Are you feeling over whelmed by the sheer volume of clothes in your wardrobe that you just don't wear? Do you say out loud on a daily basis "I have nothing to wear!"? Here I share my tips on how to successfully de-clutter your wardrobe as the New Year begins. My philosphy for wardrobe detoxing is; It's about getting rid of the stuff you don't wear, so you can easily see and get to the things you do like wearing.

TIP 1 - Make piles

You can detox by going through your wardrobe, taking things out and making piles in the following catagories:

(i) Things you have never worn- maybe the label is still on it?

(ii) Things you havent worn for a year

(iii) Things that have been worn to death

(iv) Things that are uncomfortable

TIP 2 - Set up a border in your wardrobe

Every time you wear something, put it on the right hand side of the border. After 3 months, consider those things on the left hand side, the land of Things You Don't Wear and those on the right, the land of Things You Wear. You now know you don't wear them. So unless they're seasonally inappropriate (in which case they should be in the loft with the rest of the summer clothes, right?), there's not much point in having them.

TIP 3 - Did you miss it?

Get your partner, husband or wife to hide a piece of clothing per week and see if you notice it is missing. If you didn't, you clearly didn't need it.

TIP 4 - Be careful

Don't throw something out you are going to regret later, like that vintage dress you brought 10 years ago. If you put something in a bag, out of sight, and then check three months later and you've genuinely missed it, re-instate it. But if the sight of it makes you laugh at your former self for impulse-buying such a ridiculous piece of clothing, let it go.

TIP 5 - Call me for an appointment

I can help you with your wardrobe detox and also show you outfit options with your current wardrobe, identify what staple pieces are missing and put you on the right track to being a more affective shopper.



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