Every January I write a blog post on detoxing your wardrobe. It always feels like the perfect time to de-clutter after the chaos of Christmas. January is a month for taking stock and planning for the year ahead. Refocusing on yourself is a great resolution and by starting with your wardrobe it can give you a renewed sense of self confidence and excitement for the year ahead. Re-organising your wardrobe can be a daunting task, and despite knowing you’ll feel better once it’s done, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Start by giving yourself the time to do the detox, from my experience when working with clients I allow for 3 hours, but you might need more if you are on your own. Pull out everything that you want to go through, it might just be seasonal clothes or everything you own! Once you are ready to make a start you will need to ask yourself these questions when looking at the items in your wardrobe:

1. When was the last time I wore it?

2. Does it fit me?

3. What can I wear it with?

4. Does it need mending/altering/dry cleaning?

5. Do I love it?

There are many reasons why you might not have worn something for a long time and it's very tempting to hang onto clothes that remind us of a period in our lives, but your wardrobe should reflect the person your are now so LET THEM GO. Your wardrobe should reflect and represent your personal style, but if you are not sure what that is then starting with de-cluttering your wardrobe will help give you some direction. By loving everything you have in your wardrobe it will give you the confidence to own your own style and less of an effort when pulling outfits together. If styling isn't your strong point then having your wardrobe organised will make your wardrobe work harder for you so that getting dressed in the morning isn't as stressful.


If this still seems daunting, then hiring me, a Personal Stylist to help guide you through the process is one of the best investments you can make. Not only do I bring my creative eye to your wardrobe, giving life to your old clothes, I can also help you work through your wardrobe objectively. It’s very easy to underestimate the emotional connection we have to our clothes and having someone there to help make those decisions without judgement (and the desire to help you look and feel your best self) is an investment worth making. 

If you are still unsure then read Helen's testimonial that you can find on my website-

"I booked a ‘wardrobe detox’ with Nina. I was excited and nervous at the prospect but really wanted to give it a go. Nina advised me to gather all my clothes (even those lurking in boxes in the loft!) in order that we could do it properly. We spend 2.5 hours detoxing my wardrobe, Nina was brilliant providing lots of tips on colour, cut, fit, and material. She also helped me put together some new outfits from my wardrobe that I wouldn’t have thought of before. It was a very therapeutic exercise – I soon got into it and was quite ruthless – I ended up with 3 bin bags of clothes for the charity shop and a lot of empty hangers!"

If you would like some help with your wardrobe then book your detox with me now- nina@edits-styling.com



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