This week has certainly been chilly, but it's not yet Winter coat cold. So what do you wear in these in-between weeks that can keep you warm but also keep you looking stylish.

Jackets and coats are a huge weakness of mine, but I think are a necessity to have in your wardrobe for changing seasons. Jackets bring me great joy and having just counted them up in my wardrobe, all ... of them - which makes me sound like the Imelda Marcos of outerwear! But I honestly wear them all and some date back from over a decade ago.

From bombers, bikers, blazers and military jackets, I have got them all! But I love the versatility of a jacket, it can be worn over dresses, tops, jumpsuits or under heavier coats and scarves in the winter. They can pull a look together in seconds, and your jacket can be your statement piece that doesn't need to be thought over.

I love a jacket with some detailing on it like embroidery, brocade, sequins, something that really adds some style to your outfit. On the flipside a leather and a denim jacket will never go out of fashion and if you buy the right one for shape, length and colour then there will never be a need to buy a new one or update it.

Happily, this is the perfect moment for a good jacket – it’s cooled down to the point where you can keep it on all day, but we’ve got a few weeks yet before we have to we ensconce ourselves in parkas, fur coats and puffa jackets. I have been rotating my embroidered bomber, my khaki military jacket and my new leopard print biker from Mango for daily life, work and mum stuff.

If you fancy adding a jacket to your wardrobe, then see my pick of the best on the high street right now-

1. Topshop Velvet puffa jacket - £69


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