At the beginning of every season I say to clients to write a list of 5 items that you need and/or want in your wardrobe for that season. Every season I share mine with you to give you inspiration for your list and to show you that by sticking to the list it can ensure a number of things -

1. Your wardrobe gets updated and so does your style every season.

2. You don't impulse buy because you only buy from your list.

3. Take your time making your list to ensure that you are making considered choices that are right for areas that are missing or need updating in your wardrobe.

4. You can stick to a budget when you have made your list, carefully costing through each item and therefore knowing what you can spend on your style that season.

5. The list keeps you focused and clear on how many new items you need as you do not need more than 5 to update your wardrobe if you have your wardrobe organised.

My list always has a mix of wardrobe staples I need to update because they are worn, outdated or generally need updating but will last a few years, with some trend/fast fashion items that might only serve their purpose for this season but I will wear and love for the next couple of months.

I have BIG LOVE for Autumn as I love the endless knitwear, coats, boots, scarves and layering styles you can produce out of only a handful of key items. I have already started buying my Autumn updates, if you haven't and you need help with your list or your shopping then contact me for a consultation or to book your online shop in for September and October.

My Autumn shopping List

1. Check blazer

Going to be the most versatile piece in my wardrobe this season, this check blazer from Mango, £69.99 will never be off my back!

2. Statement knitwear

I have BIG LOVE for this jumper from Hush, £130 and statement knitwear is always a good investment every season. I can't wait to wear this with jeans, skirts and over dresses.

3. Floral maxi dress

Autumn florals are hot again and I am hankering after a maxi dress to wear with flats now and boots and tights later, also layered up with chunky cardigans in Winter. This one from &other stories, £110, ticks all the boxes and will also look great with a leather biker.

4. Loafers

Featured on last week's blog post as an August update, I need some new loafers to wear with jeans and skirts this season, these ones have studs for the perfect style update from Topshop, £29.

5. Red Bag

I've been searching for the perfect red bag for months now, I think this one ticks all the boxes for my new season cross over bag update, JCrew, £128.00.



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