As we enter a new year, often it comes with new beginnings, new resolutions and a renewed vigour to change things in our lives for the better. With that in mind many of us think about our style, our wardrobe and the role that our fashion choices play in our everyday lives.

Why do we care about our clothes at all? Why don’t we all just wear old comfy sweatshirts and baggy trousers? Why does it play such an essential role in the lives of so many of us?

Many people love fashion simply because it’s a fun creative outlet but whether or not you are into fashion, your clothes say something…our clothes reflect our personality and tell a story to the outside world of the person that we are, or perhaps that we want to be. Because whilst clothes aren’t just a mirror of yourself, they also have the power to transform; the sleek black blazer that you put on whenever you want to feel extra confident at work; the vintage floral skirt that’s bright & eye-catching it always cheers you up; or that wicked pair of heels that make you feel fabulous on a night out. That power can also affect you negatively. For example you might always reach for dark, shapeless clothes to ‘hide’ from the world when you are having a bad day. Therefore instead of your clothes making you feel good they are reinforcing your bad emotions.

The clothes we were make a statement about ourselves. We all use what’s on the outside to make judgements about what’s on the inside, subconsciously or not. Wearing clothes that don’t match our inner selves can feel strange, uncomfortable and make us deeply unhappy. There might be nothing wrong with the clothes themselves but chances are if you are not happy wearing them then they don’t line up with your personal style.


What is personal style anyway?

Your style is a mixture of your likes, a reflection of your experiences and associations you have picked up over the years. That is why personal style can evolve, you are not born with it. As you go through life you collect new experiences; you red, watch movies and discover new things, your values may change and so might your lifestyle. But once you have truly discovered what you like and don’t like, that preference for a certain aesthetic is likely to remain stable and become your baseline for all future style decisions.

To discover your style you need to be inspired

Making a start on discovering your style can be daunting but as long as you are open to change and inspired to make that change, then collecting inspiration should be fun.

Start by finding out your individual colour preferences based on your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. This becomes the base of your wardrobe and will shape your style as you begin to understand which colours suit you the most. You will see how the colours blend together in a palette making shopping and putting outfits together alot easier in everyday life.


Get to know your body shape by trying on what you have in your wardrobe or go out shopping and really look at the silhouettes you are wearing. Are they flattering for your figure? Are you scared of a high waisted jean? What type of neckline is right for you? When it comes to the silhouette of an outfit, an extra inch of length can make all the difference.


Think about the materials of the clothes you are buying. Is is good quality, cheap and something that will last? Do you have to wear tops underneath them as they are too sheer and therefore puts you off wearing them? Think about the textures and fabrics, this is essential when making decisions on your style and buying new items.

photo of velvet.JPG

Building a chic outfit is not just about what you wear, but also how you wear it. A couple of styling tricks and techniques can transform even the plainest old t-shirt and jeans combo into a great look. So as you look for inspiration, take note of all the little details such as tucking in shirts, accessorising a maxi dress or what jackets to wear with jeans.

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Like everything in life, styling takes practice

It takes time to train your eye, experiment with different pieces and develop a sense of style that feels effortless. It takes time to figure out which types of pieces work best for your lifestyle and to curate a versatile wardrobe. But it can be done! And if you want great style, to feel good about yourself and a wardrobe that reflects that then you need to put in the work. But the good news is that no matter what your wardrobe looks like right now, you can get it back in shape and have fun doing so. Working with me we can cultivate a strong personal style, even if right now you have no idea what that could possibly be. All it takes is one consultation, a little bit of effort, lots of tips and techniques and a whole lot of happiness at the end.


If you are ready to build your best wardrobe yet and find your personal style then you need to book my style consultation package. Email me for more information - nina@ edits-styling.com


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