Don't be scared...seriously...please read this blog post with an open mind and you will find that by the end, you will know the answer to this age old question.

Even I struggle to understand the meaning of what a "capsule wardrobe" is. Do we really aspire to have one like every fashion editor, retail director or style icon, who labours the point in interviews when talking about what their style is? According to these fashion insiders, it's a reasonably small, smart edit of key pieces worn on rotation for the entire season. The problem is in this country, season's are no longer appropriate to the busy modern day woman or Mum. So let's concentrate on the "key piece's"...

I am not about to tell you to go out every 3-4 months and buy the same white shirt, some black trousers in the newest cut, a fitted blazer and a pair of this season's flats. What a waste of money and how dull would that be?

What I am going to tell you to do, is my theory and practice on what a capsule wardrobe should contain. Creating your own capsule wardrobe is all about saving time. By editing your existing wardrobe into a few good outfits, chucking out the crap as you go along. Then not adding to the pile of stuff you'll never wear via weekly late night online shopping hits or sale-rail hijacks, you will transform your wardrobe and have a clearer head in the morning when getting dressed.

Having a wardrobe clear-out twice a year will help you get rid of the things that no longer fit and you perhaps haven't worn for the last 3-4 months. Streamlining your outfits that work with your lifestyle will mean more to you because we all live very different lives and have very different styles. You need to figure out what suits you, take your time trying things on and ensure they fit within your current wardrobe and dont be slavish to trends or price.

Feeling good in what you wear is what matters the most and gives you a great confidence boost.  Shopping in moderation, editing your wardrobe and being true to your style is the true meaning of what a capsule wardrobe is.

I'm here to help with all aspects of wardrobe clear-outs, style ruts and shopping disasters. I can help boost your confidence with have a colour session and change your life with a style session. Don't hesitate to call me for a free consultation now.


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