I had sort of assumed that everyone loves jumpsuits as much as I do. Practical, easy and often chicer than some of their dress/trouser counterparts, an all-in-one has long been the thing I rely on for those moments when you need to look more dressed up than usual, but have absolutely no idea what to wear. But during many client consultations I am amazed at how women don't think about jumpsuits as their go-to outfit for an evening out, a wedding, an alternative to office wear or a summer garden party. They are so versatile and flattering, it works like a dress but removes all the worry about what goes with what.

I now feel it is my job on this earth to persuade any remaining resisters as to the power of the jumpsuit. I have clients in their thirties ranging to clients in their sixties who are addicted to the power of the jumpsuit. Why? Because it is the most youth-endowing item of clothing you can wear as you get older. 

The jumpsuit is a true wardrobe saviour, when wearing one you’ll fit into any sort of situation and/or dress code. Casual yet sophisticated it can be effortlessly dressed up for weddings and last minute parties or thrown on with trainers and a denim jacket for a chic, nonchalant look. During winter, layers are the way to justify braving an all-in-one, whether it be with an oversized jacket or fitted polo neck to add edge (and warmth!). The trick is to keep styling simple and let the jumpsuit itself make the statement

Most clients, after seeing that jumpsuits are not, in fact, the work of the devil but a cool, very flattering alternative to dresses and separates, concede that I am right. I’m not smug at all; in fact, I’m just so happy that another person has joined my jumpsuit fan club. So if you want to look both stylish and cool, be it for day or night, I hereby pledge that a jumpsuit will deliver!


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