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Edits Styling long necklace obsession

We all love a fashion obsession and currently top of my list is long necklaces. This has been a recent obsession, a slower burner you might say. Erupting in the back of my mind a few weeks ago and now coming full frontal to the point where I am living every spare minute searching for THAT necklace that I will fall in love with and part with my money for!

It's all over...

I'm also in denial that...wait for it girls...big statement necklaces are out! After a number of season's of being the hottest thing ever, it's time to put the shiny stones away in their boxes and start hunting out the new trend of long necklaces.

Wear long necklaces layered with a tee, a denim shirt or a boho maxi dress. Which ever way you style it, this will be an item you will find a multitude of ways to wear and love.

Which one will you choose?

Top 5 Long necklaces

1.  J Crew Tassel gold-tone necklace, £80

2. Mango Bead Waterfall necklace, £19.99

3. Lulu Frost @ Matches Fashion, Art Deco necklace, £180

4. Isabel Marant @ net-a-porter, 2 gold bone necklaces, £165

5. Chan Luu @ net-a-porter, 2 gold thread necklaces, £185


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