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what you need now in your wardrobe

This week has certainly been chilly, but it's not yet Winter coat cold. So what do you wear in these in-between weeks that can keep you warm but also keep you looking stylish.

Jackets and coats are a huge weakness of mine, but I think are a necessity to have in your wardrobe for changing seasons. Jackets bring me great joy and having just counted them up in my wardrobe, all ... of them - which makes me sound like the Imelda Marcos of outerwear! But I honestly wear them all and some date back from over a decade ago.

From bombers, bikers, blazers and military jackets, I have got them all! But I love the versatility of a jacket, it can be worn over dresses, tops, jumpsuits or under heavier coats and scarves in the winter. They can pull a look together in seconds, and your jacket can be your statement piece that doesn't need to be thought over.

I love a jacket with some detailing on it like embroidery, brocade, sequins, something that really adds some style to your outfit. On the flipside a leather and a denim jacket will never go out of fashion and if you buy the right one for shape, length and colour then there will never be a need to buy a new one or update it.

Happily, this is the perfect moment for a good jacket – it’s cooled down to the point where you can keep it on all day, but we’ve got a few weeks yet before we have to we ensconce ourselves in parkas, fur coats and puffa jackets. I have been rotating my embroidered bomber, my khaki military jacket and my new leopard print biker from Mango for daily life, work and mum stuff.

If you fancy adding a jacket to your wardrobe, then see my pick of the best on the high street right now-

1. Topshop Velvet puffa jacket - £69


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my five piece rule

One of the many reasons for detoxing your wardrobe is to slimline the amount of clothes you have. Often when helping a client, we will find the strangest things lurking in the bottom and back of their wardrobes! Items that perhaps haven't seen the light of day for years, items that have holes in them, items that no longer fit and the worst culprit of them all, old maternity items that are no longer of any use to anyone!

All of the above has to go!

But what happens after the de-clutter? How do you go about re-building your wardrobe?

Well I have the answer.

It’s all about building a wardrobe methodically and mathematically - My five piece rule...this is my formula for building the perfect 'working' wardrobe. The concept is pretty simple: start with a fabulous collection of good basics, spending more on the items you will wear most often and that will go with everything. Then, each season, invest in just five fashion‑forward statement pieces to update your look. The idea is that limiting your choice will make you think more about what you buy, so there will be fewer regrettable impulse purchases. Plus, you can invest more in high-quality pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

So now is the time to make your five piece list for Spring Summer. Think about your budget and stick to it and by writing the items down you can always refer back it to throughout the season - it will ensure you don't impulse buy without consulting your list first.

If you need some inspiration, here is my Spring Summer five piece list (some of which I have already brought!).

1. A statement Jacket - this is something that can be worn daytime with a t-shirt or evening with a slip vest. Embroidered jacket - Zara £69.99

2. Mirrored sunglasses - the newest trend in sunglasses is with mirrored lenses. Illesteva Leonard Tortoise with blue lenses - Oxygen boutique £175.00

3. Culottes - these will be perfect for the summer in the daytime as a substitute to jeans in the warm weather. I still haven't found my perfect pair as I don't want them too wide and I want them in a quality fabric, so here is how I would style them. See my pinterest board - Culotte's styling 2016

4. Stripe jumpsuit - been on my list since the beginning of the year and I still love it, tells me that it will be a definate purchase when it's nearer holiday time. Stripe cotton jumpsuit - Mango £39.99

5. Lace up sandles - this year it's all about tying up the leg with your flat sandles, I fancy a coloured pair on my feet, currently lusting after these pair from Aquazzura at Selfridges but at £415.00 for the pair need to find a cheaper high street version!


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how to wear spring's key jacket now

Want a mid week shopping fix? Looking for something to brighten up these dull winter but looks like Spring days? Then look no further than investing in a piece that will see you from now through Spring, Summer and beyond...

We all need to go out and buy ourselves a bomber jacket.

