16. This season the big fashion houses sent it down the catwalks; Balmain, Preen and Chanel being at the forefront.

Although it's typically girly, there are plenty of pink tones out there that don't feel sickly sweet and crucially come in more grown-up silhouettes. There is definately a place in my wardrobe for pinks, the shades of pink that are in my Winter colour palette - Deep hot pink and Icy pink, two different ends of the pink colour spectrum. This season I'm looking for the paler more icy pink to add into my Autumn wardrobe that will sit with navy, burgundy and grey. For more pink styling inspiration following my pinterest board - pink reigns in AW16

In the coming months the high street will be awash with pink. Marks and Spencer have done a gorgeous pair of satin trousers that would suit all ages, Finery London's folded a-line skirt is for the brave and the beautiful, while River Island, Warehouse and Boden all have pink coats that are boyish in shape. But if you are new to pink then start off with the basics, such as a pair of pink shoes worn with skinny denim jeans or a tomboyish pink sweater. The item for me is the must-have pink coat, but with so many to choose from I'm in danger of having a sugary sweet powdery pink overload!

So perhaps it's time to channel your inner girl and give into the deliciously bubblegumness of the cool-girl pink this season. It's still going to be a hit for SS17, so invest now. Your wardrobe will thank you for it, so gone on...I dare you!

What to buy now in pink

1.  Jagger Coat - Sezane £250

2. Belshaw fold A-line skirt - Finery London £75

3. Limited Edition mohair jumper - Zara £59.99

4. Caged flats in leather - J Crew £168.00

5. Cedar street Magnolia cross body bag - Kate Spade £178.00


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Edits guide on how to look stylish for a weekend away

edits styling notes

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A quick getaway no longer means just tossing a couple of items in a bag anymore and jumping on a plane. Packing for a short trip just might be more difficult than packing for a longer one because you need to be prepared to have clothing and shoes for both day and night. Trying to fit everything you need into a small suitcase can be quite a challenge - unless you know what to pack.

My hubby and I are off for our first mini break in years and are getting on a plane with carry on, so perfect packing is essential. Having not packed for just myself and no kids for a number of years it's got me thinking about what to pop into my bag. So I thought it would be best to come up with a strategy before I started tossing clothes into my mini case!


Here are my strategic packing rules for a mini break -

  • Make sure you have a good idea of what you'll be planning on doing throughout the break so that you know the appropriate clothing to bring. If you're spending a weekend in the country, you probably won't need a fancy dress and dancing shoes. Likewise, if you're going to spend the bulk of your time at the beach or lounging poolside, you probably won't need to bring long trousers. Checking out the weather beforehand is also a must!
  • One key idea to rememberis to try to take clothes that can do double duty, especially shoes. Shoes can be heavy and bulky, so it's good to take as few pairs as possible. Take one pair that can go from day to night and a second pair that you can use as slippers, like flip flops. Because they're flat, they'll pack nicely, and you'll still look stylish any time of the day.


  • The name of the game for clothing is versatility. Look for clothes in your wardrobe that can do double duty by pairing in different ways. It also helps to have clothes that can be dressed up or down. A pair of basic black trousers or jeans can be the base for many kinds of tops, for example. You can also change your look just by changing your jewellery. Packing a few select pieces of jewellery can help change your look, which can be important if you're wearing the same outfit twice.
  • Learn to pare down the amount of items you need for your daily beauty regime to just the essentials you'll need over the span of two nights. Also be sure to pack mini-bottles of your beauty products. They'll not only fit better into a small bag, but they'll get through security at the airport.

I am hoping these hard-fast rules will help me when packing in the 20mins I have inbetween school runs, washing, working, cooking etc etc! Oh well, who doesn't want to go shopping on a mini break anyway?!!

Bon Voyage! x


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