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Where to shop right now

When working with clients on a weekly basis, I always get asked where to shop. Alot of women have perhaps lost their way with the same stores they shop in and want to be introduced to new online or high street stores. They are always surprised when I mention Topshop..."I haven't shopped in there for years!", "I'm too old for crop tops and hotpants!", is normally the response I receive until I go onto explain about Topshop Boutique.

What is the difference between Boutique and their main lines? Firstly the price. Yes it's more expensive, but only marginally.

Secondly, it has a more grown up feel to it. With cleaner lines, sophisticated shapes, stylish colours and prints and more of a Scandinavian feel to it.

Thirdly, alot of it is made in Britain.

Me in my Topshop Boutique printed top which is now sold out

Me in my Topshop Boutique printed top which is now sold out

The brand has a cult following and sizes often sell out really quickly, so you have to be committed to buying because if you go back the next day it could be gone!

Here is what I would buy from their range at the moment. Take a look and see for yourself, it might be worth a trip to Topshop after all.

Topshop Boutique Top 5 picks

1.  Wide Leg black culotte's £85.00


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