Every Summer season is the same, we moan about the weather, it takes us by surprise and then we don't know what to wear! Summer in the UK you have to be prepared for every eventuality and that means having knitwear, sweaters, jackets, vests, summer dresses and everything in between in your wardrobe! Sometimes this can be abit over whelming and most new clients don't know where to start with their Summer wardrobes.

Firstly by having a wardrobe detox you can then see what you have, what needs replacing and what is missing from your wardrobe that makes getting dressed everyday easy and a joy. I did just that this bank holiday weekend, it reminded me of the great pieces I have from years gone back, new things from last year and cleared out some older pieces that I perhaps didn't wear last year or didn't want to wear this year. 

I then made a list, I encourage all my clients to make a list each season and come up with five things that you want and that would complete your wardrobe. Maybe it's a new jacket, a new jumpsuit or a pair of trousers that can go with all your tops. Perhaps its replacing an old pair of wedges or you want a summer dress in a bright colour, whatever it is on your list write it down and commit to not deviating from the list. This way you are in control of your spending, in control of your wardrobe and building your style through informed choices rather than impulse buys.

I can now confidently be able to buy my pieces for my holiday and daily life knowing that they fit into my wardrobe and style seamlessly.

My Summer shopping list

1. Shorts - it's so hard to find a good pair of shorts! Not too short, a good fabric and that you can confidently walk out of the house in them, not just for holiday! These ones are from Hush, £45.00 and they also come in black.

2. A printed skirt - last Summer I was desperate for a midi printed skirt but never found the right one. This year &other stories has come up with this tropical inspired one, which is sadly out of stock now, not before I brought it though!


3. A embroidered summer dress - this season summer dresses are really hard to come by, I wanted something midi in length and with embroidery on it. I found this one from Mango and can't wait for it to arrive - Mango dress, £59.99

4. Something spotty - this is my on trend item of the season, I love spots and would love a spotty dress as I could also wear it in the winter with tights and trainers. I think this is the one I love the most from Oysho, but I am still keep my options open before I buy it, Oysho, £39.99

5. A new evening jumpsuit - i love jumpsuits but normally default to my black one in the evening so I wanted to get a bright coloured one for evenings on holiday or date night in the Summer. This one is from Zara, £69.99.

If you need any help with shopping for your Summer wardrobe then please contact me for a consultation.


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