Not because they are weather appropriate but because they are THE jacket you will want to wear all season and if we don’t get one now, all the good ones will be gone! Throughout fashion month, everyone from models, to fashion editors and style icons have been wearing the bomber jacket- even in freezing cold New York fashion week temperatures!

With some clever styling tricks I can show you how to wear this jacket now and once the temperatures rise your summer bomber jacket style will come along easily.

1. The easiest way to wear the bomber jacket now is to 'double jacket' it. Wear it zipped up under your roomy winter coat, but keeping the coat open so its just poking out underneath.

2. Layer up underneath with a chunky polo neck.

3. Make sure you are wearing your hat and scarf and pair with a Gucci inspired embroidered bomber jacket.

Or if like me, you like to 'style it your own way', then there's nothing wrong with borrowing your Husband's bomber jacket...

029 (2).JPG

For more bomber jacket styling ideas, check out my pinterest board - Spring 2016 bomber jackets


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My tips on how to dress for the party season

This time of year is always crazy busy, just navigating your way through the diary is enough to drive you to alcohol before 10am on a weekday! Let alone having to think about and plan what to wear for the many events or night's out you have in the coming weeks.

So, in effort to avoid the pull towards buying new elaborate party pieces that only make an appearance in the festive season, I have vowed to not buy anything new and re-use what I already have in my wardrobe. If you invest wisely in your wardrobe throughout the year, there should be plenty of style staples that can be pulled out time and time again and updated with accessories or pulled together in different ways that it looks fresh again.

Read my top tips below in what to invest in and how to pull the look together for an altogether stylish party season...tell me what your favourite piece is?


I have to confess I love a good jacket! I have lots of them in my wardrobe that transcend any trend, any season and any style in the calender. From a black tux to a printed cropped jacket, a mannish blazer and an all over sequin number, I'm always on the lookout for one that's versatile for my wardrobe. In summer, pair over a t-shirt and come winter it’s the perfect party cover up. You can throw it over a shirt or statement top, alternatively, as I’ve done here, smarten up a basic slip vest and jeans. I like the way it nips in my waist and covers my arms no matter what I am wearing underneath.


Jumpsuits have been my party-wear favourite for the past couple of years and it doesn't look like the trend is slowing down. So if you haven't 'jumped in' head first and invested in one yet, now is the time to do it, as you will get loads of wear out of it this party season and throughout the summer teamed with flat sandles and a denim jacket. Jumpsuits are universally flattering and I guarantee you'll find one to suit your body shape. Also – and this is a massive plus – wearing trousers in a room full of dresses makes me feel kick-ass.  For this look I am wearing my @topshop boutique black belted jumpsuit with metallic accessories to style it up for evening.


I got my faux fur coat from @riverisland about 10 years ago now and every year I bring it out in the winter. Every winter the catwalks and the high street bring out fur in volume so I never feel like I am out of style when I wear it. It is the warmest coat I own, so perfect for those freezing cold nights out and walks home! Plus it adds just something else to your outfit, it can be used to dress up any look such as leather leggings, boots and a white shirt, or can be thrown over a dress with thick black tights. I even layer mine up over my black leather biker jacket as below.



A great pair of heel's, a fab clutch bag and a bit of sparkle round your neck never goes out of style! Clutch bags really help 'finish off' an outfit and I think you can be as daring as you want with adding that extra pop of colour to contrast your outfit, bringing it all together with matching tones or adding bling for the evening. Every women has a secret (or not so secret) obsession about shoes, and that feeling that you get when you buy a new pair will never get old! I love spicing up my outfits with my leopard print heel's @topshop or bringing out the glitter @reiss and sparkly numbers @kurtgeiger out when I want to dance the night away. A new necklace or earrings is a very inexpensive way of updating your outfits. The large necklace trend doesn't seem to be going away but it's all about balance. A big necklace, earrings and cuff will look too heavy and ruin your style, make sure it's all in moderation and you can't go wrong.


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