One of the most frequent questions I get asked from clients, friends and relatives is "How can I look stylish everyday?". There is a theory that no matter what you do in life, you are always communicating something. Body language experts have built entire careers on this theory—as have stylists. They believe that your outfit is not simply a thing with a certain aesthetic appeal; it’s a form of self-expression. Your clothing says something to those around you, whether you intend for it to or not, so it’s best to approach dressing with some form of intention. 

If you are an avid fashionista or you like dipping your toe into current trends, or want to update your image and don't know where to start...there are alot of overwhelming styling tips out there and it can be hard to know the right things to do for everyday dressing.

The good news is that my 5 top style rules make it alot simplier.

1. Tiny Tricks

Seemingly tiny tricks can totally change your look. Something as simple as tucking your shirt in, rolling up your chinos or putting a belt round your dress can have a huge impact on your style.

2. A great pair

Investing in a great pair of jeans will pay you back 10 fold. Whilst cheap on trend styles are fine to grab, a wardrobe staple jean is definately worth investing in and will stay with you year after year.

3. Your signature

One MUST have a style signature. Whether it’s a gold bangle you always wear or the fact that you always choose boyfriend jeans over skinnies, figure out what one thing defines your own personal style, and stick with it—until you want to change it, and then feel free to do so.

4. Fit

Is the most important thing. You could have on the trendiest, most expensive outfit in the world—but if it doesn’t fit you properly, you’re not going to look stylish, and all your effort and money would have been wasted.

5. Playing with trends

There are right places and wrong places to try out trends. If you’re attending a relative’s wedding, it might not be the best time to bust out those Birkenstocks. But on a night out with your friends, it could be the perfect time to wear that suede fringe mini skirt.


and finally...

There are many things a personal stylist can do for you to either update your image or style and if you don't know where to start I can send in the right direction. Over come those fears that you may be thinking about because I am here to help and will do in a friendly, approachble and easy manner.

  • It might be that you don't have the money to go shopping. I can use your existing collection of clothes to mix and match and create new outfits in a way tha you probably wouldn't think to do so.
  • You might want to update your image but don't really know what style you want. Once I've got to know abit more about your personality and lifestyle, I will start to get a sense of the person you are and get an idea of what style will work for you. I can help you build up an idea of what you like and we can use that to influence your image overhaul.
  • You might be a full time Mum and feel like you've lost a sense of who you are and would like to get back to the old you! As a mum myself I can relate to this as I know what it feels like to have no time or energy for yourself. Our lives may have changed, but we are still the same person and confidence is the best accessory. After a session with me you will be a more updated and modern version of yourself with a new sense of style.
  • It might be that the thought of someone going through your wardorbe terrifies you! Don't worry, you don't need to feel embarrassed. I have seen wardrobes of all shapes, sizes and conditions and I am rarely surprised by what I find. I will never judge you based on how many and what clothes you own.

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