If you have an interest in what you wear, in style and in fashion then you’ve likely spent a fair amount of time reading magazine's, online articles or newspapers full styling tips, street style observations, and educated thoughts about the world of celebrity dressing.

It can all be a bit overwhelming at times, and it can be hard to know the right things to do all the time.

The good news, though, is that sometimes things are much simpler than all that. There are a few general style guidelines that some of the world’s smartest, sharpest, and most stylish women stick to. I tend to use these rules in general for myself and also with clients. They are so universally wise and helpful that I felt I had to share them with you.

1. Good fit is the most important feature for any wardrobe

You could have on the trendiest, most expensive outfit in the world—but if it doesn’t fit you properly, you’re not going to look stylish, and all your effort and money would have been wasted. Know your body shape and what suits your silhouette. This means that regardless of what's in or out, your purchases will still retain a good fit and will flatter your figure which will leave you looking fabulous. It's better to buy the right length skirts, jumpers and dresses than buy into short-term trends.

2. Buy timeless clothing that will always be in style to underpin your wardrobe

Think indigo denim, shirts, sweaters, blouses, stripe jersey tops, good knitwear, converse trainers, a good jacket, brogues or flats and a leather jacket. These items have always been in style and always will be – how you wear them may change but the items themselves will always be a safe bet. Jeans might be turned up one year & not the next but they’ll always be a wardrobe staple.  This doesn’t mean that you should always play it safe – colour, pattern and texture play an important role in bringing these items to life.

Also, with these items, always remember the next rule...

3.  Buy the best quality you can afford

The best quality items fit better, last longer and some cases will get better with age. Don’t be tempted by cheaper, throwaway items – 9 times out of 10 they don’t last. Invest in key items that you know you’ll get value from such as shoes and denim. Whereas a less expensive, on-trend pair of jeans is fine to grab every now and then, you really need quality denim in your wardrobe to last you from year to year.

4. Buy clothing that's flexible

Build your wardrobe around key items that are versatile and can be worn a number of different ways. A great example is a denim shirt. Worn with converse trainers, over a simple striped jersey dress and you’ve got a great, timeless casual look. Team up with some black skinny jeans, heel’s, a necklace and a smart blazer and you’ve got the perfect outfit for an evening out.

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