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say hi to the dress that suits every figure

Diane Von Furstenberg claims the wrap dress suits every woman. And fabric depending I think this is true.

If I said to you "wrap dress", what would be the first thing that sprang to mind? Would you think "sleek and versatile", or would you think "frumpy maternity wear"? You might find that the fluid construction of a jersey wrap dress like a DVF one clings to all your lumps and bumps, but yet a tailored structured fabric wrap dress can neaten your outline and create a vertical line. It will depend on the fabric to flatter you the most.

A wrap dress shape nips you in at the waist, flattering curves and accentuating the best parts of your figure. It is the ideal dress shape for women with curves but equally women who want to create a waist due to their body shape being straight up and down or perhaps very athletic. 

When choosing a flattering wrap dress, there are several things that you should be taking into account, including colour and style. However, for this particular style of dress, fabric is of utmost importance because it may truly make or break the look of a wrap dress. Most maternity wrap dresses are made in heavy jersey and are perfect for maternity wear, so if you are not pregnant then be wary of buying one in this fabric. Chiffon and cotton based fabrics are lightweight and ideal for warm weather and wrap dresses made from lace or velvet are perfect for a night out. In order to be flattering, wrap dresses need to fall nicely and fit right around the bust area especially. A wrap dress chosen in a size that fits perfectly can do wonders for bustier women, as it may enhance the bust while making the waist look slimmer and the stomach flatter.

Wrap dresses are going to be a key shape this Autumn Winter (you've heard it here first!) with many fashion retailers selling them already. They are perfect for day to evening looks and I am sure I will be styling them up over the coming weeks. So don't think it's a look reserved for Kate Middleton, as this dress shape could end up being 'THE' dress shape for you for years to come. 

Here is my pick of the best wrap dresses out there -

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Edits dress code- Summer Christening

I'm currently in the middle of organising my little one's Christening in the summer. I also have the honour of being Godmother to my lovely friend's daughter Niamh in May. So with two very important Christening's coming up in the next few months, it got me thinking; what do you wear to a Christening?

It's not a formal event as a wedding would be, but it's not a casual party as there's a Church involved. So what is the perfect dress code for a summer Christening? Here are my thoughts:

  • A lightweight day dress is almost certainly going to be appropriate
  • Choose a luxe fabric like silk, lace panelling and brocade but stay away from chiffon which may look too eveningy
  • A floral print, dot or small motif always looks appropriate and romantic
  • Don't overdo it with accessories
  • Think about skirt length and arm coverage when going to a religious ceremony
  • Stay away from white (too bridal) and black (too evening) think colour instead
  • Have a coloured blazer, printed jacket or wrap on hand for the ceremony or if it gets cold at the reception

Here are my top 5 Christening dresses-

1. Finery London, Printed lace shirt dress, £69

2. Whistles, Bloomsbury print bodycon dress, £150.00

3. Diane Von Furstenberg, Meghan dress, Selfridges, £345.00

4. French Connection, Freida Flower warp dress, £130.00

5. Iris & Ink, Fi crepe dress,, £155.00

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