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This humble sneaker has long been owned by many of us and considered as one of our wardrobe staples. But should it be elevated to 'hero' due to it's ability to multi-task within our wardrobes? No longer a sports shoe, the classic Chuck Taylor has made it's way into the fashion mainstream. The timeless all-white sneaker is all the rage — again. Actually I don’t think it ever really went away. And just like denim jeans and the classic white shirt, the white sneaker is also ageless, classless and timeless. Just what every woman needs!

Last week Alexa Chung was seen on the beach with hers, gone are the Birkenstocks of last year, her old faithfuls went on holiday with her this year.

For several years now, a younger fashion set have ditched their predecessors’ love of stilettos for more sensible footwear — mostly sneakers — a trend coined as “normcore”. Needless to say the fashion industry, which often takes its cues from the street, has in recent seasons featured more athletic-inspired and the very on-trend sports luxe looks on the runways. As a consequence the traditional sports shoe has transformed into more contemporary versions and is being paired with everything from couture to casual.

So to prove how versatile they are, I set myself the challenge of whether my white converse high-tops can be worn with everything in my wardrobe, read on for the outcome....

1. Dungeree's + Converse = A timeless duo

2. Jumpsuit + converse = Will never go out of style

3. Jeans + sweater + converse = Relaxed weekend look

4. Trousers + converse = Sports luxe look

5. Flowery dress + converse = A match made in heaven

6. Tailored masculine pieces + converse = Most stylish at the office

7. Skirt + converse = A modern and stylish look

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