Want a mid week shopping fix? Looking for something to brighten up these dull winter but looks like Spring days? Then look no further than investing in a piece that will see you from now through Spring, Summer and beyond...

We all need to go out and buy ourselves a bomber jacket.

Not because they are weather appropriate but because they are THE jacket you will want to wear all season and if we don’t get one now, all the good ones will be gone! Throughout fashion month, everyone from models, to fashion editors and style icons have been wearing the bomber jacket- even in freezing cold New York fashion week temperatures!

With some clever styling tricks I can show you how to wear this jacket now and once the temperatures rise your summer bomber jacket style will come along easily.

1. The easiest way to wear the bomber jacket now is to 'double jacket' it. Wear it zipped up under your roomy winter coat, but keeping the coat open so its just poking out underneath.

2. Layer up underneath with a chunky polo neck.

3. Make sure you are wearing your hat and scarf and pair with a Gucci inspired embroidered bomber jacket.

Or if like me, you like to 'style it your own way', then there's nothing wrong with borrowing your Husband's bomber jacket...

029 (2).JPG

For more bomber jacket styling ideas, check out my pinterest board - Spring 2016 bomber jackets

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