Are you tired of impulse buying? Looking at your wardrobe and saying to yourself "I have nothing to wear!". Do you wonder around shops or websites aimlessly looking for something to jump out at you to buy but you don't know what that is? Have you fallen out of love with your clothes and style?

Well now is the BEST time to do a 'back to school sort out'!

September is on the horizon and with it comes back to school mentality, a new academic year and a new season of fashion. With the change in season, weather and no summer holidays to look forward to, it can give you a new-year state of mind. So, this new fashion year, in the spirit of new beginnings why don't you take a fresh new approach to your wardrobe and style. 

So rather than doing the usual supermarket add ins, the sweeps around Zara and Topshop every month and the constant online surfing at John Lewis and Next, take some time to assess what you have already got in your wardrobe. Work out what you can wear this coming season, what you can pack away for later and what you need to buy out of necessity and/or love.

The benefits of assesing your wardrobe in this way range from monatary, saving you money on items that you don't need. It also gives you a focus on what to buy, writing a list of what is missing to make your wardrobe work that you constantly adhere to ensures you look at websites / go shopping less. Clearing out clears the mind and gives you a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Also it’s the easiest way to work out what you already have and what gaps there are to fill.





I knew I had to make a change. I was wearing the same clothes to work every week and felt no affection towards my wardrobe whatsoever. Everything was old, or boring, or really ‘last season’. The only thing that would make me feel mildly better was buying new clothes, which would just fuel the anger again after a few weeks.
— Chloe, 39

If you embark on some new season detox, here are 5 top tips to consider when doing so -

1. Ask yourself some hard questions, for example

  • How did I feel the last time I wore it?
  • Do I need to be a certain weight to fit into it?
  • Does it look tired or have any wear and tear?
  • Is it the image I really want to portray of myself?

2. Treat your wardrobe like a capsule collection

What I mean is a 'working wardrobe' for you and your lifestyle. Essentially, it should be 30-40 pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create a feast of outfits that are right for you. Over time you should build a carefully-edited capsule collection of your signature pieces. 

3. Be Ruthless

Easier said than done, we know, but having a good clear out means it’s time to get strict. For starters, the rule of when you last wore something might sound cliché but it works; if you haven’t worn something in the last six months then it’s time to say goodbye.

4. Donate

It’s really helpful to create separate piles when deciding what to keep, give to charity, sell or recycle. But while some more expensive pieces might be worth shifting online, selling your duds might not be the best option. Instead, avoid unwanted clothes slowly creeping their way back into your wardrobe and just donate to somewhere they’ll prove more useful or drop at a textile recycling point. 

5. Establish new rules

Now that you’ve successfully cut down your clothing, it’s important to make sure your wardrobe doesn’t become suffocated by clutter once more. To do this you need to establish a new set of rules for when you go shopping.


As a style consultant I’m continually assessing and refining my wardrobe – not in an obsessive, expensive way, or for Instagram, just to keep in tune with what’s going on. Items that are no longer worn go to charity, and I do try to practice the only buy if you love it rule. And every season I make a list of my wants and needs and stick to it. With an expert eye with years of experience, sometimes it takes an outsider with a more objective view to sort things out properly. Email now for a consultation -


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