A new year always brings with it the desire to start fresh, and in order to do that, it's crucial to get rid of anything excessive or neglected that's just wasting space in your wardrobe.

As far as I'm concerned, de-cluttering your wardrobe should be a year round job, as a Image and wardrobe consultant that is what I advise clients to do. But that does not mean it gets any easier everytime you do it. Infact it can be quite an emotional process to go through and you often need someone to support you whilst you set upon this sometimes mammoth task.

Over the years I have honed my de-cluttering skills and can offer you some amazing ultimate wardrobe clearing tips:

Self questioning is the most important part of the process. The more honest you are with yourself the higher your success rate.                   Does it fit? Have I worn it in the last year? Is there a reason it still has labels on it? Do I think this looks good when I wear it?

Set yourself a goal. Get excited about the end result by setting targets for yourself as you go along. Look on pinterest for ideas on how you want to organise your wardrobe. Do you want all your shoes in boxes labelled? Do you need new hangers? Do you want it colour co-ordinated or outfit organised?

If you have certain items that you know you never wear, but you can’t quite part with, put them in a trash bag in the back of your closet. After several months, get rid of all the clothes that you’ve forgotten about. If you remember an item and fish it out to wear it, it’s a sign you should keep it.

Every time you wear something, put it on the right hand side of the border. After 3 months, consider those things on the left hand side, the land of Things You Don't Wear and those on the right, the land of Things You Do Wear. You now know you don't wear them.

If all else fails (or you're just in need of a final push), give me a call. I will be more than happy to help!

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