Tips on how to let go of unnecessary wardrobe clutter

I have been detoxing wardrobes for a number of years now and in this time I have come across some pretty crazy reasons as to why people hoard clothes. But there are three main ones that I come across time and time again that people use to justify their tendency to hoard. If you want to clear out your wardrobe, but feel over whelmed but the thought of starting the process then contact me now for my help.

If you can relate with these comments, then read on for my tips on how to tackle these reasons:



As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn an item in the past year it’s unlikely you’ll suddenly want to start wearing it again any time soon. But if you really can’t bear to part with a few of your pieces just yet, try this little trick: store them in a box under your bed (or anywhere but your wardrobe) for a trial separation. You can always retrieve an item if you want to, but it’s much more likely that you’ll forget about most of the stuff in that box after a few months, and you can then get rid of it during your next wardrobe detox. 



Pieces that remind you of a happy time in your life but that you no longer wear aren’t really clothes anymore. They are keepsakes so treat them as such. Store them in a designated place somewhere in your home, but not in your wardrobe. And remember, your memories aren’t attached to objects. 



Many people consider the act of not wearing or using something expensive, whether it’s a pair of shoes or a bottle of fancy shampoo, to be wasteful. But really the money is already spent, so there’s nothing left to waste, except for your energy and wardrobe space. The only way to recoup at least a portion of the money you originally invested in your clothes is to sell them. Selling un-wanted clothes is good for your wallet and the environment too. Not only are you keeping your old clothes from becoming landfill, you are also helping someone else buy used instead of new, which reduces the carbon footprint left yearly by the fast fashion industry. Every little helps!

If you want to clear out your wardrobe, but feel over whelmed but the thought of starting the process then contact me now for my help. Would you rather have a jam-packed wardrobe that you have to dig through each morning to find something to wear, or a smaller but perfectly curated wardrobe full of pieces you truly love? For me that’s an easy choice! By detoxing your wardrobe you will get rid of clutter, redefine your style and make a little money to spend on a few new key pieces for the season. 


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