One of my New Year's resolutions was to curb my spending this year. Since starting my own business 4 years ago it is a skill I have honed and kept in check every season. But last season (Winter 2017), when I detoxed my Autumn / Winter wardrobe I realised that there were alot of pieces that had seen better days, that didn't fit anymore and that I had fallen out of love with.

So I took my own advice and ditched them from my wardrobe. But it meant I needed to reinvest in some key pieces such as knitwear, a new parka, some jeans and new winter accessories. That was great for my wardrobe, but bad for my visa card! It is fine to splurge on yourself when it is needed, when items are missing from your wardrobe, when you are re-gaining your style but the spending pattern can be hard to break away from once you have started.

I spend ALOT of time online shopping for clients and can easily fall into the trap of purchasing everything that I like. But after a good look in my wardrobe I realised that there is nothing I need for the next couple months whilst we are still in the cold months until I re-asses my wardrobe in the Spring. So that means I need to utilise what I have in my wardrobe for the next few weeks and try and bring old pieces back to life by mixing them with some of my newer pieces. 

This is the area where I know alot of your struggle with, day to day styling, making the older items in your wardrobe look new again. So I have pulled together some style tips to help when pulling together outfits and then I will give you some style inspiration of how I styled out the last 2 weeks with things in my wardrobe. So even if you feel like you’re in a wardrobe rut, approaching your old clothes with a fresh outlook can make you feel like you’ve just doubled your wardrobe.

1. Layering is key


2. Utilise everything in your wardrobe, including things you keep for 'best'


3. Wear skirts and dresses more


4. Use colour


Of course throughout the month I wobbled, shopping for clients and the onslaught of social media can be a killer when you love what you do and get excited when newness comes into stores. But I resisted and started a list of things that I wanted and instead of buying everything on the list I would see what happened when January ends and whether I still want those things or not. A seasonal list is something that I blog about and talk to my clients about alot, having a list keeps you focused, keeps your budget in check and ensures you are not buying things you really don't want or don't need in your wardrobe.

Here is my list and I can happily say I have brought one thing today on the 1st February as I realised it was missing from my wardrobe. The rest are firmly staying on the list and I will see out another month and if I get to the 1st March and I found I NEED it rather than WANT it I will buy it then. Having time to think about my purchase ensures that I am making the right decision. 

1. Black boot with a heel - Topshop magic ankle boots, now £50.00


4. Stripe embroidered knit - Whistles kiss embroidered knit, £89.00

5. Leopard print bag - Michael Kors, now £92.26


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