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The pink ladies

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In 2019 pink is having a moment. It is being reclaimed, redefined and no longer a symbol of negativity but one of cultural positivity. The colour pink is traditionally used to represent babies, childhood and girls, but so far this season we have seen pink become the colour of woman power.

No more effective was this colour than at the Oscars last month. In 2018 the Oscar crowd wore all black gowns and outfits in a support to the #metoo movement. This year however our screen stars wore punchy pink like a uniform.


This particular hue has been named ‘Pink Peacock’ and it is a colour that cannot be ignored. It is one of the most striking spring 2019 colour trends – a shade so noticeable that few would dare wear it alone. Instead, it can be mixed with neutrals and turned into a work-appropriate option or alone in a fantastic dress for a wedding, evening event or bbq. On the runways it was never the intention so dumb this colour down by mixing it with others, so I say wear it bold and wear it bright.


While most of us cannot get away with wearing Molly Goddard’s pink frock like Killing Eve baddie Villanelle, here are some alternatives for you to shop for right now.


7. Pink suit, Topshop, trousers £30, jacket £49


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How to wear clashing colours

One of the big trends for 2019 that has been bubbling under for a few seasons is the art of clashing bright colours in one outfit. So whilst there are lots of khaki’s, rusts, browns and mustard’s around for utility is a big trend for this year, these clashing bright colours is the antipodean of utilitarian chic.


If it’s been a while since you embraced head-to-toe colour, step into the bright. The good news is that so long as you pick your shades carefully, you really can’t go wrong. And this is not about needing to buy a host of colourful clothes – I bet you’ve already got enough colour in your wardrobe to pull off a stylish clashing outfit. Creating great style often means breaking the fashion rules. Colours that clash can be worn together to design vibrant, eye-catching looks and styling. The only rules for mastering this look? Skip subtle pieces and stick with bold statement items.

Here I have some colour clashing ideas to inspire you to break the black habit.

For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board - clashing colours 2019


Pink & Green

Try pairing green and pink together, and you might be surprised by how well-suited these two colours are. These two colours create a vibrant, eye catching combination that just works. For tricky colour clashes like these, use a darker contrasting colour to add a few little break up the look - for example black and white.

Orange & Pink

This combo is anything but subtle. While a pair of hot pink trousers and an oversized tangerine top might not sound like they’d work together, they actually look modern and cool. These vibrant tones hit it off together in a seriously bold way.



Red & Pink

Wearing red and pink together was once considered a fashion faux pas; now it's one of the coolest colour pairings. Valentino, Gucci, Céline and Balenciaga all sent red and pink looks down the runway last season. As did Victoria Beckham, who wore her a fresh-off-the-runway raspberry and maroon ensemble to run errands.

Tonal brights

The easiest way to ensure your enthusiasm for colour comes over as effortless (rather than – oh, the horror – matchy-matchy) is to wear the same shades in different textures. Mix wool and cotton with velvet, silk and suede. The point is that if it’s all in a similar colour then the fabrics will play very nicely together. And then don’t be afraid to add clashing accessories.  



Block colours

When you switch to block colours and forgo prints, the cut and fit of your clothing really come into their own. Meaning, you need to think about how the shapes of your clothes work together. As a general rule when you’re putting clothes together, if one part of the outfit is oversized or billowing then pair it with something tailored or fitted to achieve balance.

Whilst its all about re thinking the fashion rule book, ensuring you know which colours suit you the most comes before the styling. It is important to understand the right colours for your skin type, hair and eye colour, then we can identify the colours that suit you the best. We can then use these in your wardrobe, styling and shopping and you can start to feel confident about bringing colour back into your life. Don’t be shy about pairing different colours together you might not normally think about, just ensure that those colours are ‘right’ for you.

Shopping inspiration for bright clashing colours

  1. Whistles, Green ash full leg trousers, £139

If you want more information about colour analysis or styling head to the services pages or contact me for a consultation -


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How to shop your own wardrobe


I’ve been deliberately shopping my own wardrobe for a number of months now, mainly because my wardrobe for both Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer is pretty good in terms of ticking all the boxes for what I need in my lifestyle. Some bits have cropped up like a new blazer for work appointments, a new coat for walking our new puppy and a new dress for Winter events. With all of these purchases I got them either in the sale or with discount codes and I thought about the purchases versatility many times over, and about how to wear them again and again. During this time I have learnt alot about reworking pieces that I own into new outfits and learnt that it is more of an attitude that leads to a naturally more sustainable way of life when it comes to shopping and spending money.

Don’t get me wrong, what I do for a living sees me advising men and women on what to buy for their wardrobes to make them feel good and more stylish. But I am always giving clients brands I know are great for quality, longevity and versatility so that you will keep these items for as long as possible in your life. That is what I have done with my wardrobe over the past 5 years, jumpers I am still wearing now are old Zara, Topshop and &other stories buys but paired over dresses, with skirts or tucked into trousers they look new again. I still have small holes in my wardrobe and there are going to always be things that I lust after because I love fashion and style, but I think personally I want to be more conscious about my spending, where I am spending and really thinking about whether I NEED it in my wardrobe.


