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How to wear clashing colours

One of the big trends for 2019 that has been bubbling under for a few seasons is the art of clashing bright colours in one outfit. So whilst there are lots of khaki’s, rusts, browns and mustard’s around for utility is a big trend for this year, these clashing bright colours is the antipodean of utilitarian chic.


If it’s been a while since you embraced head-to-toe colour, step into the bright. The good news is that so long as you pick your shades carefully, you really can’t go wrong. And this is not about needing to buy a host of colourful clothes – I bet you’ve already got enough colour in your wardrobe to pull off a stylish clashing outfit. Creating great style often means breaking the fashion rules. Colours that clash can be worn together to design vibrant, eye-catching looks and styling. The only rules for mastering this look? Skip subtle pieces and stick with bold statement items.

Here I have some colour clashing ideas to inspire you to break the black habit.

For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board - clashing colours 2019


Pink & Green

Try pairing green and pink together, and you might be surprised by how well-suited these two colours are. These two colours create a vibrant, eye catching combination that just works. For tricky colour clashes like these, use a darker contrasting colour to add a few little break up the look - for example black and white.

Orange & Pink

This combo is anything but subtle. While a pair of hot pink trousers and an oversized tangerine top might not sound like they’d work together, they actually look modern and cool. These vibrant tones hit it off together in a seriously bold way.



Red & Pink

Wearing red and pink together was once considered a fashion faux pas; now it's one of the coolest colour pairings. Valentino, Gucci, Céline and Balenciaga all sent red and pink looks down the runway last season. As did Victoria Beckham, who wore her a fresh-off-the-runway raspberry and maroon ensemble to run errands.

Tonal brights

The easiest way to ensure your enthusiasm for colour comes over as effortless (rather than – oh, the horror – matchy-matchy) is to wear the same shades in different textures. Mix wool and cotton with velvet, silk and suede. The point is that if it’s all in a similar colour then the fabrics will play very nicely together. And then don’t be afraid to add clashing accessories.  



Block colours

When you switch to block colours and forgo prints, the cut and fit of your clothing really come into their own. Meaning, you need to think about how the shapes of your clothes work together. As a general rule when you’re putting clothes together, if one part of the outfit is oversized or billowing then pair it with something tailored or fitted to achieve balance.

Whilst its all about re thinking the fashion rule book, ensuring you know which colours suit you the most comes before the styling. It is important to understand the right colours for your skin type, hair and eye colour, then we can identify the colours that suit you the best. We can then use these in your wardrobe, styling and shopping and you can start to feel confident about bringing colour back into your life. Don’t be shy about pairing different colours together you might not normally think about, just ensure that those colours are ‘right’ for you.

Shopping inspiration for bright clashing colours

  1. Whistles, Green ash full leg trousers, £139

If you want more information about colour analysis or styling head to the services pages or contact me for a consultation -


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my five piece rule

One of the many reasons for detoxing your wardrobe is to slimline the amount of clothes you have. Often when helping a client, we will find the strangest things lurking in the bottom and back of their wardrobes! Items that perhaps haven't seen the light of day for years, items that have holes in them, items that no longer fit and the worst culprit of them all, old maternity items that are no longer of any use to anyone!

All of the above has to go!

But what happens after the de-clutter? How do you go about re-building your wardrobe?

Well I have the answer.

It’s all about building a wardrobe methodically and mathematically - My five piece rule...this is my formula for building the perfect 'working' wardrobe. The concept is pretty simple: start with a fabulous collection of good basics, spending more on the items you will wear most often and that will go with everything. Then, each season, invest in just five fashion‑forward statement pieces to update your look. The idea is that limiting your choice will make you think more about what you buy, so there will be fewer regrettable impulse purchases. Plus, you can invest more in high-quality pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

So now is the time to make your five piece list for Spring Summer. Think about your budget and stick to it and by writing the items down you can always refer back it to throughout the season - it will ensure you don't impulse buy without consulting your list first.

If you need some inspiration, here is my Spring Summer five piece list (some of which I have already brought!).

1. A statement Jacket - this is something that can be worn daytime with a t-shirt or evening with a slip vest. Embroidered jacket - Zara £69.99

2. Mirrored sunglasses - the newest trend in sunglasses is with mirrored lenses. Illesteva Leonard Tortoise with blue lenses - Oxygen boutique £175.00

3. Culottes - these will be perfect for the summer in the daytime as a substitute to jeans in the warm weather. I still haven't found my perfect pair as I don't want them too wide and I want them in a quality fabric, so here is how I would style them. See my pinterest board - Culotte's styling 2016

4. Stripe jumpsuit - been on my list since the beginning of the year and I still love it, tells me that it will be a definate purchase when it's nearer holiday time. Stripe cotton jumpsuit - Mango £39.99

5. Lace up sandles - this year it's all about tying up the leg with your flat sandles, I fancy a coloured pair on my feet, currently lusting after these pair from Aquazzura at Selfridges but at £415.00 for the pair need to find a cheaper high street version!


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Edits dress code- Summer Christening

I'm currently in the middle of organising my little one's Christening in the summer. I also have the honour of being Godmother to my lovely friend's daughter Niamh in May. So with two very important Christening's coming up in the next few months, it got me thinking; what do you wear to a Christening?

It's not a formal event as a wedding would be, but it's not a casual party as there's a Church involved. So what is the perfect dress code for a summer Christening? Here are my thoughts:

  • A lightweight day dress is almost certainly going to be appropriate
  • Choose a luxe fabric like silk, lace panelling and brocade but stay away from chiffon which may look too eveningy
  • A floral print, dot or small motif always looks appropriate and romantic
  • Don't overdo it with accessories
  • Think about skirt length and arm coverage when going to a religious ceremony
  • Stay away from white (too bridal) and black (too evening) think colour instead
  • Have a coloured blazer, printed jacket or wrap on hand for the ceremony or if it gets cold at the reception

Here are my top 5 Christening dresses-

1. Finery London, Printed lace shirt dress, £69

2. Whistles, Bloomsbury print bodycon dress, £150.00

3. Diane Von Furstenberg, Meghan dress, Selfridges, £345.00

4. French Connection, Freida Flower warp dress, £130.00

5. Iris & Ink, Fi crepe dress,, £155.00

Visit my pinterest board to see more of my Christening inspiration!


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Edits guide to your top 5 Spring buys

It might surprise you to know I really haven’t bought many clothes in the last 18 months. I didn’t bother much whilst I was expecting and since having my 3rd baby it's taken a few months and a season change to get back into the swing of 'making an effort'.

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a wardrobe detox on my own wardrobe. I took into consideration all of the advice I give my clients and tried most things on to decipher if they were worth keeping.

After I had removed all the pieces that I realised I would never wear again, didn't fit my lifestyle anymore and had no sentimental value, I wrote myself a 'wish list' of new spring pieces to add into my newly streamlined wardrobe.

Whilst compiling my 'wish list' I also considered the realisation that what I purchase needs to be more practical than before, and that more than ever, I am looking for a flattering fit and good quality. “Quite nice” just won’t cut it anymore. Plus I just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend a small fortune on alterations. So what I purchase has to be right for me, here and now and will last with 3 boys around. But perhaps with a few sparkly things thrown in too...

These are the things on my 'wish list', why don't you share yours with me too?

Top 5 Spring Buys

1. Culottes, Vero Moda, Atterley Road, £28.00

2.  White Shirt, Zara, £39.99

3. Denim dress, asos, £40.00

4. Statement 70s jacket, River Island, £60.00

5. denim dungerees, Paige Denim, Selfridges, £315.00


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