Edits-Styling offers a range of style packages to improve the confidence and impact of your employees in the workplace; enhance their career success, and help set your company apart from the competition.  

The corporate styling masterclasses are perfect for team building days, inductions or as group workshops and are tailored to suit your needs. In addition to the styling masterclass I work in partnership with a make-up artist and a hairdresser to ensure your team look perfectly presented and reflecting the right corporate image at all times. 


Get your employees bonding and looking more presentable with our stylish team building events and workshops. As well as a lot of fun they give you a real insight into what styles, colours and looks work for ones shape and how to dress to maximise presence and impact.

The sessions are inspiring, interactive and are proven to boost confidence within the workplace. A team in business suits or uniform can look incredible once they are aware of how to wear their work clothes for maximum client impact and creating the best first impression.

From showing them how to look stylish and dressing for your age to improving their grooming habits, we will ensure that the professionalism and presentation of your staff is unrivalled.

In just a few short hours we can give your entire workforce an image and styling boost that will improve the quality and appearance of your company.

My team of consultants will fine-tune your corporate styling identity, enabling your staff to deliver a modern, professional streamlined appearance to your clients.



Clothes can be used to create a powerful presence, reflecting your personal brand, position and the image of your organisation. Investing in your personal appearance is key to helping others perceive us correctly. Thinking carefully about your personal grooming helps boost self-confidence and strengthens the confidence others have in us.

The work place is a competitive environment where we may be judged many times a day, often before we have even spoken. Research has proven that when we have confidence in our appearance, we have confidence in ourselves; when we feel self-confident we perform better; when we know that others appreciate our appearance then our self-confidence increases further. We should all take the time to consider our clothes as strategic assets to ensure they give us maximum advantage.

Professional corporate styling is an invaluable investment. I understand the importance of style and passionately believe that projecting the right image within the working environment is key to a successful career.

Group Sessions: Dress for success

These workshops give your employees the tools to dress for impact. Each workshop is bespoke and designed according to the needs of the organisation and the group attending, for example:

  • How to create a professional image

  • Dressing for your body shape

  • Key items for your work wardrobe essentials

  • What accessories you need and how to style them.

One-to-One Sessions: Personal impact styling

These one-to-one sessions offer a more bespoke service tailored to the specific needs of each individual. They advise on all aspects of work wear and dressing for success including how to dress for your body shape and how to choose the right brands.

This one-to-one experience is a perfect partner to our group sessions, or as a stand-alone service. 



Hosting events where clients and colleagues can network, have fun - and take away style advice and tips from experts that will last a lifetime. It's a great way of building relationships, boosting self esteem and improving self image at the same time.

All events to be fun, informative and interactive. Here are examples of fashion and styling topics that can be covered:

  • Trends for the season and how to wear them

  • Wardrobe essentials / Key items

  • How to make the most of your body shape

  • Accessorising

  • How to style your wardrobe

  • What to wear for specific work situations e.g. boardroom, pitching, negotiating, smart casual dressing.


As part of the event we suggest adding on make-up advise and hair tutorials, which will cover

  • How to wear appropriate make-up for the office

  • What you should have in your make-up bag

  • Personal grooming tips

  • Tutorials on hair for women


Each event is tailored to meet your needs and is perfect for:

  • Team Building, Grooming or Incentives for Employees

  • Boutiques

  • Charity Events

  • Women's groups