During the past few months, I’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs and ups and downs of shopping your wardrobe so I have pulled together some tips for you to think about this January.

Here are 6 simple truths about shopping your wardrobe

  1. Shopping your wardrobe is an attitude

    Shopping your wardrobe is a way of thinking and feeling about your wardrobe that has you appreciating and using what’s there, not wishing for things that you don’t have. You can cultivate a ‘shop your wardrobe’ attitude overnight – there’s no special skills or steps required.  The main ingredient you need is a new lens or a fresh set of eyes to look at, and experience, your existing wardrobe through.

  2. Shopping your wardrobe is about cultivating a working wardrobe

    This type of wardrobe is one filled exclusively with items that make you look good (if not great) and feel even better. This kind of wardrobe is created by being conscious about every purchase you make, so any new item coordinates with many existing items, and pays their rent in your wardrobe.

    A working wardrobe that you can shop in is full of items that suit your body, support your lifestyle, and express your mood and personality.

    A working wardrobe that you can shop in usually takes a while to develop and get right, years sometimes. This is where I can help you on your journey and believe me it will be worth it.

  3. Shopping your wardrobe gives you a chance to find your personal style

    By bringing your focus solely onto the items that you already have, you have a chance to define for yourself what you truly love when it comes to clothing and style.

    When you shop your wardrobe, you have the opportunity to explore and liberate your own sense of personal style.

    You can’t tap into your true style when you’re always shopping in the stores as there is too much noise going on you can’t possible hear what your inner style voice is telling you!

  4. When you shop your wardrobe, you make less shopping mistakes

    When you shop your wardrobe, especially if you do it for a while, you truly do liberate your sense of personal style.  You come to know – deeply and truly – what you love to wear, and what makes you look and feel great.

    So when you do choose to shop in the stores, you’re clearer.  You’re less susceptible to passing trends or compelling marketing and merchandising.  You’re more centred in your own style.

    So you make less purchasing mistakes.  Because you are so attuned to your personal sense of style, you have discovered, through a deep connection with your existing items, and trial and error, what you love – and what you don’t.

  5. When you shop your wardrobe, you find out what you really love

    When you shop your wardrobe, you have a great opportunity to explore and discover what about your existing items really works.  What items make your heart sing and makes you truly happy.  What items make you feel most YOU.  And of course, what items don’t pass muster.

    You can’t do this if you’re constantly shopping and bringing new items into your wardrobe.  There’s simply too much noise.

    When you shop your wardrobe, you have the opportunity to evaluate items in your wardrobe by detoxing; reusing and recycling.

  6. When you shop your wardrobe you will never say “I’ve got nothing to wear”

    When you shop your wardrobe and explore your sense of personal style, where you often wash up is with a cultivated and curated “working wardrobe”.  And this kind of wardrobe truly works for you.  You use it.  It isn’t a museum but a working and workable space, where every item in it ‘earns its rent’.

    Your wonderful working wardrobe may have 26 items in it or 66 or 1066 – it’s not the size that counts, it’s whether every single piece is working for you.

Consider this….

All of the above is achievable but if the idea of it scares you, you don’t know where to start or you want to the help of a professional then I can get the results you are after by booking a consultation with me.

I encourage you to consider a period where you only shop your wardrobe – whether it’s a week, a month, or longer.  You may be surprised and delighted at what you discover.



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Animal instincts - how to wear coloured leopard print


I have written many blog posts about Leopard print over the years, for me it is one of the fail-safe prints that never goes out of style, out of fashion and always makes a statement. Over the years I have collected many pieces of Leopard print items for myself from coats, to shoes, to bags and a skirt, and I often advise clients to add the print into their wardrobe if in nothing more than accessories to liven up an evening outfit. This season Leopard print is having its moment in the spotlight and has been in every fashion magazine, glossy supplement and style website for the past month as it is a great transitional print and can update your outfit in an instant. But the tones in the Leopard do not suit everyone. If you are choosing a Leopard print that is predominantly stone then this can often drain you of any colour in your cheeks as it might not the right stone.


So know this for Autumn, fashion is really, really wild for animal print. Right now on the highstreet you can get Leopard print in an array of different colours so you can match your favourite print to your perfect colour. Why not go bright and zingy in your leopard print choices, you are already making a statement with the print so go that extra style mile and choose it in the right colour for you.

My 'SWAG BAG' that I took everywhere with me on holiday -  Scamp and Dude, £28.00

My 'SWAG BAG' that I took everywhere with me on holiday - Scamp and Dude, £28.00

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Here is my pick of how to do leopard the colourful way

1. Pink Leopard print satin dress, Ghost London, Next £165.00


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