I dislike sales. Every year the worst goes into the sales and even if they markdown the things you like you never feel like you are getting a real bargin. If you are getting a bargin then more often than not it won't last or you will go off it quickly. It's not always about investment pieces but making better choices when shopping the sales. This year I have brought a couple of items in the sales and I am sure with other retailers yet to go on sale there will be a few more. But I always make a list of things I want or need and try hard to stick with it, that way I have a purpose when browsing page after page of sale items (dull or what?!).

Last week a friend of mine said she went into Zara on the first day of sales, couldn't face the queues, stood in the store and ordered it all online there and then - genius! Some sales tips do work and I have blogged about them in the past. Things like; Don't buy anything you think you will slim into, don't buy it just because it is cheap and don't buy things because it looked good on someone else, chances are it might not look good on you! The only tip that never fails me is the list...I think about the things I wear regularly and make investment updates and also make last minute summer purchases that will see me through the next couple of months. The list focuses you and ensures you don't go off piste!

To inspire you to buy better in the sales, I have put a list of 5 things together that could be things that I would buy or have already brought in the sales-

1. The investment piece

My favourite sales purchase - the investment handbag. There is no better time to buy an expensive handbag with a cut price tag that you have been crushing on all season. This for me ticks all the boxes and I wear my Marc Jacobs black cross over bag all the time.

2. The Summer wardrobe update

Mid-range high street stores such as Whistles, Reiss, Hobbs, Karen Millen sometimes have as much as 50% off their higher than Zara price points. So now it the best time to get your last minute summer buys in better quality fabrics and cuts for half the price! You can't go wrong with a jumpsuit, it can be worn daytime or evening and looks fab on holiday.

3. The classic update

I have been searching for a breton stripe update all Summer in preparation for Autumn, but the perfect one is hard to come buy! I believe you shouldn't buy items lie breton stripes full price because they are no brainers and easy to pick up in the sale. The good thing about this classic in the sale is that you can go for an upgraded fabric that will last you longer than one from GAP or Zara.

4. Forward thinking item

It might seem bonkers buying a coat in Summer, but when you get to Autumn you will feel so smug you have a new coat and you got it for half the price than what will be out there instore! I have managed to buy coats in the sales a couple of times now and it pays off in the long run to forward think.

5. The 'it's so cheap, you can't say no' piece

Sometimes the best part about the sales is the fun pieces you can buy that are so cheap you just can't say no to them! Beware not to buy more than one thing, but don't hold back...if you love it then buy it! Here's mine...






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