I have to admit that I really don't like the sales. Never have and suspect I never will. It gives me chills seeing all those lovingly produced garments, designed by someone, made by someone, fitted by someone, approved by someone to be sold in the store, to then be squashed and racked together looking old, knackered and past it's sell by date! I hate to break it to you, but it probably is past it's sell-by date and that's why I don't buy in the sales.

But if I do buy, I have some good reason's and some rules.

Here are my reason's for buying in the sales-

1. If I have had my eye on an outfit for an occasion such as a wedding or a party and cost per wear is higher then I will buy it knowing that I got it for a bargin and I will wear it to said occasion that's coming up.

2. The piece is a wardrobe icon - the investment piece. For example a leather biker jacket, a pair of black boots, a blazer jacket, that bag you love - something that you will wear time and time again and goes with everything in your wardrobe.

3. A summer holiday trend purchase that I know I will wear on the beach, with the kids in the holidays and if it's ruined after the season ends I know I have got my money out of it.


When it comes to sale shopping I am on it like a rocket when there is something that I want and I've had my eye on. I will not break. I have my sales rules and I stick to them.

Here are my rules when sales buying-

1. Would you buy it if it was full price? Be true to yourself!

2. Buy it if you can see yourself wearing it now, not next season but now.

3. Buy less! I only ever buy 2-3 things in the sale as the rest is just not worth the money.

So it is as simple as that. Change your mindset, sales are not about bargins, it's still about spending your money wisely whilst investing in your wardrobe.

With that in mind, having brought my outfit for the wedding I have coming up, I am now focusing on the 1 or 2 pieces I would like to add in for the summer holidays.

So here are my top pick's from the sales that you should be buying to wear now for the summer season -

1. Zara embroidered dress - was £39.99 now £25.99

What did you buy in the sales? Share with me here or on social media.

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