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What to wear on Christmas day

Anyone sick of the novelty Christmas jumper yet? Worn for one day of the year. It's not cute, it's not nice, infact it's just all wrong!

What has happened to Christmas glamour? Dressing your best on Christmas day. Now it's all about itchy onesies that make you look like Olaf from Frozen, a sequinned elf across your bust and hats in the shape of a Christmas pudding! This is not glamour, this is not 'occasion wear', this is not how I dress any other day of the year so why on the most important day of the year.

As a child my Grandad would take me Christmas shopping in London every year for my Christmas day outfit. It was completely unacceptable to turn up to my Grandparents house on Christmas day not in a "smart outfit". Ideally something new or perhaps something your family had never seen before. But something that meant you had "made the effort" for the occasion.

Me, my brother & 2 cousins on Christmas day circa 1986

Me, my brother & 2 cousins on Christmas day circa 1986

In recent years, now that my grandparents have gone, I have my own kids and we usually host my parents. Me and my Mum still fly the flag of wearing our smart outfits for our Christmas dinner. This year I'm going to be wearing my Finery London grey knitted midi dress with thick black tights, Mum will most probably come in a red dress because when else can you get away with wearing one in the daytime?

So ditch the novelty Pyjamas and follow my lead on ideas on what to wear on Christmas day. Christmas is special, so show it on the outside.

What will you be wearing on Christmas day?

1. Knitted Midi dress - Finery London £65

2. Embellished jumper & midi skirt

3. A Red Dress - Zara £39.99

4. Jumpsuit - Zara £39.99

5. If you are having a lazy day, then please do it in style with my picks of loungewear -

Cashmere Jumpsuit - The white company £279.00

Cashmere jogger and hoody - Whistles, hoody £161.00 & joggers £161.00


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