Going from one season to another is never easy work. No matter the size of your wardrobe, it will never be big enough to accommodate every item you have. You can't keep coats next to summer dresses as you will never be able to see what you have tucked away inside. Now is the time of year to store away your seasonal summer clothes otherwise where are you going to put that amazing Mango leopard printed jacket you just bought? It's time to make a choice, and I can help you make it a clever one!

Here are five steps to organize your wardrobe that I use when helping clients detox their wardrobes...

1. Organisation is key

You need to be able to see everything you have in your wardrobe otherwise you will just never wear it. Hang up the important pieces, maybe on the same hangers as it gives your wardrobe a calm vibe and also looks luxurious. Fold your jeans and stack them so you can see each one, and purge your t-shirt drawer as there will definitely be some squashed up tee's in there that you no longer wear.

2. Make three distinctions

Make three piles, what you are wearing, what you can’t wear this season and what you are (honestly) not going to wear again. Keep everything you wear every day, even if it’s only a few tops and jeans. Make a separate pile for things that aren’t seasonally appropriate anymore. Put away these things in a suitcase and store them until it starts to get warmer. Now, nicely fold the clothes you keep and tidy your wardrobe. It feels more spacious already right!

3. What do to with the clothes you don't wear

Some pieces may have some value left in them, depending on the brand so sell these pieces on Ebay or Facebook. A bit lazy? Your niece/sister/cousin will always be happy to have some of your clothes. Want to do a good deed? You can give your beloved clothes to a charity shop! All you have to do is walk in with the bag of clothes and hand it to the till.

4. Filling the gaps

Now you can see what you have in your wardrobe and you can identify any gaps that you need to fill to pull outfits together. Make a shopping list and stick to it. If you often spend money on things you don't end up wearing then shop smarter. Before buying a piece refer back to your list and be honest with yourself on whether you will actually wear it or not. If you do bring the item home, if after one week you haven't worn it, take it back to the shop before your refund expires. No shame, you have one month to decide, take advantage of that!

5. Less is more...

Even if you have a large wardrobe or even dressing room, you don't have to fill it. Go through your wardrobe every six months when the seasons are changing and asses whether you have worn the item or not. If not pack it away, sell it on Ebay or give it to charity - you will feel much better afterwards so it's a win win situation.

If you need help with organising your wardrobe then I have plenty of experience in editing wardrobes big and small, this is a recent testimonial from a client-

" I cannot recommend Nina highly enough!  We met last week to do my colours and then to de-tox my wardrobe and I feel so much better now about how I look.  I finally have a wardrobe of clothes that suit me and colours that complement me, rather than a hotchpotch of items gathered over many years that I will never wear again.  Nina was kind enough to be available for me on email when I went off to Westfield to get my "must-buys" from the list she gave me, giving me advice on items to avoid and her views on the colours I'd chosen.  I was stuck in a major rut until last week - my confidence had been rock-bottom and I just felt dowdy.  Now I feel energised and have the confidence to go bolder and to carve out a style for myself.  Thank you Nina! xx "

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