The start of the New Year is the perfect time to take stock and re-evaluate your personal style.  Resolutions don't have to be those dreaded things you make at the beginning of every year, only to be cast aside and forgotten. When it comes to fashion, committing to some new resolutions can help reinvigorate your personal style. Regardless of whether or not you feel like you're in a bit of a fashion rut, or you just want to take your style to the next level, 2018 is the year of making leaps.

Read my style resolutions to help your start your new year in style!


Everyday is your 'best day' 

This means not saving anything for best – life’s too short not to wear that amazing jumper, or go for dinner in that OTT dress. Embracing your special pieces will instantly change the way you see your wardrobe.

Don't be seduced by the sales

Let 2018 be the year you don’t buy that dress you’ll never wear just because it’s got a 50% off tag. I recommend adding to your basket online in advance of the sales, so you know you’re purchasing items you actually love.

Invest in accessories

From statement earrings to wow factor shoes, accessories were the star of the show in 2017. The perfect investment for colourphobes and black devotees, try investing in this season’s crop of must haves to easily transform simple looks to stylish outfits.

Wear more colour

Wearing the right colours that suit your skin tone can change your style, your wardrobe and your life. Knowing your colours improves your confidence when pulling outfits together and when shopping. It also gives you more ideas if you are stuck in a rut wearing black all the time. Break out of your black habit and get your colours done and change your outlook on colour forever.

Love your wardrobe & it will love you back

Hands up if you’re guilty of ‘the chair’? Stop throwing everything into a pile this year and, instead, take the time to fold things, hang them up, buy good hangers, head to the dry cleaners – making a little bit of effort will make your wardrobe last.

Try somewhere new

Whilst I love a high street bargin and will always be a Topshop girl at heart, it's always great to try new places to shop. Read my blog on where to find clothes you actually want to wear and get upto date on the new places to shop online.

Buy Less, buy clever

Make the most of your budget by spending more wisely on pieces that have a big impact on your wardrobe rather than buying throw away items in the sale.  Avoid impulse buying by delaying your purchase by a day, walk away from the shop, save the link or add it to your wish list and give yourself a chance to really think it through.


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