There is a difference between saying you hate everything in your wardrobe and owning items that actually make you feel sad. When it comes to your wardrobe, stocking it with items that make you happy should be a number one rule. If you agree, then you need to ask yourself why are you holding on to pieces that trigger feelings of insecurity, disappointment or the kind of nostalgia that hurts, such as trousers you used to fit into or gifts from someone special who is no longer in your life, or maternity wear that you no longer have a need for?

In my opinion, life is stressful enough, so when it comes to my wardrobe, I want it to be a place where I can temporarily escape to; one that makes me feel like the best version of my current self, and nothing else. Here, I break down the items I (not so easily) ditched from my wardrobe in order to make my life a happier one overall. From personal experience, I can tell you that letting go of the five types of items was not a walk in the park, but after ripping off the Band-Aid, I live a life that is generally more at peace with my style, I increased my self confidence as I now know the pieces I own fit and suit me, and I have less urges to buy new things all the time.

Go on to read about the items I ditched from my wardrobe that lead to a happier stress-free style!


I think it's safe to assume that most women (and men) keep that more than one article of clothing hidden away in their wardrobes that used to fit them, but no longer does. The intention behind keeping said item is to hopefully motivate yourself to trim down enough to fit into whatever it is. From personal experience, this tactic only stirs up negative feelings about your body, and no one wants that.

Instead, I recommend ditching those items. For me, it's my "too-skinny" jeans. I'm now investing in jeans that not only fit, but ones that make me feel more confident and happier with my body.

Jeans chuck out of skinnies that no longer or will never fit me again.

Jeans chuck out of skinnies that no longer or will never fit me again.



When I was younger I had tended to buy articles of clothing that require a lot of work to wear—fashion tape, cross-over bras, slips, etc. Or items that I can only wear to one type of event or holiday - that strapless ball gown or an over complicated top and skirt, that kind of thing that you end up never wearing again. These items always overwhelm me when I come across them, as I remember all the activities I imagined myself doing in them, but never actually did and all the extra items I had to buy to make them work. 

Once you get rid of these not so versatile items from you wardrobe, promise yourself to buy pieces that are a breeze to wear, uncomplicated and doesn't require a slip or cami top in every single colour you can think of.

Unrealistic ball gown that is never going to be worn again.

Unrealistic ball gown that is never going to be worn again.


We can all fall into that trap of accepting items from our Mothers, Mother-in-laws, sisters, friends but this is just a cycle of cluttering rather than making you feel good. They are handing you the items that they no longer want, so why would you want them? If it's a Burburry Mac, Chanel bag or a pair of Chloe boots I wouldn't say no, but your mother-in-laws purchase from Matalan 5 years ago, just isn't going to cut it with your style let alone your confidence.

Learn to say thanks and then bag it up for the charity shop. Don't feel bad about this, if they were going to chuck it out then there is no problem with you doing it for them. 


When it comes to nostalgia, I am someone who appreciates my memories more than the physical items that trigger those memories. But I have clients out there who love keeping their memories alive with items of clothing or gifts that have been given to them from a past relationship. Unless this is something you wear everyday, like a ring from your grandma for example, then keep them in a memory box. You don't want that cut up t-shirt from circa 1990 from your travels around Europe clogging up your wardrobe in the summer months, when you could be making room for something that fits and suits you.

If you make a memory box with items that bring back good memories then make sure you put it somewhere you will remember and won't throw out in the future.


When I am helping clients detox their wardrobes we often find items of clothing with a heavy layer of dust on them. Most commonly this is suits that women have worn in a past corporate life and are now either in a different job, are Mothers who don't work or just have no need for suits in their life. Don't hoard these in your wardrobe thinking one day if you go back to work in a corporate environment that you might drag those suits out of the back of your wardrobe, because inevitably you will buy yourself new clothes for your new job.

Think of all that space you will create by getting rid of all those old suits that by gathering dust they are no longer wearable anyway. 

Upto date suits, gathering no dust.

Upto date suits, gathering no dust.

By having the items we love the most in our wardrobes we are taking back control of our identities and have a wardrobe that serves your life and future goals. If you need help with reviewing what you have in your wardrobe and want to develop your signature style then please get in touch now to book your consultation with me.

Dreaming of an uncomplicated de-cluttered wardrobe.

Dreaming of an uncomplicated de-cluttered wardrobe.


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