Cheers Britain for literally raining on our parade!

Was it just last week that I was putting suncream on, wearing sandles and had my sunglasses permentantly attached to my face? I can't even remember what it feels like to wear shorts anymore.

So far the summer holidays have brought us wet, grey and cold temperatures, and it's not stopping anytime soon. So I ask myself, can you buy lovely waterproof jackets and still look stylish?

It's something that's been on my radar for week's now, but where do you a buy a fashionable rain jacket without spending alot of money? I am sick of wearing completely inadequate jackets and I can't bear pulling out my North Face practical waterproof as I feel like I'm going hiking up a mountain or something!

So after much internet shopping investigating (thank-you google!), I have to report that you can buy lovely, nice rainproof jackets and be both chic and dry everyday. Having purchased mine for the wet week ahead, here are my 5 of the best ...

1. Zara water resistant jacket £29.99

2. ASOS trench in bonded cloth £75.00

3. Topshop yellow plastic rain mac £55.00

4. Stutterheim Stockholm Navy raincoat £200.00

5. GAP poncho £69.95

Check out my pinterest board for more style rainwear inspiration - What to wear when it rains!



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