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My style hero - the shirt

Q: What’s cooler than a classic cotton shirt? A: Nothing. Not one single thing.


Consider the mensy cotton button-down the sartorial bottom line. The wardrobe staple that is perhaps the most versatile piece you could ever own. Think trans-seasonal appeal, effortlessly timeless and the ability to up the cool factor of every look. Trust me, the boyish, crisp, cotton shirt is where it’s at.

For the past couple of seasons the shirt has been firmly on the fashion radar. I have been wearing shirts done up, rolled up, tucked in, over the top of pieces of clothing for a while now but wanted to update the look for next season. So I asked myself the question...


 What are the endless styling possibilities of a shirt?


Let me style the shirt into your everyday wear…

1. For a casual vibe leave the first 2 buttons undone and always roll your sleeves up with the cuff's undone. With abit of styling it can transform your whole look. By adding lots of necklaces and tucking it in, it instantly becomes a more thought-about look. Pair with denim for an instant off-duty win.

2. By doing the buttons up to the top, you are really stamping your style onto the shirt. Worn with boyfriend jeans, under dungaree's or tucked into a fab skirt, this look can see you through any formal occasion from weddings, to meeting girlfriends for lunch or important days at work.

3. Wear as a dress. Of course you need to make sure that the shirt you choose to wear covers your derrière before you leave the house! By adding a belt, big or small this gives your look some serious style and also adds shape the otherwise shapeless shirt. Add long chains, fab sandles and a clutch bag to this outfit and you can move effortlessly from daytime into an evening look.

4. Worn as a modern day beach cover-up, worn open over your bikini as an alternative to a beach kaftan. White and slightly see-through gives this classic shirt a chic update, but brightly coloured alternatives add a little sunshine to that beach wardrobe.

5. Mix it up! Wear with luxe fabrics such as sequins, silks and chiffons to dress down those fabulous statement piece's hiding in your wardrobe. Wearing this look will put you ahead of the fashion pack!

For a styling session with me, email me now for an appointment.

For more shirt inspiration, check out my pinterest board - my style hero


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Edits Styling long necklace obsession

We all love a fashion obsession and currently top of my list is long necklaces. This has been a recent obsession, a slower burner you might say. Erupting in the back of my mind a few weeks ago and now coming full frontal to the point where I am living every spare minute searching for THAT necklace that I will fall in love with and part with my money for!

It's all over...

I'm also in denial that...wait for it girls...big statement necklaces are out! After a number of season's of being the hottest thing ever, it's time to put the shiny stones away in their boxes and start hunting out the new trend of long necklaces.

Wear long necklaces layered with a tee, a denim shirt or a boho maxi dress. Which ever way you style it, this will be an item you will find a multitude of ways to wear and love.

Which one will you choose?

Top 5 Long necklaces

1.  J Crew Tassel gold-tone necklace, £80

2. Mango Bead Waterfall necklace, £19.99

3. Lulu Frost @ Matches Fashion, Art Deco necklace, £180

4. Isabel Marant @ net-a-porter, 2 gold bone necklaces, £165

5. Chan Luu @ net-a-porter, 2 gold thread necklaces, £185


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Edits dress code- Summer Christening

I'm currently in the middle of organising my little one's Christening in the summer. I also have the honour of being Godmother to my lovely friend's daughter Niamh in May. So with two very important Christening's coming up in the next few months, it got me thinking; what do you wear to a Christening?

It's not a formal event as a wedding would be, but it's not a casual party as there's a Church involved. So what is the perfect dress code for a summer Christening? Here are my thoughts:

  • A lightweight day dress is almost certainly going to be appropriate
  • Choose a luxe fabric like silk, lace panelling and brocade but stay away from chiffon which may look too eveningy
  • A floral print, dot or small motif always looks appropriate and romantic
  • Don't overdo it with accessories
  • Think about skirt length and arm coverage when going to a religious ceremony
  • Stay away from white (too bridal) and black (too evening) think colour instead
  • Have a coloured blazer, printed jacket or wrap on hand for the ceremony or if it gets cold at the reception

Here are my top 5 Christening dresses-

1. Finery London, Printed lace shirt dress, £69

2. Whistles, Bloomsbury print bodycon dress, £150.00

3. Diane Von Furstenberg, Meghan dress, Selfridges, £345.00

4. French Connection, Freida Flower warp dress, £130.00

5. Iris & Ink, Fi crepe dress,, £155.00

Visit my pinterest board to see more of my Christening inspiration!


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Edits guide to your top 5 Spring buys

It might surprise you to know I really haven’t bought many clothes in the last 18 months. I didn’t bother much whilst I was expecting and since having my 3rd baby it's taken a few months and a season change to get back into the swing of 'making an effort'.

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a wardrobe detox on my own wardrobe. I took into consideration all of the advice I give my clients and tried most things on to decipher if they were worth keeping.

After I had removed all the pieces that I realised I would never wear again, didn't fit my lifestyle anymore and had no sentimental value, I wrote myself a 'wish list' of new spring pieces to add into my newly streamlined wardrobe.

Whilst compiling my 'wish list' I also considered the realisation that what I purchase needs to be more practical than before, and that more than ever, I am looking for a flattering fit and good quality. “Quite nice” just won’t cut it anymore. Plus I just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend a small fortune on alterations. So what I purchase has to be right for me, here and now and will last with 3 boys around. But perhaps with a few sparkly things thrown in too...

These are the things on my 'wish list', why don't you share yours with me too?

Top 5 Spring Buys

1. Culottes, Vero Moda, Atterley Road, £28.00

2.  White Shirt, Zara, £39.99

3. Denim dress, asos, £40.00

4. Statement 70s jacket, River Island, £60.00

5. denim dungerees, Paige Denim, Selfridges, £315.00


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